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Home > Hiccup: A Kenku Warlock (D&D)
A as you wish
Acdc back in black
Alright id love a blowjob
And you are
Another one
Another one bites the dust
Any of you fucking pricks move
Apology accepted
Arnold i will not kill
As you wish
Bad guys cant see me bleed
Bad mother fucker
Bad motherfucker
Because of you a lot of people are dead and now its your turn
Better man
Biden clap for that stupid bastards
Biden cmon man
Biden lying dogfaced pony soldier
Biden truth over facts
Biden you aint black
Bleed bastard
Break concentration
Build a wall
Bunch of slack jawed faggots around here
Business partner
By god youre right
Can you try
Cant we just settle this over a pint
Clever girl
Conjurer cheap tricks lotr
Dick move
Dodge this
Does he look like a bitch
Emotional damage
End this
English mother fucker do you speak it
Everyone in this place is trying to kill me
Eye of the tiger
Fail sad trumpet trombone sound
Fake news fake news phony thats fake news
Fall behind and youre on your own
Friends on the other side
Game over man game over
Get to the chopper
Get used to disappointment
God dang it bobby dang it bobby hank hill meme
Good work
Gourmet shit
Guns dont kill
Hate my job
He will join us or die
Hello there
Hes already dead
High five
High or stupid
Hoist the colors
Hold on to your butts
Humiliations galore
I am altering the deal
I am no hero
I do love the taste of a good burger
I dont have time for the goody 2 shoes bullshit right now
I dont know
I dont know idk not sure
I drink and i know things
I know kung fu the matrix kung fu neo keanu
I live in a crack house
I might be bluffing
I sense clowns
I swear it will be done
I will shoot your fucking cat
If you want him lotr
Ignorant mother
Ill be back
Im just a bad guy
Im really rich
Its a trap
Keep it secret lotr
Lack of faith
Leave now lotr
Leeroy jenkins
M m m m monster kill
Making waffles
Mama just killed a man
Me2 harbinger
Me2 i know you feel this
Me2 my attacks will tear you apart
Mine mine mine mine
Mostly dead
Mother fucker
My life depends on it
My precious lotr
Never tell me the odds
Nice try
No deal
Not the droids youre looking for
One does not simply
One ugly mf
Over here
Partys over
Pick me
Pigs filthy animals
Pointless to resist
Powers weak
Prepare to die
Respect my authoritah
Ring ding ding ding bo bo
Say what
SE Audience laugh
Sewer rats pumpkin pie
Sexual tyrannasaurus
Shot marvin
Shut the fuck up
Shut up
Sound of inevitability
Speak for yourself
Stewie kick your ass
Stick around
Tell her to chill
Terribly clever lotr
These are good things
They dont like me
This hurts you
This is stupid
To alcohol
To the pain
Treated unfairly
Trial by combat
Trump fan of your mother
Trump i will fight for you
Trump rude terrible person
Trust me
We are unstoppable
We will we will rock you
Were doomed
What the
Worst friend
Yoda away put weapon
Yoda no harm
You bastard
You cant handle the truth
You keep using that word
You shall not pass
You want to say thank you
Your death is assured
Youre fired
Youre welcome