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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Aah Gross
Ah ah son of a bitch
All I see is black
Butt Licker
Coughing 1
Coughing 2
Damnit 1
Damnit 2
Dildo 1
Dildo 2
Eric is cool
Fart Gas
Get 'em off me
Hippie son of a bitch
I am so pissed
I want Cheesy Poofs
I was like Boyd Joyce there
I was like MJ there
I'm going home
I'm outta here
Kick Ass 1
Kick Ass 2
Kick you in the nuts 1
Kick you in the nuts 2
Must Kill
My mom always told me I was kewl
Now you pissed me off
Son of a
Sons of bitches
Stop hitting me
That hurt 1
That hurt 2
That is wrong
This Sucks 1
This Sucks 2
Time for an ass kickin'
Tree Huggin' Hippie 1
Tree Huggin' Hippie 2
Tree Huggin' Hippie 3
Why you @#$!
You Hippie
You Suck
You want a piece of me
You will respect
You're gonna pay for that
Your mom's a bitch