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Ah, no, you don't look like a happy camper.
Ain't that a cute little gun?
Alrighty then.
And another thing. You're ugly.
And coming.
Another satisfied customer.
Appreciate it doc.
At least you ain't worthless anymore.
Boy, this here is just gonna keep happening and happening.
Charge me doc.
Come on, fellas.
Come on, hit it, doc.
Cowboy up.
Cream gravy.
Dag nabbit damn.
Damn it, damn it, damn it. Damn.
Damn it, fellas.
Damn, dag nabbit.
Didn't your Mama teach you not to play with matches?
Doctor, I am the better man.
Dominated campground.
Dominated corn cakes.
Dominated fat man.
Dominated hard hat.
Dominated little feller.
Dominated Smokey.
Dominated string B.
Dominated you snake.
Dominated you turncoat.
Dominated your damn Yankee.
Don't go meddling in my business.
Don't test my metal, son.
Down under. More like 6 feet down under.
Drunk on the battlefield? Ain't no way to be, son.
Dumber than dirt, ain't you?
EL 2
EL 3
EL 4
EL 5
Engineer Battle Cry
Erecting a statue of a moron.
Evil Laugh
Evil laughter (extra evil)
Fire. Fire. Ohh, fire.
Follow me doc.
Get along there, little doggies.
Get going.
Get over here.
Giddy up.
Go on, get.
Go, go. Go.
Good night, Irene.
Good work.
Got you, Chuck wagging.
Gotcha my moves.
Gotcha pork drippings.
Gotcha, fat boy.
Gotcha, stretch.
Guess I got the Midas touch.
Guess they didn't teach it to duck in doctor school.
Happy Laugh
Heavy Rd. coming through.
Heck no.
Heck yeah.
Hell of a shot, Mr.
Help me.
Hey boys, it's a spy.
Hit it doc
HL 2
How that plan turned out for you, dummy?
I am the better man.
I just ruled you out on a rail down under.
I love that little gun.
I told you, don't touch that darn thing.
I wish y'all could see how bad I'm kicking your tail.
I'll just beat on your sneaky ass like a mule boy.
I'll need some doggone help.
I'm a killer, a man, Doc. That is the God's honest truth.
I'm burning up.
I'm done playing games with you, boy.
I'm gonna blow that dumb look right off your stupid face.
I'm gonna lay you out.
I'm gonna tear you down, junior.
I'm Wolverine mean, you son of a bitch.
I've seen better sides of beef being run over by a combine.
If y'all had more gadgets for killing, you wouldn't need so many for hiding.
If you've done it, it ain't bragging.
In common.
It ain't getting any harder for me to kill you.
Job well done.
Just a dead little Jack rabbit.
Let's do this Texas style.
Looks like that there just weren't the place you ought to be standing.
Move them out.
Much obliged, partner.
Much obliged.
Never mind the bullets, how much are these coffins cost in you?
Next time lift your lid and you might see it coming.
Next time, tend to your own knittin sawbones.
Nice job, partner.
Nice job.
Nice shooting, Tex.
Nice shot.
Nice try, slim.
Nobody likes a squatter.
Not fast enough. Not by damn sight.
Not just stop trying to mess with my contraptions.
Now I've seen everything.
Ohh your yellow bellied gutless coward.
On me doc.
Out of my way, out of my way.
Over here, sawbones.
Quick as a hiccup, ain't you? Now quick enough.
Real Texan would have dodged that.
Sell your tonics elsewhere, miracle man.
Shoot, son. Y'all slow as molasses.
Short Laugh
SL 3
Slap a poultice on that dock.
Sometimes you just need a little less gun.
Son, I'm gonna blow that dumb look right off your stupid face.
Sorry to put out your campfire, boy.
Sorry, ma'am.
SP 7
Speak up next time, boy.
Spies sapping my sentry.
Spirit sapping my dispenser.
Spy around here?
Spy sapping my teleporter!
Stacked nugget nabbit dagger.
Start praying, boy.
Tagged you.
Thanks for the ride, partner.
Thanks, Mr.
That catch your eyes, son?
That Demo's a Spy
That engineer is a spy.
That heavy is a spy.
That is the God's honest truth.
That just ain't right.
That medics are spy.
That Pyro is a spy.
That scouts is spy.
That sniper is a spy.
That soldier is a spy.
That spares one of them.
That spying on our side.
That there is a gold plated kill.
That there is just a sad display, boy.
That there was a fine piece of work.
That'll cut you back down to size.
That's from yours truly, son.
That's what it feels like when Eagles cry soldier boy.
That's what my daddy taught me to do to backstabbers.
The hand is quicker than the eye.
There's a spa creeping around here.
This all is what happens when you fight a man.
This skunk starting to smell.
This thing ain't on Autopilot, son.
We got it.
Well, don't that beat all.
What in Sam Hill were you thinking, stringbean?
Why don't you all get along for one of you gets hurt?
Woolie making bacon.
Wooly, will you look at that?
Y'all come back now.
Y'all come back now. More where that came from.
Y'all gotta run a lot faster than that.
Y'all just got dominated, city boy.
Y'all just got drafted into my war.
Y'all might be flame retardant, but you sure ain't bulletproof.
Y'all take that, rocket boy.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You ain't too fast for me and my machines now, are you? Are you?
You and me, Hoss.
You and me, partner.
You are a coward and a scoundrel.
You are a whole herd ugly.
You are about to have a real bad day.
You are all just got branded.
You can always tell a Texan, but you can't tell him much.
You done incurred my wrath, son.
You just ain't doing it right.
You just saw the extent of my patients.
You know where you ought to hide next time? Back in France.
You ladies should have brought some men folk with you.
You look at my tongue tied, son.
You must be a doctor because you just saw the extent of my patients.
You ought to stand back a little more like for me and my machines.
You should have brought more guns, son.
You should oughta stayed back at your little campsite.
You shouldn't have played with Fire Boy.
You were getting too big for your britches.
You're a long way from France, boy.
You're all hard hat. No cattle.
You're all right, Doc.
You're dumb as a box of rocks.
You're ugly.