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And by all means, take your time.
And I have a wicked one.
And I'll put you on diaper detail, and I promise I won't make it easy for you.
And I've got on soil myself.
And no Pickles. Ohh God help you if I find Pickles.
And when you do finally get around to it, I'll be the one covered in flies with the belly that protrudes halfway to bloody Boston.
And you probably nagging blunderbuss.
Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Answer me, damn it.
Anyway, that's not it.
Are you happy now?
Are you trying to give me a bloody heart attack?
Bring me the Wall Street Journal.
But your children's children will know that you fell for a noble cause.
Cold. Cold. OK, OK, I'm fine. I'm fine.
Come to my mouth.
Damn it to push spewing blood gutted hell.
Damn the broccoli. Damn you and damn the right brother.
Damn you, Tommy Tutone.
Darling, why are we told letting ourselves like this?
Did you call that engineer at Lockheed yet?
Do me a favour, sweetheart. The next time you're out shopping, why don't you splurge on a tin of solid white albacore?
Does this not disgust you?
Don't toy with me Ernie. I've already dispatched with Mr. Hooper. I've got 6 armed men stationed outside Big Bird's Nest. And As for Linda, well, it's rather difficult for a deaf woman to hear on a...
Fine, I'll defend myself and the hell with all of you.
For God's sake, I'm already shooting at a fifth grade level.
For the love of God, shake me, shake me like a British nanny.
Gives me something linen to throw on before I call child services.
Go to hell with you.
God damn it to the bowels of bloody hell.
God, you people understand every language except English.
Good news, I've decided not to kill you.
Ha ha, that's so funny I forgot to laugh.
Ha, ha, ha.
Ha, ha, ha.
Hello, I'm Stewie.
Hello, mother.
Hello, operator.
How dare you disobey me?
How dare you reduce my finely human thespian styling? So me and mother guthries.
How dare you sully my good name by spreading your slanderous filth.
How dare you?
I admit we've got our problems like in a couple, but true love conquers all.
I am your new master and I order you to go.
I can't hear you.
I don't think you've got the g****s.
I have misbehaved. I've been a border little monkey.
I just plain don't like you.
I love crack. I'm absolutely cuckoo for crack.
I order you to kill me at once.
I picked this up on dateline from that yummy exoskeleton, Maria Shriver.
I see him I just thought about all day like a bigger child on the streets of Calcutta.
I see.
I see. Am I to spend the entire day wallowing around with my own feces?
I want pancakes.
I'll not stand idly by while you abrogate my plans. You shall rue this day.
I'll use these facilities when I'm damn well ready. Until then, you should continue to sanitize Microverse and be damned grateful for the opportunity.
I'm a dirty, foul little boy.
I'm absolutely cuckoo for crack.
I'm Chris.
I'm on to you. Ohh, yes.
I'm sure you have something to say to that.
I've got an army today is that I must get to Nicaragua and require a window seat and an in flight Happy meal and no Pickles. Ohh God help you if I find Pickles.
Ioffer you the opportunity to join me in glorious battle.
Is there something you need to tell me?
Just look at their butt. That is a tight butt.
Mama dog is scary.
No useless, everyone of you.
No useless, everyone of you.
No, damn you.
No, it's no use.
No, please.
No. Enough of this.
No. Take a good look, fat man. And while you're at it, take pictures so I'll have something to bring to court, you wretched, filthy pervert.
Now I will not be forgetting those averages. No. No.
Now put me down, you probably naggy and blunderbuss.
Now the hell, I'm a woman.
Now who's with me?
Ohh God.
Ohh I'm sorry, is this better?
Ohh very good fat man.
Ohh, aren't you the one in charge?
Ohh, that is a violent, odious lie. How dare you fill my head with such loathsome propaganda.
Ohh, that's better than sex.
Ohh, that's right.
Ohh, yes, yes. Ohh yes, yes.
Ohh, you truly are beautiful, you know that?
Ohh, you're so observant, aren't you? Are you a detective?
OK, OK, I've got it. I've got.
Perhaps if you laid on your back with your ankles behind your ears, that would ring a few bells.
Play wheels on the bus and get the hell out of my sight.
Prove it.
Put me through to the Pentagon.
Scream 3
See what you made me do.
Shut up.
Shut up. Just I I don't want to hear it.
Silence, you contemptible shrew.
Silent silence.
Stewart Gilligan Griffin runs from nothing.
Stewart, Gilligan, Griffin.
Stop mocking me.
Stuart Griffin.
Thank you.
That is a tight butt.
That's the best you can come up with. You dull with the termagant.
The devil you talking about?
The mind control device is nearing completion.
The only way you'll get me to talk is through slow, painful torture. And I don't think you've got the g****s.
The outrageous I have suffered today will not be soon forgotten. Now I will not be forgetting those outrages. No, no.
The wretched, filthy pervert.
There are some amongst you whose motor skills are not yet developed. Sadly, you will be used as decoys.
This is what you call dolled up.
Time to be bad.
To all the children fall in love with you.
Trying to watch The History Channel here.
Victory is mine.
We can stay in touch, can we? Ohh, what's your e-mail?
We're perfect for each other.
Well then, I shall sit here until one of us expires and you've got a good forty years on me, woman.
Well, sugar, the bigger it just closed.
Well, the fat Man made a funny.
What are they paying you? I'll double it. I'll give you whatever you want. Money. Women. Men.
What did you just say?
What do you mean our credit card was declined?
What do you think of this music? Television.
What have they done to me?
What the hell do you think you're doing?
What the hell is this?
What's the?
What's your story? Get lost on the way to the morgue?
Who am I getting dizzy? Ohh, fight it, Stewie. Do not go gentle into that good night to quote Bob Dylan.
Who for God's sake.
Who my sentiments exactly.
Who the hell do you think you are?
Who? I'm going to crap double for you tonight.
Why don't you burn in hell?
Wonderful. And while we're at it, we can light up a doobie and watch porn.
Wouldn't it be marvelous if it turned out to be a homosexual?
You have to get your field somewhere else, you oatmeal, Raisin, loving tart.
You should continue to sanitize Microverse and be damned grateful for the opportunity.
You suck.
You truly are beautiful, You know that.
You'll have to speak into the microphone.
You're one of them, aren't you?
You've got a good forty years on me, woman.
Your pathetic attempts to hinder my work have not gone unnoticed.
Yukihiro pancakes Don't him while pancakes kick, kick bloody click pancakes.
867-5309 That's it.
うんうんうんうん。 うん。