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Guns Sounds

Guns Sounds

The projectiles are typically solid, but can also be pressurized liquid (e.g. in water guns/cannons, spray guns for painting or pressure washing, projected water disruptors, and even flamethrowers. The first devices identified as guns or proto-guns appeared in China from around AD 1000.
See also: Guns N' Roses, Guns (essay), Guns! Guns! Guns!, Guns, Guns, Guns, L.A. Guns, Tracii Guns,

Colt 2
Guns Sounds Sound
Lock Gun
R02 21 Missile Whistle and Explosion
R09 71 Rapid Gun Shots
R11 48 Shotgun Blast
R11 49 Machine Gun with Reverb
R11 50 Cocking Rifle
R11 51 Loud Gun Blasts with Ricochet
R11 52 Shot Blasts
R11 57 Shotgun Blast
R11 58 Loud Shotgun Blasts
R11 59 Rifle Shot
R12 01 Large Machine Gun
R12 02 Large Explosions
R12 04 Browning Machine Gun
R12 05 Machine Guns
R12 06 Machine Gun Single Shots
R12 07 Artillery Single Shots
R12 08 Classic Western Rifle
R12 09 Rifle Shots, Natural Reverb
R12 10 Large Machine Gun
R12 11 Artillery Explosion Sequence
R12 12 Large Gun in Metal Bunker
R12 13 Chaotic Machine Gun
R12 14 Artillery Explosions
R12 15 75mm Gun Sequence
R12 16 Military Machine Gun
R12 17 Machine Gun Battle
R12 18 Machine Gun Bursts
R12 19 Intense Artillery Fire
R12 20 Large Rhythmic Artillery Gun
R12 22 Classic Machine Gun
R12 23 Sharp Pistol File with Reverb
R12 24 Rifle Cocking, Close
R12 25 Rifle Cocking
R12 26 Guns Cocking
R12 28 Cannon Shot and Whistling
R12 29 Gun Shot through Window
R12 31 Artillery Guns Firing
R12 32 Gun Movement in Room
R12 33 Large Automatic Artillery
R12 35 105mm Howitzer in Battle
R12 36 155mm Howitzer Fires
R12 37 75mm Gun Firing
R12 38 Large Artillery Gun
R12 39 Large Gun Fires with Explosion
R12 40 Safety Narrator and Explosion
R18 04 Artillery Shells Fly Overhead
R18 09 Big Western Ricochets
R18 10 Classic Western Ricochets
R22 09 Big Urban Gun Battle
R23 27 Rifle Blast
R28 34 Heavy Constant Western Gunfire
R28 36 Handling and Rattling Rifle
R28 39 Classic Western Shooting Battle
R28 40 Gun Sweetener Bursts of Noise
R30 03 Artillery Gun Sequence
R30 04 Large Guns Fire Shells Explode
R30 05 Large and Small Guns Firing
R30 11 Large Guns Heard from Inside Building
R30 11a Distorted Small Arms Fire
R30 20 Classic Slow Machine Gun
R30 21 Pistol or Rifle Single Shots
R30 27 Distorted indoor Gunshots
R30 31 Old Machine Gun Without Ambience
R30 43 Rapid Fire Machine Gun
Shotgun 2
Shotgun 3
Shotgun 4
Shotgun 5
44 Magnum