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Home > Carmilla Sounds: Castlevania Judgment
A child of the night who seeks the sun pathetic
A child of the night yet so self righteous disgusting
Ah I do feel better but it's only whet my appetite
An amusing toy until I broke it
Any who dare oppose lord dracula earn my wrath
Are you sure
Be gentle with me
Beauty and strength dear
Can no one satisfy me
Can the world handle two such beauties
Carmilla Sounds: Castlevania Judgment Sound
Carmilla Sounds: Castlevania Judgment Sound
Carmilla Sounds: Castlevania Judgment Sound
Carmilla Sounds: Castlevania Judgment Sound
Come I will stop you to pieces
Come play with me
Come show me your true nature now
Do tell
Do you honestly believe you can defeat me
Don't worry you will come to enjoy this
Enough of your nonsense
Enough of your nonsense I will silence you forever
Fantastic you are amazing
Fool. If you would only listen to reason
Hello sweetie pie
How long will you antagonize your lord and father
I am your humble servant lord dracula
I guess you're not interested in what I heard from death about your little problem
I have not had my fill yet but this place bores me
I hope you will show me a good time
I love playing with my food before dinner
I most certainly do not
I should be lowered racula 's trusted aide
I will cover your flesh like an apple skin boy
I will enjoy your cries of agony
I won't forget this
I wonder how your blood will taste
I'll enjoy this
I'll enjoy this
I've had it with you
If you want to treat you have to obey
Imputed kerr your no true child of the night maggots will feast on your hide
Let's get it on
Lord dracula has need of you but I most certainly do not
Maggots will feast on your hide
Man or woman can no one satisfy me
Must've had a screw loose
My don't you look delicious
My don't you look delicious i'll grant you a quick death
My jokes gone too far hasn't it
My my what a dirty mouth you have
Not nearly as entertaining as I had hoped
Oh are you sure
Oh that enerji I taste the dark flavors of the night
Only dracula has the stamina to face me
Ooh how exciting
Ooh how exciting let's get it on
Ooh i've got chills
Out of my way pest
Prepare yourself
See you suite cries of agony give me goosebumps
Self righteous is eh
Should I win my lord will you grant me my wish
Snug and comfy in your holy robes proud of yourself
So adorable
So be a good doggy and play dead
So there you are
That is the true nature of man we merely gave it a little nudge
That's better
That's more like it
The power of the night belongs to us child it is not for humans to trifle with
Then we will fight
Then you'll escort me now
Time to have some fun
We are both children of the night but challenge me and you will fall
We will make a nice little appetizer
Well I understand which is face certain trials lately
Well if it isn't lowered racula 's boy
What a dirty mouth you have
What are you babbling about
What if we hear a little doggie who seems to have slipped his leash
Whatever you are i'll put you out of your misery
Why hello sweetie pie
Why not
Will you ever know how foolish you are
You are that church which aren't you
You cannot defy lowered racula and expect to live
You have satisfy me
You imbecile
You let me have my fun now won't you
You owe is a drag ular side that's my place
You share the blood of lord dracula and yet you would stand against me
You thought to define me foolish boy
You would interfere with my gratification
You're a pile of metal and meet you could never be human
You're amazing