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Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes (2020) is a delightful mystery adventure film that revolves around the young sister of famed detective Sherlock Holmes. Directed by Harry Bradbeer and based on the novel series by Nancy Springer, the movie introduces audiences to a fresh and empowering perspective on the Holmes universe.

The titular character, Enola Holmes, is portrayed by the talented and charismatic Millie Bobby Brown. Known for her breakthrough role as Eleven in Stranger Things, Brown shines in this coming-of-age role. Enola is a strong-willed, intelligent, and independent teenager who finds herself embarking on a thrilling journey to solve the mystery of her missing mother.

Henry Cavill, the dashing actor who portrayed Superman, takes on the iconic role of Sherlock Holmes. Cavill's portrayal breathes new life into the legendary detective as he navigates the complexities of the Holmes family dynamics and assists his younger sister.

Helena Bonham Carter brings her impeccable acting prowess to the character of Eudoria Holmes, Enola's mother. Carter's portrayal of the unconventional and fiercely independent Eudoria adds depth and emotion to her character, leaving a lasting impression.

The ensemble cast also includes Sam Claflin as Mycroft Holmes, Enola's older brother, who finds himself at odds with her independent aspirations. Claflin's performance brilliantly showcases the tensions that arise within the Holmes family. Louis Partridge joins the cast as Tewkesbury, a charming young lord who becomes an unexpected ally to Enola, adding a touch of romance and mystery.

With an enchanting storyline and stellar performances, Enola Holmes captivates audiences with its thrilling plot and breathtaking visuals. The film not only provides a new perspective on the Holmes family but also explores themes of feminism, independence, and the power of intelligence.

The soundtrack of Enola Holmes serves as a magnificent accompaniment to the on-screen journey. Composed by Daniel Pemberton, the score perfectly captures the suspense, excitement, and emotional nuances of the story. Pemberton's music heightens the tension during crucial moments and envelops viewers in the world of Enola Holmes.

From the dramatic orchestral tracks to the subtle piano melodies, the Enola Holmes soundtrack is a diverse collection of beautifully crafted pieces. The music transports listeners to Victorian England and emphasizes the time period's elegance and sophistication.

You can play and download the enchanting sounds of Enola Holmes here (insert link). Immerse yourself in the captivating melodies that evoke the spirit of the film, whether you're a fan of classical compositions or modern cinematic scores.

Enola Holmes is a must-watch film for fans of detective stories, adventure, and empowering coming-of-age tales. With its stellar cast, gripping storyline, and mesmerizing soundtrack, it proves to be a delightful addition to the Holmes universe. Join Enola on her thrilling journey and immerse yourself in the world of mystery, family, and the power of knowledge.

Don't miss out on this wonderful cinematic experience. Grab your popcorn, gather your friends and family, and prepare to be swept away by Enola Holmes.

