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Central Park - Season 1

Central Park - Season 1

Central Park is a captivating television show that takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, laughter, and music. The first season, which premiered in 2020, introduces us to the magical world of Central Park, blending animation with musical numbers to create a truly unique and entertaining experience.

The show boasts a talented cast of voice actors who bring the animated characters to life with their incredible performances. The main cast includes Kristen Bell as Molly Tillerman, the park manager's daughter who is determined to protect the park; Josh Gad as Birdie, a busker with a big heart who serves as the narrator; Leslie Odom Jr. as Owen Tillerman, Molly's loving father and the park manager; and Kathryn Hahn as Paige Hunter, a wealthy hotel heiress with questionable intentions. These actors infuse each character with their distinct voices, making them incredibly relatable and lovable.

The musical numbers in Central Park are a true highlight of the show. The infectious melodies and cleverly crafted lyrics transport viewers right into the heart of New York City's iconic park. From toe-tapping numbers like "Own It" and "Weirdos Make Great Superheroes" to the heartfelt ballad "A Moment Like This," the music in Central Park is a delightful blend of different genres ranging from pop and jazz to Broadway showtunes. The catchy tunes will have you singing along in no time.

One of the standout songs from the first season is "Fish in a Boot," a comedic and high-energy number performed by Tituss Burgess, who voices the character Cole Tillerman. Burgess's incredible vocal range and comedic timing shines through in this hilarious song that describes the bizarre fishing adventures of Cole and his siblings.

If you can't get enough of the amazing music from Central Park, you're in luck! You can play and download the entire soundtrack, immersing yourself in the enchanting world of the show whenever you want. Whether you're looking for a burst of energy or a heartfelt ballad, the Central Park soundtrack has something for everyone.

Beyond the music, the show brings Central Park itself to life in stunning detail. The animation perfectly captures the beauty and vibrancy of one of New York City's most iconic landmarks. From the lush greenery and sparkling lakes to the bustling crowds and iconic statues, every inch of Central Park is meticulously brought to life on screen.

Central Park also weaves in important themes and messages that resonate with audiences. Through its diverse cast of characters, the show explores issues of community, family, friendship, and the importance of protecting our natural spaces. It encourages viewers to appreciate the beauty of nature and the power of unity.

With its talented cast, infectious music, and heartwarming storylines, Central Park is a must-watch television show for anyone who loves animation, music, and a good dose of humor. The first season, released in 2020, leaves viewers eagerly awaiting more.

So, if you're ready to experience the wonder of Central Park from the comfort of your own home, be sure to check out the first season. It's a journey you won't want to miss. And remember, you can play and download the sounds of Central Park right here. Get ready for laughter, love, and an unforgettable adventure in one of the world's most beloved parks.

