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Home > Eric Lecarde Sounds: Castlevania Judgment
Ah, you can help me test out my Lance.
All who oppose me will fall.
Already over. Well, that didn't amount to much.
And my spear will send you right back.
And yet you chose to come here, so I bet you know a way out.
And you don't believe in me yet? Fine, I'll take you on.
As expected, even the House of the whip can be toppled by my Lance.
Come on, let's get started.
Could it be Maria Renard?
Eric lucard.
Fight me as you would a grown man. I do not want your mercy.
Good fight. You surprised me.
Grunting 5
Grunting 6
How naive.
I am Eric lucard.
I am most eager to witness the might of your story dynasty.
I can't believe it's really you.
I can't lose like this.
I guess.
I see.
I will teach you to fear the bite of my Lance.
I'm right here.
I've made my point. What need has a warrior for a whip?
Is it my turn?
It was you who entrusted my family with this spear.
Maria Renard.
My business here is finished. Kindly show me the way out.
Not bad I guess.
Now do you respect the spear? Or perhaps it is I you now respect?
Now do you see how strong I am?
Now I'm certain I needn't fear even Dracula himself.
Oppose me and I'll show no mercy.
Show me the power said to surpass even that of a Belmont.
Sir, let me show how powerful your spear truly is.
So who am I fighting?
So you were a mere impostor, and a shoddy one at that.
Sorry I couldn't take it easy on you.
Sorry, but I'm not holding back.
Sounds like fun, and I'll teach you that your precious whip isn't half the weapon you take it for.
That whip, you must be a Belmont.
That's it. That'll teach me to trust in fairy tales.
Then there's no problem.
They say your power surpasses even that of a Belmont. Let us see it then.
Truthfully, I'm disappointed.
Underestimate me and pay the price.
Well, this is interesting, but my one Lance is all this world needs.
Well, this is interesting.
What a shame. I had hoped for a more meaningful challenge.
What are you thinking?
Whatever source respond you, it shall prove no match for the true me.
Witness the might of the Alucard spear.
Worry not, I assure you I will win.
You pitiful fool, did you honestly think you could win?
You think just because you're older, you're better than me?
You underestimated me. Did you think me a child?
You want power? Watch this.
You'll learn there are deadlier weapons than the meager whip.