A bit more complicated than a simple disappearance.
A caricature.
A curiosity. Is that why you're here, to pick my brains?
A dance instructor, a governess.
A kind offer,
A lady!
A lost child, a puffed up misanthrope,
A man in a brown bowler hat?
A matter of great bitterness for him
A motor car. How delightful, Miss Harrison.
A pine cone called Dash?
A poor choice of word.
A revolutionary, and yourself.
A shilling apiece!
A simple shave, please, Martin.
A strange looking gentleman.
A tree branch broke above me as I was collecting wild mushrooms.
A tree branch broke above me while I was collecting wild mushrooms.
A useless boy.
A very good issue to take.
A week ago, on the July morning of my 16th birthday,
A wild and dangerous woman brought up a wild child.
Agaricus lanipes.
Ah, the corkscrew.
Ah, there you are, sir.
All sorts of exercise,
All the better.
An injustice has occurred. It's time to right some wrongs.
And as they do so,
And because, as it turns out, your life is still in danger.
And both my brothers left home soon after.
And brilliant deductive thinker.
And condemn me with your bon mots.
And entirely wrong of me to have memorized it.
And he has not the strength to stop them...
And his vote proved decisive.
And how old are you, Miss Posy?
And I am a finder of lost souls.
And I am undercover, so forget I told you that piece of information.
And I believe I explicitly told you to look for her.
And I did it on my own account.
And I don't need to go to your ridiculous school.
And I must too.
And I realized I was scared,
And I realized that...
And I suspect he's rather keen on young Enola.
And I thought she meant for me to find her,
And I was telegrammed about a young female assistant of mine
And I will do it with pleasure.
And I...
And I'd work on my physics.
And I'll ask you three, and we'll discover who knows him best. Shall we?
And I'm a close personal friend of Sherlock Holmes.
And I'm investigating your son's disappearance.
And I've lost a button.
And if you still can't see that, then shame on you both!
And is that...
And it was wonderful.
And just as we molded them...
And laurustinus, and Queen Anne's lace.
And leave you to fend for yourself.
And leave you?
And my final thought is that I may have revealed my hand
And not a small part of the cause of this mess.
And now she may have done so again.
And proud, and utterly ridiculous.
And responsible mothers.
And she did not return.
And Sherlock was right too.
And so, for better or worse, is Eudoria.
And stand against the reform bill and the extension of the vote,
And Thackeray, and the essays of Mary Wollstonecraft.
And that is another thing you need to have educated out of you.
And the encyclopedia,
And the fifth thing you need to know
And the future is up to us.
And the one most frequently violated.
And the third thing you need to know,
And then going overseas, just like my uncle.
And there may be those amongst you who have already guessed it,
And there's no better disguise than fear.
And they will find that stupid little girl and bring her back to us.
And those kind of mysteries are always the most satisfying to unpick.
And though she prepared me for many things...
And to Limehouse.
And to live her remaining years with dignity.
And two, finding Mother.
And two, the Royal Academy is an institution
And we've not only got to do it for ourselves, but for our children!
And what does a boy like you want with those?
And what if it was I that...
And what might I learn from deportment?
And what she knew of Sherlock...
And what you're prepared to risk,
And which one involves me not dying?
And who stands to gain the estate with your father dead and if you die?
And why have you done so?
And why would she leave you a message?
And yet here I am, at the center of civilization.
And yet it took our mother's disappearance to bring you home.
And yet she disguised her intentions perfectly.
And yet you walk away anyway.
And yet, facts don't distract from hope.
And you decided you wanted the same.
And you rarely find that kidnap victims
And you want to drive us into a place where there is most certain danger?
And you will be well rewarded.
And you will do as you are told!
And you'll become acceptable wives
And you'll make many new friends.
And you're a cantankerous one, older brother.
And, by implication, affection."
And, look, she's made this herself.
And, um, Mr. Holmes?
And... and it would have been easier to kill me before I ran away,
ANGRILY: Who are you working for?
Arctium lappa, which you'll know as burdock.
Are all your questions about food?
Are you blooming? Send iris, please."
Are you safe now?
Are you... are you comfortable?
Aren't you the clever little tongue? I'll enjoy that.
As do I, Enola Holmes.
As has that errant brother of ours.
As Mother has proven.
As much as I.
As she is.
As she killed his father.
As the world becomes increasingly unstable,
Asked me to meet you here?
Asked you to stay?
At school.
At some point during the night.
At the possibilities of something new.
At this school, you'll be given a chance to live up to it.
Bankmen... met.
Be careful with that. I haven't finished reading it yet.
Be careful.
Be tough,
Be tough,
Bear with me.
Beautiful, isn't it?
Because I couldn't bear...
Because otherwise you think I will affect your standing.
Because she left me.
Because you don't know what it is to be without power.
Because you have no interest in changing a world
Before we make you leave.
Bit of a to do. Bribed a porter to put me in this and get me on board.
Black shag.
BOTH: I'm sorry.
Boy, fetch us a carriage.
But clearly, she didn't feel like she needed him.
But do you see how it's changing?
But don't do it because you're looking for someone.
But even your blessed mother made a match.
But for me, who chooses to wear it,
But he's on the edge of a cliff.
But I also believe that she'd be too intrigued
But I have the best police officers in London
But I kept getting dragged back towards you.
But I now see that being alone doesn't mean I have to be lonely.
But I suspect that she needs you.
But I'm fine. I'm free.
But I'm not sure she did now.
But it wasn't foul play.
But it wasn't safe.
But my family were set on me joining the army
But my family were set on me joining the army and going overseas.
But my mother is rather a fan of word games.
But needs must when you must speed somewhere.
But not if it means risking your life.
But one I must refuse.
But only with a worthy opponent.
But she didn't share everything with me.
But the truth is, Mother always had a reason for everything.
But unnecessary.
But when growing up in the countryside, there is little excitement,
But you are untapped,
But you found out about the money. You told him.
But you give me greater pleasure.
But you're probably one of those new thinkers.
But, madam, you know me.
By the way that she left leaving no clear leads,
Cakes to bake.
Called Dash,
Calling it Dash.
Care of Mr. Mycroft Holmes.
COBBLER: Here you go, sir.
Coded messages that need to be deciphered.
Come on.
Congratulations. You finally look like the nincompoop you were born to be.
Could never get him inside.
Could you please direct me to her office?
Countless reasons.
Currently on this train searching for you, and once he finds you,
Customers to serve.
Cut it off with a knife. Of course you will.
Delightful. Perhaps you could join me for tea.
Depends if you're relying on her coming back.
Deserves me at least a name.
Despite your best efforts
Did you find the gunpowder?
Did you see anything to report
Do I want to find you?
Do it because you're looking for yourself.
Do you have any ideas?
Do you have any sense as to where my mother is?
Do you have any sense of where she might have gone?