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The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) - Season 4

The Amazing World of Gumball (2011) - Season 4

The Amazing World of Gumball is a popular animated television show that first premiered in 2011. Created by Ben Bocquelet, the show follows the hilarious and often absurd adventures of a blue cat named Gumball and his eccentric family in the fictional town of Elmore.

Season 4 of The Amazing World of Gumball aired in 2015 and brought even more zaniness and laughter to fans of all ages. With its unique blend of animation styles, clever humor, and relatable characters, the show quickly became a favorite among children and adults alike.

The main cast of characters in The Amazing World of Gumball includes:

1. Gumball Watterson - Voiced by Logan Grove (Seasons 1-3) and Jacob Hopkins (Season 4 onwards), Gumball is a mischievous and imaginative blue cat with a zest for adventure.
2. Darwin Watterson - Voiced by Kwesi Boakye (Seasons 1-3) and Terrell Ransom Jr. (Season 4 onwards), Darwin is Gumball's best friend and adopted brother, who happens to be a goldfish with legs.
3. Anais Watterson - Voiced by Kyla Rae Kowalewski, Anais is Gumball's highly intelligent and resourceful younger sister, who often finds herself caught up in her brothers' chaotic schemes.
4. Nicole Watterson - Voiced by Teresa Gallagher, Nicole is the mother of the Watterson family and the glue that holds everything together. She is a caring and fiercely protective rabbit.
5. Richard Watterson - Voiced by Dan Russell, Richard is the lovable but somewhat clueless father of the Watterson family. He is a lazy and doughnut-loving pink rabbit.

Throughout Season 4, Gumball and his friends find themselves in a series of outlandish adventures. From battling their own alternate universe counterparts to becoming superheroes, each episode of the show is filled with clever humor and heartwarming moments.

The soundtrack of The Amazing World of Gumball is just as vibrant and diverse as the show itself. With catchy tunes and playful melodies, the music adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the viewing experience. Whether it's the upbeat theme song that gets stuck in your head or the whimsical background music that sets the tone for each scene, the soundtrack is a delight for fans of all ages.

Luckily, fans of The Amazing World of Gumball can play and download these sounds to listen to anytime. Whether it's reliving your favorite moments from the show or simply enjoying the catchy tunes, the soundtrack is a must-have for any fan. Just visit [website name/fan page] to access the sounds and bring the world of Elmore to life in your own home.

So, join Gumball, Darwin, and the rest of the gang on their hilarious and unpredictable adventures in Season 4 of The Amazing World of Gumball. With its lovable characters, clever humor, and catchy music, this animated show is a must-watch for fans of all ages.

