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Bucket great luck luck but book spaghetti on
Fight hard uh-huh I don't see you fighting so hard baby I don't see you running after daddy telling him i'm your guy
I'm out baby
It's a feeling heartbeat google google google
No miss fix it somebody else can fill in
Nobody is ever done anything like that for me before
Nobody puts baby in the corner next five
Now most important thing to remember in lips his balance
Now twist have about are you trying to kill me
Oh me too me too
OK i'm never got anything happen to you
That's one two three four one two three four now music starts you don't dance to the two got it
The steps aren't enough feel the music
The way he saved her I mean I could never do anything like that there was something that I mean the reason people treat me like i'm nothing is because i'm nothing
They were using me
This is my dance space this is your dance space I don't go into yours you don't go into mind you gotta hold the phrase again
What do you wanna do it take time out from simon says
What's your real name baby
Yeah take some real saint to ask daddy
You know the best place to practice lives in the water
You should put your pickle on everybody 's plate college boy and leave the hard stuff to me
You want to use with crazy
You you're not worth it you not working