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A soldier is a spy.
A spy? Oh, oh, right. You're probably sneaking up on somebody to stab them. Oh, I bet you're about to do it too. They can't hear me. Can they do a video on this thing?
A surprise to no one.
Abort. Abort.
Activate the charge Doctor.
Admirable shot.
After you。
Ah, flipping.
Ah, Mon Dieu.
Ah, much better.
Ah, so sixes finally came crawling to the spy. About time.
Ah, stab wounds. My favorite type of wound.
Ah, the cart has stopped.
Ah, they have been shown who is the boss.
Ah. Ah. Ah.
Ah. Ah. Ah.
Ahora en mí.
All in a day's work.
All right, take it easy.
Already I haven't wiped the blood of my knife from the last round.
Always a pleasure spy.
And flip.
And it is done.
And it is done.
And spy crab.
And the spy crab.
And then this.
And we're done. Off to hang myself.
And we're done. Time to shower.
And when the spy saw the breadth of his achievement, he wept. For there were no more backs to stab.
Another day, another back with a gaping stab wound.
Another day, another back with a gaping stab wound.
Another successful mission.
Anytime you're ready.
Are you ready?
As if I would get blood on a $3000 suit. Come on.
As long as nothing supernatural happens, this should be easy.
At least you died for honour and my amusement.
At your pleasure, Doctor.
Behold your winner.
Big Finish.
Bonjour spy it is I Francis is talking France. I have the job for you. Yes, we baguettes. Sorry. I do have a job for you. It's not French, though. Sorry.
Boo you repulsive Bushman.
Booty latte.
Bureau it.
Burn in hell, you mumbling a bomb nation.
But of course.
But of course.
But of course.
Caputo's crepitus.
Century ahead?
Cheers doctor.
Cheers engineers.
Clearly, they were outclassed.
Come help me capture this.
Come on, I don't have all day.
Come on, I don't have all day.
Come on.
Come on.
Come stand on the point, you idiot.
Come stand on the point, you imbecile.
Come stand on the point.
Contract complete. Thanks, Bye.
Contract fulfilled. Nice work.
Damn it, we are losing ground.
Dancing it is the forbidden dance.
Deos Invictus.
Did I throw a wrench into your plans?
Did you forget about me?
Didn't feel a thing.
Do it quickly. Do it quietly. Just get it done. Spy.
Do not leave the cart.
Doctor, if you please.
Does it hurt when I do that? It does, doesn't it?
Dominated you fatuous fat headed fat man.
Dominated you, Mushmouth freak.
Don't feel bad. You did a fine job tossing your little balls around.
Earl the Dosey doe.
Enough practice Time to start playing.
Everyone Porsche.
Everyone, back to the base partner.
Excellent. A new rank.
Excellent. The count's moving back.
Fast rate.
Feel the barn be the barn. Ha ha.
Finally a comp class that can bring some class with it.
Finally, Comp mode is worth playing because you can play as me.
Finally, sixes comes to its senses and welcomes a spy to its ranks.
Finally, Sixes is worth playing because you can play as me.
Finally, some recognition.
Finally, they've recognized our brilliance.
Finally, you've come to your senses and welcomed a spy to your ranks.
Fine job.
Fine, let's flip.
Fire. Fire. Fire.
Flipping time.
Flipping time.
Follow me, Doctor.
For someone else, that might have been a challenge.
For someone else, that might have been a challenge.
Gentlemen, I'm back.
Gentlemen, let's push a dead man to hell.
Gentlemen, this game is as good as ours.
Gentlemen, we've done it.
Get to the bomb cart.
Get to the cart.
Get to the cart.
Giddy up now to hell.
Go right.
Go to hell and take your cheap suit with you.
God help us.
Good day to you, Might.
Good Lord, you fight like a woman.
Good. I still look magnificent.
Happy trails, laborer.
Have Corse.
Hello again, dumbbell.
Help me capture the point.
Help me defend.
Here lies Scout. He ran fast and died a virgin.
Here, buy yourself some talent.
Here, go buy a nicer hat.
Here, keep the change.
Here, that's what you're worth.
Here's what I have that you don't a functioning liver, depth perception and a pulse.
Hey Spy, it's Pauling. Interested in some extra work?
Hey, dum Salaris.
Hey, spy calling. I took care of that DNA test for you. You owe me one and I'm cashing it in. Take care of this.
Hey, spy, it's Paulie.
Hmm, not bad.
Hmm, well, maybe I'll ask miss polling out.
Hmm. Excellent.
How would you like the spy now?
How's that bottle of Scrumpy now?
Howdy, Palmer.
I am going to filet you like a salmon.
I am going to fillet you like a salmon.
I am going to hack you up like cord wood.
I am going to puncture you like a juice box.
I am not easily impressed and yet you have impressed me.
I am the champion.
I am the deadliest man I know, but you are a close second.
I am the prettiest Unicorn.
I am the prettiest Unicorn.
I am uncocking a bottle of 1942 Chateau backstab.
I am victorious.
I appeared to have burst into flames.
I appreciate your help.
I believe it, so I can't achieve it.
I can feel the Unicorn Friendship magic coursing through my veins.
I claim these points for France and the unicorns.
I claim this point for a unicorns.
I could use a hand defending here.
I did all I could.
I do believe I'm on fire.
I dominate you, you sluggish simpleton.
I feel like an idiot.
I feel like winning. Who's with me?
I feel Trey Ball.
I fly.
I hate you.
I have a good feeling about this game.
I have a tie. I'm wearing it. It's silk and it costs $9000. I do not need another one.
I have been shown who is the boss.
I have expensive tastes.
I have never been more ready.
I have returned.
I like my enemies, like I like my wines. I let them breathe for a moment.
I like my teams like I like my romances in groups of 6.
I make it look easy.
I murdered your toys as well.
I must be dreaming.
I never really was on your side.
I require assistance.
I should have won.
I spare no expense on luxuries.
I take to the air.
I think I've developed a test for winning. Let's do it again.
I think not.
I think we'll win this game.
I will never stop.
I will stab this memory out of my skull.
I'll be seeing you.
I'll give it a good home.
I'll see you in hell, you handsome rogue.
I'll take it.
I'll tell Miss Paulinger occupied.
I'll tell your mother hello.
I'm afraid not.
I'm back.
I'm back. You sub normal half.
I'm Bruce Tripudio.
I'm coming for you.