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A bubble bounce would really come in handy right now.
A cruise bubble down one of those brain holes would be very prudent about now.
And here we are, folks. The main event, a gauntlet of ever increasing ferocity.
And his challenger? A huge, murderous robot shaped like a squirrel.
And now back to your regular programming retirement home, Girls Gone Wild.
And SpongeBob gets a frigid reception from the robot.
And the robot is down.
And the robot is down.
Authorities are not sure who is responsible for unleashing the mechanical menaces, but they have assured us that the person is in big, big trouble.
Breaking news Bikini Bottom residents have been attacked by a raging torrent of robot horror.
But wait, there's more. A golden spatula. And that's not all. A gift certificate for $5.32 to Deans Little Shop of dried fish flakes and flowers.
Did I say big trouble? I meant so enormous that it's hard to comprehend trouble. We'll keep you posted as this tragic story unfolds tragically, we're sure.
Doshi dough and around you go.
Flash authorities have confirmed that the robots running amok through Bikini Bottom are indeed coming from the chum bucket. Yes, right where you're standing. Plankton, owner of the Chum Bucket and ...
Great Barrier Reef.
I guess SpongeBob won't be winning that way.
I see a prime bowling moment right here.
I'm no Einstein, but I'm sure that note on the robot's back means something.
If SpongeBob could just get past that robot brains armored shell.
In this corner, defending the Poseidon, a small square guy.
It looks like SpongeBob has an opportunity here.
It's a new power the Bubble Bowl.
Look at that hang time.
Look at that. The robots made himself dizzy.
Looks like Patrick has a big opportunity here.
Looks like SpongeBob may have a moment to act here.
Looks like the robots left itself vulnerable.
Nice 710 split by SpongeBob.
Nice move by SpongeBob. This match is just about over.
Now the robot's taking a beating out there.
Now there's a large suspicious piece of mechanical equipment you don't see every day.
Oh, and the robot is down.
Oh, close encounters of the painful kind.
Oh, I can't watch. OK, maybe just a little.
Oh, nice flying head thing moved by Patrick.
Oh, Spongebob's been ice cream.
Oh, that was a doozy.
Oh, that's gotta sting.
Oh, the humanity. Or should I say the fish Sanity.
Oh, what an uppercut.
One more douse with that stuff and SpongeBob will be back in the ring.
Or will SpongeBob go home defeated and dejected? Stay tuned.
Ow, I guess SpongeBob won't be winning that way.
Patricks just getting too close to that metal monster?
Sandy will become a banana split after another one of those.
Spelling the old clothesline move.
SpongeBob better stay far away from the robot's cold clutches.
SpongeBob has an opening, but will he get the drop on the robot?
SpongeBob hit the fuse.
Stay right.
Suck it to him, SpongeBob.
Suck it to him, SpongeBob.
That does it. SpongeBob is back in the fight.
That giant robot brain has to have vulnerability somewhere.
That hot goo could melt anything.
That robot is down and staying down. What an upset here at the Poseidon.
That's a bubble bash opportunity if ever I've seen one.
That's it. Now issue the coup de grace.
That's it. That's the match. SpongeBob is still champion.
That's the ticket.
That's the ticket.
The robot better change tactics and fast.
The robot's just too big for a direct attack like that.
The robots losing its head.
There's another opportunity for Sponge, Bob.
There's the robot's vulnerability. Let's see if SpongeBob goes for it.
This boy must be smoking at the lanes.
This has been a bikini bottom news flash.
This is a Bikini Bottom NEWS UPDATE. We're getting unconfirmed reports that the robot menace is emanating from the chum bucket. The proprietor Plankton has released the following statement.
What a shocking takedown by Patrick.
What an opportunity. Patrick could pick up the robots head at any point.
What is Sandy going to do to get SpongeBob on Frozen?
Whoa, what an opening for a guy literally filled with openings.
Will SpongeBob be able to neutralize the giant robot's brain?
Wow, I've never seen such an electrifying match.
Yikes. Looks like Spongebob's in for a rough ride.