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Enginseer - Warhammer 40k Soundboard

Enginseer - Warhammer 40k Soundboard

An Enginseer, also called a Tech-priest Enginseer, is a Tech-priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus whose specialisation is the maintenance and repair of the many technological instruments of the Imperium of Man, both in peace as in war. Enginseers are engineer mystics, members of the Adeptus Mechanicus who are dedicated to the Machine God and steeped in arcane knowledge. Enginseers are the most commonly seen members of the Mechanicus, for they are present wherever a somewhat technologically advanced human settlement resides. By virtue of the ancient Treaty of Mars, many Enginseers are attached to the Astra Militarum and Imperial Navy, maintaining and repairing the Imperium's vehicles, aircraft, starships, and other wargear and ensuring that the warriors who prosecute the Emperor's wars always have the means to do so. These cybernetic holy men stand aloof from the Imperial Guardsmen, concerned only with tending to the Machine Spirits of their foster regiment's many vehicles and weaponry.

Ah, a challenge worthy of my skills
All right
An easy matter for one of my skill
As you wish so shall it be done
Emperor protect me
For the Emperor!
I am besieged
I am honored that you require my skills
I am no match for these foes
I am on it
I am under attack
I feel that battle awaits us again
I hear the machine spirits voice
I hold the secrets of the machine
I shall hurry
I will ease the machine's pain
I'll be there as quickly as I can
I'll take care of it, lord
Initiating construction
Into the fray attack
Let us join the fray then
Machine spirit, may our shots speak true
More enemies for the slaughter
My will falters
Of course
Repairs are complete and ready for duty sir
Thank you machine spirit for our safe arrival
That shot almost got me
The machine spirits are willing
These repairs may require some time
This able beast should get us there
We have failed today. Retreat!
Will only take me a moment