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Mass Effect 2: Harbinger Soundboard

Mass Effect 2: Harbinger Soundboard

Harbinger is a Reaper who resides in dark space with the rest of the Reaper fleet. It is the overseer of the Collectors' operations, frequently possessing individual Collectors to fight battles personally. Harbinger's involvement first began two months after the Battle of the Citadel, when it made a deal with the Shadow Broker to gain possession of Commander Shepard's body following the destruction of the SSV Normandy. This did not succeed, however, and Shepard would go on to be resurrected by the Lazarus Project while Harbinger advanced its sinister plans for the galaxy.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Assuming control
Assuming control of this form
Assuming direct control
Be on for men
Broken serialized race potential wasted
Coleman viable possibility aggression factor useful is controlled
Destroying this body gains you nothing
Direct intervention is necessary
Do you want and one hundred will replace it
Embrace perfection
Evolution cannot be stopped
Face your annihilation
Fighters one
Focus on shepherd
Geth; an annoyance, limited utility
Human viable possibility great biotic potential
Human viable possibility if emotional drives are subjugated
Human viable possibility impressive technical potential
Human you've changed nothing
I am limitless you are bacteria
I know you feel this
I know you stand alone Shepard
I will show you true power
I would direct this personally
If I must tear you apart, Shepard, I will
Ignore the fallen
Impressive shepherd
Leave the dead where they fall
My attacks will tear you apart
Neutralize commander shepard
Nothing says against us
Our power is unmatched
Overwhelm them
Pain is an illusion
Prepare for all coming
Preserve shepherds body if possible
Progress cannot be halted
Quarian considered due to cybernetic augmentation weakened immune system to debilitating
Releasing control
Releasing control of this form
Releasing this form
Relinquish your formed was
Sentient beings need never fear pain
Shepherd submit now
Shepherd you cannot stop us
Shepherd you could have been useful
Shepherd your interference has ended
Should I always survive
Solarian insufficient lifespan fragile genetic structure
Sorry relyon suppan alien species for reproduction shows genetic weakness
Species will raise twenty more distance
Stop shepherd
Surround them
Swarm the position
Take what is useful destroy the rest
That what you know as reapers are your salvation to destruction
The dead are useless
The experiments will continue shepherd
The forces of the universe bend to me
The fresh is a machine
The show is only a vehicle
There is no pain there is no fear
This bodies pain is irrelevant
This changes nothing shepherd
This form is redundant
This hurts you
Tori and you will consider it too primitive
Town and viable possibility impressive genetic malleability
Useless in sufficient numbers
We all harbinger
We all the hopping sort of your sentence
We are assuming control
We are beginning you want the end
We are not finished
We are superior
We are the harbinger of your destiny
We are the harbinger of your perfection
We are unstoppable
We are your genetic destiny
We do not die
We return and you will rise
We will bring your species into harmony with our own
Why do you resist those shepherd
You are ignorant neon knowing
You are of no one just shepherd
You are short sighted
You are urgent shepherd you learn
You are vermin
You can also stay in your attack
You cannot escape your destiny shepherd
You cannot resist
You do not yet comprehend your place in things
You have movie did lady inevitable
You skip this before shepherd not again
You will know pain shepherd
You will regret your resistance shepherd
You will surrender your potential against growing void
You will you can shepherd
Your allies have fallen, Shepard
Your death is assured
Your form is fragile
Your minions have failed shepherd
Your species has the attention of those infinitely or greater
Your world will be on laboratories