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TF2 Soundboard

TF2 Soundboard

In the chaotic orchestra of Team Fortress 2, sound is more than just ambience; it's a character itself. From the iconic "Meet the..." theme blasting before each class reveal to the satisfying TING of a headshot, each audio cue paints a vivid picture.

Weapons crackle and boom with distinct personalities. The Scattergun's meaty thwack contrasts the Sniper Rifle's distant crack, while the Demoman's sticky bombs emit a chilling beeeeeep before detonation. Even taunts become instruments, Soldier's booming "MAGGOTS!" echoing through the map, while Spy's suave chuckle sends shivers down spines.

Beyond combat, the world hums with life. The jingle of the Payload cart, the clatter of the Engineer's Dispenser, and the cooing of Doves in a captured point create a strangely comforting rhythm. Even the screams of burning players and the maniacal laughter of the Pyro contribute to the game's darkly humorous soundscape.

But the true genius lies in the details. The BONK of a Scout bumping into a wall, the SPLOOSH of a Heavy landing, and the DOINK of a Medic bouncing off a rocket all add layers of humor and personality. These tiny sonic jokes become ingrained in every player's memory, solidifying TF2's unique auditory identity.

So, next time you join the battlefield, listen closely. The sounds of Team Fortress 2 aren't just background noise; they're the lifeblood of a world brimming with character, humor, and the clanging symphony of nine unique mercenaries battling for domination.

Angry Healing Medic
Ankah TF2
As Strong As A Giraffe
B***k Song
Bleep Bloop Maggot
BLU Intro
Coach YMCA
Demodemopan Remid
Demoman Activatecharge A
Demoman Activatecharge B
Demoman Activatecharge C
Demoman Battlecry A
Demoman Battlecry B
Demoman Battlecry C
Demoman Battlecry D
Demoman Battlecry E
Demoman Battlecry F
Demoman Battlecry G
Demoman Battlecry H
Demoman Battlecry I
Demoman Cheers A
Demoman Cheers B
Demoman Cheers C
Demoman Cheers D
Demoman Cheers E
Demoman Cheers F
Demoman Cheers G
Demoman Cheers H
Demoman Dispenserhere
Demoman Dying Scream
Demoman Go A
Demoman Go B
Demoman Go C
Demoman Goleft A
Demoman Goleft B
Demoman Goleft C
Demoman Goodjob A
Demoman Goodjob B
Demoman Goright A
Demoman Goright B
Demoman Goright C
Demoman Help A
Demoman Help B
Demoman Help C
Demoman Incoming A
Demoman Incoming B
Demoman Incoming C
Demoman Jeers A
Demoman Jeers B
Demoman Jeers C
Demoman Jeers D
Demoman Jeers E
Demoman Jeers F
Demoman Jeers G
Demoman Jeers H
Demoman Jeers I
Demoman Jeers J
Demoman Jeers K
Demoman Kaboom
Demoman Medic A
Demoman Medic B
Demoman Medic C
Demoman Moveup A
Demoman Moveup B
Demoman Moveup C
Demoman Need a Teleporter Here
Demoman Negative A
Demoman Negative B
Demoman Negative C
Demoman Negative D
Demoman Negative E
Demoman Negative F
Demoman Niceshot A
Demoman Niceshot B
Demoman No A
Demoman No B
Demoman No C
Demoman Positive A
Demoman Positive B
Demoman Positive C
Demoman Positive D
Demoman Positive E
Demoman Positive F
Demoman Positive G
Demoman Positive H
Demoman Sentryahead A
Demoman Sentryahead B
Demoman Sentryahead01
Demoman Sentryhere
Demoman Spy A
Demoman Spy B
Demoman Spy C
Demoman Spy D
Demoman Spy E
Demoman Spy F
Demoman Spy G
Demoman Spy H
Demoman Spy I
Demoman Spy J
Demoman Thanks A
Demoman Thanks B
Demoman Thanks C
Demoman Yelling
Demoman Yes A
Demoman Yes B
Demoman Yes C
Dreams Of Cruelty
Engi here
Engineer Activatecharge A
Engineer Activatecharge B
Engineer Activatecharge C
Engineer Battlecry
Engineer Battlecry C
Engineer Battlecry D
Engineer Battlecry E
Engineer Battlecry F
Engineer Battlecry G
Engineer Battlecry H
Engineer Battlecry I
Engineer Battlecry J
Engineer Battlecry K
Engineer Battlecry L
Engineer Cheers
Engineer Cheers A
Engineer Cheers C
Engineer Cheers D
Engineer Cheers F
Engineer Cheers G
Engineer Dispenserhere
Engineer Go A
Engineer Go B
Engineer Go C
Engineer Goleft A
Engineer Goleft B
Engineer Goodjob A
Engineer Goodjob B
Engineer Goodjob C
Engineer Goright A
Engineer Goright B
Engineer Goright C
Engineer Helpme
Engineer Helpme A
Engineer Helpme C
Engineer Incoming
Engineer Incoming A
Engineer Incoming C
Engineer Jeers
Engineer Jeers A
Engineer Jeers C
Engineer Jeers D
Engineer Medic A
Engineer Medic B
Engineer Medic C
Engineer Moveup
Engineer Negative
Engineer Negative A
Engineer Negative C
Engineer Negative D
Engineer Negative E
Engineer Negative F
Engineer Negative G
Engineer Negative H
Engineer Negative I
Engineer Negative J
Engineer Negative K
Engineer Niceshot A
Engineer Niceshot B
Engineer Niceshot C
Engineer No A
Engineer No B
Engineer No C
Engineer Positive A
Engineer Sentryahead A
Engineer Sentryahead B
Engineer Sentryhere
Engineer Spy A
Engineer Spy B
Engineer Spy C
Engineer Spy D
Engineer Spy E
Engineer Spy F
Engineer Spy G
Engineer Spy H
Engineer Spy I
Engineer Spy J
Engineer Spy K
Engineer Spy L
Engineer Teleporterhere A
Engineer Teleporterhere B
Engineer Thanks A
Engineer Thanks B
Engineer Thanks C
Engineer Yankee
Engineer Yes A
Engineer Yes B
Engineer Yes C
Engineer Your Ugly
Engineerspy C
Giant Bot Online
Grease Monkey
Hear Someone Buildin
Heavy Activatecharge A
Heavy Activatecharge B
Heavy Activatecharge C
Heavy Activatecharge D
Heavy Battlecry A
Heavy Battlecry B
Heavy Battlecry C
Heavy Battlecry D
Heavy Battlecry E
Heavy Battlecry F
Heavy Battlecry G
Heavy Cheers A
Heavy Cheers B
Heavy Cheers C
Heavy Cheers D
Heavy Cheers E
Heavy Cheers F
Heavy Cheers G
Heavy Dispenserhere
Heavy Go A
Heavy Go B
Heavy Go X
Heavy Goleft A
Heavy Goleft B
Heavy Goleft C
Heavy Goleft D
Heavy Goodjob A
Heavy Goodjob B