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01 Reporting for duty, sir! (unit complete)
02 Present and accounted for, sir! (unit complete)
03 Sir, yes sir! (selection)
04 By the Emperor, you will have it! (selection)
05 If such is the Emperor's will! (selection)
06 What are your orders? (selection)
07 Is my duty to serve! (selection)
08 Executing your orders, sir! (move)
09 For the glory of the Imperium! (move)
10 You heard the man! Jump to! (move)
11 Looks like everything's in order, sir. (move)
12 It's an honor to serve the Imperium, sir! (move)
13 Imperial Guard, attack! (attack)
14 Keep in formation! (attack)
15 Hold the line, dammit! (attack)
16 Holy... Would you look at the size of him! (attack)
17 For Emperor and Imperium! (attack)
18 Well, let's see them fight ALL of us! (attack)
19 For every one of us who falls, TEN MORE will take his place! (attack)
20 CHARGE! (charge)
21 Go, go, go! (charge)
22 On my mark... CHARGE! (charge)
23 STORM THEM! (charge)
24 Who wants some more? (combat)
26 Shore up that left flank and keep firing! (combat)
27 Kill 'em! KILL 'EM ALL! (combat)
28 Guh! I'm hit... I'M HIT! (combat)
29 Take the objective! (capture)
30 You shall have your prize. (capture)
31 Take it at all costs! (capture)
32 Objective secured. What now? (strategic point capture)
33 We did it, sir! (strategic point capture)
34 By the Emperor, we've won! (strategic point capture)
35 Capturing it was easy, holding it will be hard. (strategic point capture)
36 I have the enemy in my sights. (spotting enemy)
37 Enemy spotted! What are your orders? (spotting enemy)
38 On your guard! Marines! (spotting space marine)
39 Space Marines! Ohhh, this will be ugly... (spotting space marine)
40 By the Emperor... not THEM~ (spotting chaos marine)
41 Chaos! What do we do, sir? (spotting chaos marine)
42 Greenskins... Thought I smelled something! (spotting ork)
43 Orks. Pfft. Where there's one there's a hundred of them. (spotting ork)
44 Eldar! And they look ready for war. (spotting eldar)
45 Those are Eldar? I thought they'd be taller. (spotting eldar)
46 What the hell is THAT thing?! (spotting daemon)
47 Daemon! They have a daemon! (spotting daemon)
48 We've spotted some kind of... m-monster! (spotting monstrosity)
49 Whatever it is, it's an abomination to the Emperor! (spotting monstrosity)
50 We're under fire! (under fire)
51 WHERE'S OUR FIRE SUPPORT! (under fire)
52 TAKING HITS! (under fire)
53 Look out! HERE THEY COME! (under fire)
54 Is THAT the best you've got? (under fire)
55 We've been OVERRUN! (morale)
56 FLEE! They're too much for us! (morale)
57 It's no good! We can't hold them! (morale)
58 Sir! Sir! What do we do?! (morale)
59 Time for payback! (morale restored)
60 Thought they broke our backs. HA! (morale restored)
61 We won't let you down, sir! (morale restored)
62 Let's ride. (loadtransport)
63 Now THIS is the only way to travel. (loadtransport)
64 LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT! (unloadtransport)