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01 Guardsmen reporting! (unit complete)
02 Ready to serve! (unit complete)
03 Reporting for duty, sir! (unit complete)
04 Yes, my lord! (selection)
05 The Emperor protects! (selection)
06 Reporting, sir! (selection)
07 We're here! (selection)
08 We'll get through this, I know it! (move)
09 Following orders! (move)
10 Yes, sir! (move)
11 At your command! (move)
12 We'll show these filthy aliens what Imperial Guard are made of! (attack)
13 Charge! (attack)
14 Let them have it! (attack)
15 CHAAAAARGE! (charge)
16 ATAAACK! (charge)
17 HOLD THE LINE! (combat)
18 Check your ammo! (combat)
19 FIGHT IN HIS NAME! (combat)
20 The Emperor has abandoned us! (morale)
21 RETREAT! (morale)
22 RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! (morale)
23 We can't hold! (morale)
24 Form up, men! There's work to be done! (morale restored)
25 We are the Imperial Guard! It is time we start acting like it! (morale restored)
26 REGROUP! (morale restored)