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Red Alert 2 Soundboard

Red Alert 2 Soundboard

Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 is a real-time strategy video game which was released for Microsoft Windows on October 25, 2000. The game was developed by Westwood Pacific in collaboration with Westwood Studios. The Soviets and the Allies were previously featured in Command & ConquerRed Alert 2. A sequel was released in 2008. See also: Command & Conquer: Red Alert, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, Command & Conquer, Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge, Command & Conquer: Red Alert (2009 video game), Music of the Command & Conquer series.

A little C-4 knocking at your door
A little flak?
A new comrade joins us
Adios Amigos.
Agent in the field
Agent ready
Air transport ready.
Aircraft reporting
Aircraft reporting.
Airship ready.
All fired up.
All right
Allied ship reporting
Already there.
Analyzing schematics.
Anytime boss.
Are you KGB?
As you wish.
Assignment received
Assignment Sir?
At least I have job.
At your service
Aye commander
Bail out
Bail out
Battle stations
Bearing set.
Being alone.
Better be going.
Black Eagle reporting
Bombardiers to your stations.
Bombing bays ready.
Bound forward
But I was working.
Calibrating airspeed
Can do!
Can I bring my friends
Captain confirming
Captain on the bridge
Changing position.
Changing vector
Channel clear
Charging up.
Check out the view.
Checking connection.
Checking designs.
Clear out the place
Clearing a path
Close and fire.
Closing in.
Closing on target.
Clouds of death
Command received.
Commencing assault.
Commencing shock therapy
Completing circuit.
Conscript reporting.
Course set.
Cover me
Cover me.
Cutting him down.
Da (Russian yes)
Desolator breathing
Desolator ready
Destination commander.
Diggin' in
Disguise ready.
Do I have to?
Don't play with matches.
Don't wait up for me.
Double time
Driver up.
Eagle squadron
Easy target.
Eject Eject
Eject eject!
Electrician in the field
Electrodes ready
Eliminate them.
Ememy in my sights
Encountering enemy.
Enemy sighted.
Enemy spotted.
Engines engaged
Examining diagrams
Executing assignment.
Fastest gun in the west
Find a hot spot
Fire at will
Fire on site.
Fire Zone confirmed.
Flak attack.
Flak trooper reporting
For home country.
For mother Russia.
For my people.
For Romanov
For the common good.
For the Republic
For the Union
Fuel tanks are filled
Get me outta here.
Get me outta here.
GI cry
Give me a job.
Give me a plan.
Give me a target.
Going down.
Going to source.
Gonna die in ma' boots
Good to go
Got a clear view sir
Got a steady flow.
Got it.
Got the plans right here.
Ground yourselves.
Gunner in position
Happy birthday
He belongs to us
He's a dead man.
He's a threat.
He's fried.
He's got no place to hide.
He's in my scope.
Helium mix optimal
Help me Romanov
Here comes the sun.
Here, hold this
Here's a hot papaya
Here's some fancy shootin'
Hey cut it out.
Hey, partner
High speed, low drag.
His mind is weak
Hittin' the Trail
How about a swim?
How about a target?
How about some action
How about some action?
I aint yeller
I am going.
I am prepared to die.
I am unarmed
I can go anywhere.
I can see him.
I can't see through flak
I cannot kiss on them
I don't have time for this.
I go freely.
I got him
I got him.
I have the information.
I have the tools.
I hear and obey
I just bought this outfit.
I knew this would happen.
I know your thoughts.
I like a man in uniform.
I lost a bomb. Do you have it?
I love to camp.
I need support.
I see him.
I shall avenge us
I was only kidding.
I will do as you say
I will go.
I won't be late.
I'll be late for bread line.
I'll do it.
I'll take the bullet.
I'll take the high road
I'm being bushwacked
I'm cold.
I'm going.
I'm going.
I'm going.
I'm gone.
I'm hit
I'm into close.
I'm just a woman.
I'm just one man.
I'm losing compression
I'm on it.
I'm there.
I'm unarmed.
I'm your man.
I've been discovered
I've been spotted
I've got the knowledge
If I must.
If you say so.
Igniting boosters.
In transit
Instruments locked on.
Is this a real gun?
It is my duty.
It is safe.
It will be a silent spring.
It will be a smoking crater.
It's too quiet here.
Ivan's not home
Just get me close enough.
Just give me a clear view
Kirov reporting
Korea's finest
Let the juice flow
Let's do it.
Let's get it on.
Let's get outta here.
Let's go.
Let's heat them up
Let's make a delivery
Let's make an oasis of death
Let's Mosey
Let's take him out.
Like my belt buckle?
Like my new haircut?
Like the wind.
Location confirmed
Locked and loaded.
Look deeply into my eyes
LZ is hot
Main engines engaged.
Make it glow.
Maneuver props engaged
Maneuvers in progress
Mayday Mayday.
Mercury rising
Mission, Sir.