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Home > Dracula Sounds: Castlevania Judgment
Ah, my long lost boy.
Ah, the clan of destiny. Your line ends here.
All this way to be a sacrifice for me, child.
And your next stop? Oblivion.
As ever, the ally of worthless humans.
As you wish.
Come then, what a suitable finale this will make.
Come to me, my son.
Did you forget who I am?
Die impostor.
Do not forget your place.
Don't disappoint me now.
Enough of your theatrics.
Everything must burn.
Finally, a worthy opponent.
Good and evil are just words. Power always wins.
Grand entertainment, indeed.
Gravel in the dirt like the insect you are.
Gutter rat.
Have you come as a sacrifice, wench?
How amusing.
How dare you.
How tiresome.
How utterly ridiculous.
I accept your challenge.
I do not fear you.
I fear no one requiring such absurd means to face me.
I have seen you before, Gutter rat.
I have seen you before.
I remember you.
I will crush you and be on my way.
I will end this pathetic charade.
I will teach you the meaning of fear.
I'm going to enjoy this.
I've played your silly little game long enough.
Insufferable little Wretch.
It's all coming back to me now.
Lord of darkness.
Meaningless to me.
My long lost boy.
No matter.
Now let the darkness claim you.
Of course.
Pitiful human, your kind cannot defeat me now.
Pitiful human.
Puny worm.
Ralph Belmont.
Ralph Belmont.
Remember your place, boy.
Seems I forgot to hold back.
Simon Belmont.
Submit and join me.
The first man to destroy me at last. Sweet vengeance. I will savour this.
The Lord of Darkness will consume your soul.
The Lord of Darkness.
The power of the true Lord of Darkness is upon you.
There can be only one Lord of Darkness.
There can be only one Lord of Darkness.
This time I will tear you limb from limb.
Too easy. It did nothing to slake my burning thirst.
Trevor Belmont.
Trevor Belmont.
Very well, child.
We both know you're no match for me.
Well, met my son.
What an utter waste of time.
What is your business with me?
What would you have of me?
What's wrong?
Witness the might of the Lord of Darkness.
Yes, you were with that wretched Belmont, and I had not reached my full power.
You dare betray me, death?
You dare challenge me? How utterly ridiculous.
You miserable pile of.
You see chaos. Look no further.
You seek my throne, it will cost you your life.
You truly hope to challenge me.
You will learn the power of the night.
You will never surmount me.
You would challenge me, boy?
You. I remember you, Simon Belmont.
You. You're that wretched little girl.
You're as soft as ever, boy.
You're that wretched little girl.
Your flesh and blood belong to me.
Your hour is up.
うわー。 ああ。
うわーっ。 はい。