A on a scale of one to ten
A "hell yeah" on a scale of one to ten
A beautiful, leafy oasis. Now it's an ugly blob of trash and graffiti.
A challenge? Does no one understand that I am enchanting?
A complicated backstory.
A game of chess with someone who didn't give birth to me.
A girl shouldn't even have to say that.
A graffiti plague in the park, what?
A guy with know how. A guy who's, well, dressed.
A kite. What are you trying to do? Delight me to death?
A Korean Russian spa?
A larger plan, an evil twist we missed
A little of both maybe.
A lot of stretching, Pilates, core work, you know.
A mom who puts other moms to shame
A new best friend for Cole
A pair of first class hands
A park that's so central
A perfect place to wear my visor
A sandwich could go here. A beverage could go here.
A secret code He's writing with his art
A snakehead would make a lake dead
A snakehead would make a lake dead
A snakehead would make the lake dead
A speech? About what? Sad pant stains?
A strangler outpolled you In case no one told you
A superhero
A tanker carrying maple syrup overturned.
A trash train?
About Bitsy and the mayor, but who even remembers that?
About the Park League, about how "We think we can do better"?
About three o'clock last month?
Absolutely not. But today, you actually beat me.
Actually, at this point, we have no alcohol at all.
Actually, Helen, I'm glad you're here.
Actually, my whole face feels funny.
Actually, you stay here.
Ad lib about the guy with the Oh, my God.
Adore me, endure me Withstanding my demands
Aerial shot!
Aesthetically, it's looking bleak Haute couture should make you pop
Afraid of ghosts? I'll give them something to be afraid of.
After he agreed to let you cover news.
Ah. Checkmate.
Ahoy, Captain Crunch If I could have a word
Albeit, slightly unhealthy, Busker?
All he has to do is cross the T
All I had to do was forget I was a person.
All my dreams will come to pass If I get Shampagne to bite Bitsy's ass
All my prep and my research will
All of their pets need attention.
All of you are on a mission
All present and adorable. And so fragile. This one has a cold, I think.
All right, all right. Save it for your comedy special.
All right, but you're really coming, right?
All right, enough whimsical stick tricks. We need to get going.
All right, fine. But nothing from the minibar.
All right, fine. Dinner's uncanceled, okay?
All right, from now on, whatever some rando tells me to do to you,
All right, give us a good one.
All right, I'm gonna go snoop around, see if I can find any Russians.
All right, I'm gonna put my apron on,
All right, I'm gonna use this desk as my command center.
All right, never mind. Get up. Get up. Sorry.
All right, should we all try to pee at the same time?
All right, so it's settled. We're keeping him.
All right, study hall's over.
All right, we're going up.
All right, well, let me know what you find out. Good luck with the math.
All right.
All right. Both of you, out of the room.
All right. I gotta go. Beat them.
All right. I'm going back out. I'm gonna get that fish.
All right. I'm going to bite her other hand,
All right. If that thing is out there, we'll find it.
All right. If we're ready, then let's start the tour
All right. It's a deal. Now come out here and spread your legs.
All right. Oh, God.
All right. Too much. Too much from you, Ashley.
All right. You're a mess. I need some backstory.
All the companies use the same tax ID numbers.
All we need is one good public stunt
Also, bushes blend in better if they're not laughing and giggling.
Also, I was worried about our data plan.
Also, I'm not wearing pants and it's kind of a new thing I'm doing
Also, it says King Greyfur started the Battle of the Arch,
Also, not sure what to do right now.
Also, oh, my God, this.
Also, ovens are always safe.
Also, Paige's story got picked up by other papers.
Also, the log can see. And the log is mad at you, Molly.
Also, the reporters were super into me so I
Am I crazy or did a couple just get up from the table in front of the fireplace?
Am I right, Helen?
Am I? Look at that. I'm gonna walk solo today.
Amazing wedding so far. Incredible! On such short notice.
Ambrose drinks two of these a day.
An actual oasis
An elevator for short people? This place has everything.
An equalizer An exerciser
An organized and honest man... in the bedroom. Up top.
And "failing management"? I work my shorts off for this park, literally.
And "she has a lot of experience caring about this park."
And a bench? And a guy who fell asleep on a bench?
And a big cup of leaf juice.
And a dumb waiter pushes it in, or where does he come in?
And a horse on its course Pulls its carriage with a force
And a loophole is the best kind of hole
And a lot to prove
And a TGI Fridays there
And all the furniture you see here Is mine, mine, mine
And all the little lives in liquid Are jeopardized by wicked hell fish
And all the little lives in liquid Are jeopardized by wicked hell fish
And apropos of nothing, not even sure why it comes to mind,
And Bitsy and the mayor do run in similar circles.
And Bitsy Brandenham is having Bitsy extra alcohol time,
And Brendan's okay. I think I'm over it, or at least not obsessing about it much.
And by custard belly, I mean explosive diarrhea,
And by that, I mean naughty And it's getting pretty scary
And cashews. And everything else.
And Cole kept calling him on doing "that thing,"
And Cole's gonna wash his tits.
And count all my shoes and my handbags
And Dad doing his weird thing and Mom doing her weird thing,
And did Bitsy really leave everything to Shampagne in her will?
And do what with him?
And do you think your dad Is linked to Bitsy's hotel?
And don't even look at this.
And don't flush baby wipes!
And don't you start crying, or I'll start crying.
And even worse, Owen has been driving Cole "squazy."
And everybody called them Double Trouble
And everyone wants to dance with Pedro.
And everyone's clapping because you did great.
And everyone's invited
And finally, every four and a half minutes,
And find out what's going on in that secret ballroom.
And Fista Puffs turns into a sad sack who just cares about what Kite Boy thinks.
And fragrant deodorant? Or actually, what am I smelling?
And give that footage to the proper authorities."
And guess what?
And he didn't call his family at all.
And he does it all with panache.
And he hit his head this morning on the towel bar.
And he just deuced for free
And he knows that he is Way too close, way too close
And he printed it!
And he thinks it'll look unprofessional if he's not wearing pants.
And he was alone a lot longer than us.
And he will wreak havoc on that park beyond what anyone can imagine.
And he's mine
And he's out there looking in, oh
And here comes The super cool manager of the park
And here's your room.
And his daddy says
And his shorts may be too
And holy cow
And how amazing my hair looks.
And how are you two feeling?
And I
And I always leave drowsy and more open emotionally.
And I can be with my true love
And I can't find my shoes.
And I don't know if you've developed the middle of the board, honeybuns.
And I don't look too young?
And I don't want anyone to say it's not healthy.
And I have to lag And help an old hag with her handbag
And I know you're feeling crushed
And I like my, and I like my flowers When they bloom in the moon
And I love that you love them, and I wanna finish this hunt with you.
And I must be cursed
And I own it
And I should be able to get it up to 800 degrees, maybe even hotter.
And I was so right, right?
And I will not get caught
And I wrote it up, and I gave it to my editor.
And I'd love to grab Mayor Whitebottom for a couple of questions.
And I'll be with him. Let me show you how responsible I can be.
And I'll have to avoid him in the park, which'll be hard,
And I'll take him to the veterinarian When he's ill
And I'm gently placing it on the floor.
And I'm glad to be here.
And I'm gonna be buzzed until at least 9:30.
And I'm gonna channel all this Bitsy fueled anger into a delicious pizza.
And I'm gonna get you up in that penthouse, gosh darn it.
And I'm gonna Yeah, I'm gonna be the one to own it
And I'm just gonna say it.
And I'm not sure if it Has even been effective
And I'm not used to being angry!
And I've bathed in that fountain.
And I've got all the receipts right here.
And I've got stickers for the crowd this year.
And I've wasted your braces money.
And if I had my way, I could surprise them
And if not, their contract with the city ends.
And if this Kite Boy guy can't forgive you
And if you're easy breezy on the sixth floor,
And in this gorgeous haunt You'll find all you'd ever want
And is the snakehead saying,
And it even has a pool
And it looks like there aren't gonna be any consequences anyway, so hooray.
And it turns out New York doesn't like your
And it'll be weird, and then he'll break up with me,
And it's going out to my dog, Hank.
And it's got me yellin' Who's gonna save me? Helen!
And it's hard to be a vegan
And it's just getting later and later, and Oh, you're back.
And it's my first kiss, and it's gonna go great.
And it's not like I took him If anything, he took me
And just might get her chance along with her brother, Cole.
And learn how to flavor it
And Macaulay Culkin Delivered that horse baby
And maybe I bent the rules a little bit by spilling the beans to Paige
And maybe you respond with some simple declarative sentences about you.
And more "catch them in the act on camera