A public toilet using only our feet... nothing weird here.
And dinner with your girlfriend's father in the school locker room.
And get to know each other? How?
And now we're both talking, and...
And push up with our legs.
And we're stuck.
Awkward! Heh.
Bump into that guy again!
Business clown! Meat flan!
But anything you do buy can be added to your reward card.
Buy one, get one free.
Come on, man, don't leave me hanging.
Come on, we just have to go to the back of the cubicle
Come on!
Come on!
Comfortable clothes, please.
Could you, uh, like, not breathe directly into my mouth?
Did you press the button?
Dinner with your girlfriend's father,
Do you understand?!
Don't worry... i didn't take any pictures.
Eh, really? I'll start.
Finally alone!
Finally, some place where I won't...
For my delicious hot d... uh...
For what? For this.
Freeze! Don't move a muscle!
From the toy store on the second floor.
Great, the one bit I'd like to be flat isn't.
Heh, funny... that would've been
Hey, look!
Hey, mister, are you okay?
Hey, stop!
Hey, this is my private happy place!
Hey, what are you doing?
Hey, you!
Hey? Hey!
High fi...
Hopefully, I'll never see his face ag...
Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!
How about we just push through the awkwardness
How come you have handcuffs?
I am not hapless. I'm, like, totally hapful, man.
I don't know. It sounds pretty awkward from here.
I don't mind.
I don't mind.
I don't mind.
I I'll just, uh...
I mean, we should just relax and coexist.
I meant, the escalator's right there.
I thought I'd never get rid of that guy.
I understand that you're not a real cop.
I was born attached to my two brothers.
I was just getting some ketchup
I'm a mall cop! Is that real enough for you?
I'm sorry.
I'm sure one day we'll laugh about...
I've got, like, a weird nail at the end of my tail.
If you do not have a coupon,
Is if I say something really unexpected like...
It was a video!
It's a wig designed to hide this.
It's funny.
It's like we're in synch.
It's not possible to work together on your own.
Just pick up your phone, and let's never talk again, okay?
Let's just acknowledge that and move forward.
Let's just confess to our most embarrassing secret
Look, how about we just pretend this is all normal.
Look, mother, larceny!
Look, the only way out of here is to work together.
Maybe I'll just cross the road.
No, I say we go that way!
No, I'm running away from you!
No, there!
No! No! Nooooo!
No! Trust me.
Not really my choice.
Not this time!
Now, let me read you your rights.
Oh, come on!
Oh, hello.
Oh, no, it's hot dog guy again.
Oh, no, no, no.
Oh, no... him!
Oh, oh, sorry.
Oh, sorry.
Oh, we're walking in the same direction, heh.
Oh. O oh, right, sorry.
Okay, bye!
Okay, give me your arm.
Okay, just go to your happy place.
Okay, look, we're clearly walking in the same direction.
Okay, the only way we can get out of synch...
Okay, we're just a hot dog and a blue cat climbing up
Playing tag!
Quick, that way!
Really hot in here! I I'll just try to...
Right here, right now, then we'll know each other so well,
Right up there with the school locker room,
Right, I'll just stop talking, and you can...
See, nothing's awkward if you decide it's not.
Shall we? Definitely.
So... Where are you going, anyway?
Somebody call secur..
Sorry. Sorry!
Sorry. Sorry.
Still thirsty.
Stop right there!
T that was weird.
That's better, but I need some more air.
That's not even a word.
The elevator's one of the most awkward places on the planet,
The other scar is less conspicuous.
The perfect dramatic place for him to appear.
There's nothing weird about that.
They're available for 5 bucks
This isn't my real hair.
Thunder quack!
Trust me, I it's better this way!
Uh, but we made it.
Uh, I, uh, wasn't saying hello, uh, to you.
Uh, I'm sorry. It's just...
Uh... Can we just move a little?
Wait a minute!
Wait, if you're not a real cop,
Wait, so, are we officially under arrest, or what?
We touch as little as possible, okay?
We'll feel comfortable enough to hang out.
Well, "official" is just a word
Well, not about this but...
Well, this is awkward.
Well, we hit a bump, and, uh...
What are you doing here?!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?! I'm running away from you!
What is wrong with you, man?
What?! How?!
Who am I kidding?
Why do you have to make everything so awkward?!
Why? That's where he went!
With our luck, we'll be stuck here for two days.
Would you just open the door, please?
Yeah, for things that are officially official.
Yeah, I get that a lot.
Yeah, I know. I just wanted to get you back.
Yeah, it's only weird if we make it weird.
Yes, that's it!
Yes. Y yes, you do that.
You do not have to buy anything,
You have the right to redeem unlimited coupons.
You have the right to return any product within 20 days.
You may be provided with one by the store.
You really do like that that ho...
You thought I was the hot dog guy, right?
You two are going down!
You work together!
You're going nowhere!
You're standing next to it. I thought you pressed it.
You're the one who's haplessly awkward!
Oh! Oh!
♪ a pasta bake, if you drink some in the morning ♪
♪ an unexpected Christmas gift, it's always guaranteed ♪
♪ and now I'm in the store, so there is no reason why ♪
♪ and with a little chili for a touch of extra heat ♪
♪ boil it, bake it, use it on a roast ♪
♪ but my favorite use for ketchup's not on fries or roasted hog ♪
♪ Finally got rid of that annoying hot dog guy ♪
♪ gonna take it right on home, and then I'll cover all my food ♪
♪ hair gel, salad dressing, or to grease a slip and slide ♪
♪ he can interrupt my day so I'll tell you all what's up ♪
♪ it'll make you feel awake, on a fries, shish kebab ♪
♪ it's good for steak, a cake, a coffee break, roast hake ♪
♪ it's not just there for you to eat ♪
♪ it's time for me to buy myself a bottle of ketch... ♪
♪ ketchup is my favorite sauce, it is the condiment of kings ♪
♪ ketchup, you're so useful, you taste great on many things ♪
♪ on bacon, crab, or toast, you can fry it, steam it ♪
♪ on meats, beets, cheese, wheat, sweets, and treats ♪
♪ On my way to buy some ketchup, I'm feeling pretty good ♪
♪ on pizza, pasta, chops, or cookies as a main or on the side ♪
♪ revive old ladies who fainted, to give your quiche a little lift ♪