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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A different location than
Ah you fuckers
Already...complete failure
Alright guys
And as always
And I really didn't want to upload this video
And I want you all to know that
And I was pretending I was wearingwearing a VR headset
And I would like do nothing else
And I'm like ok lets do it
And if you don't like it, then you can just
And just because my montage doesn't have many views
And like I don't base all my decisions based on views
And selected the what the fuuuuuuuuuck! (Lol)
And then they get away with that-
And think of the memes [same]
And wrote a story through the comments
Another Youtuber
Any of my videos ever
Are you bored yet
As we all know, intense fame brings its fair share of critics
At the end there's fucking walking into the ocean
Back in 2014
Based on a true story
Basically just shitting on everyone. -laughs
BeastMaster Sixty-Four
Because I thought it would stir up more drama in the media
Because their all shit
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Brad was like, I'll save this video, we'll do this, and this, and this
Brad- oh my god..
Brad- oh my god..
But I never actually bother... like I just ignore them
But I'm like ahh fuck it this is so stupid
But it just wasn't worth it
But moving on
But now, the day I pray for has finally come..
But since I'm on the top they go fucking
But that's sort of what made it funny
But the amount off effort these videos took
But the video came out great
But there is a detail I haven't told about
But this video --me adressing the media directly
Can I skate with you guys
Can this video get 1 million -laughs- likes
Cause it got flagged for copyright
Cause it's about to get good
Cause legit I was terrified
Cause otherwise I would not have jumped
Check it out
Come on! (lemme skate) -Oh yeah, they were IGNORING ME SO HARD
Comin' at you guys at number one..
Coming in at top three
Coming up at #2 guys
Coming up at #4 everyone
Coming up at top 3 everyone
Coming up at top six everyone
Coming up with top #6 everyone!
Compared to like how little views they got
Dear everyone,
Dear everyone. Please subscribe to my new channel, youtube
Dear fans! Thanks for 5 subs!
Do you want to get spammed with Top 10 videos
Don't do that shit
Don't get me wrongI don't really care about all this stuff that happened anymore
Ehh.. I wanted it to become like Youtube Highschool Musical
Extremely stupid
Falcon lover here
Flappy Bird
For a lot of people
Fuck YouTube and fuck Pokemon Go
Fuckin hell, and of course Minaja Please (Renata Bliss)
Fucking Pokemon!
Funny gaming montage
Funny montage 3
Get it right
GET IT RIGHT DAMMIT, we're called sisters now
Goddamn youuuuuuuu
Good times
Happy Wheels
Has anyone else on YouTube ever made a top 10 of your own videos
Horror videos screaming at them
How did they manage top 10 of that
How is it goin' bros
I articulated my points
I bought the cheapest car I could possibly find
I bought this fucking car
I can jump around WHEREVER I want
I can't believe I'm finally here..
I didn't really see a point of spending all that time
I didn't think it would work,
I don't know. They're funny, if you wanna watch them
I don't remember what it was
I go through everything very well
I got a scar for life, okay
I had to make some sort of video addressing the situation seriously
I have to make a response
I hope I make it to shore
I hope to make another
I jum
I just love the pure ADHD driven content
I just made up this fuckin character
I like the video
I lost count..
I love part two as well
I loved YouTube High School, it was like a 3 part series that I did (actually 5 parts)
I made a list of top
I only like this video for two reasons
I owe this video to Brad cause like
I remember going on like-poods breathing in and out- [omg]
I remember swimming and I was just like
I remember-laughs
I rememberI posted it before the weekend and I was legit exhausted from all the dramas on the media
I still have the car
I still love to quote that
I think I'm about to hit 3 subs soon
I think it is a good video and I'm proud of it
I think it was inspired when I read hate comments
I think it's the first time I responded to
I think my favorite part of this is the soundeffect I did for when they walk
I think these were those videos
I think they can't really argue against
I think this is the first time I noticed people were like
I thought I was gonna die
I thought it's solid
I was just like BREATHE
I was likeHow is this possible
I would have to say my response to Sorsha, it's so..
I'll let you slip it in the backdoor 3x
I'm CUTIEPIEMARIZIA... and this is my story!
I'm glad I wore the life vest
I'm not complaining, I'm just saying
I'm not joking-no one posted about it
I'm not trying to bring up all drama but-Uh,
I'm obviously a swedish person(duuh)
I'm really proud of these videos
I'm talking of course about..
I've come back to tell you all that
I've seen how you make funs of me
If Pokemon aren't real
If you don't know WatchMojo..
If you haven't watched this, then you're not a real Sister Fister©, okay
If you think I've been out of ideas..
In a way where you can't really dispute it
In the future
Into the fucking water
Is not even up on my channel anymore..
Is that a referral link
It ain't WORTH IT
It came out hilarious in the edit
It didn't seem like people really were into it
It finally happened
It kinda--it flows nicely
It might be extremely self-absorbed, self-praising, self-loving, but that's who I am, baby,
It really just became too much effort, cause people weren't watching it
It was basically--I
It was so stupid
It was such a streamy day, like I..
It's bulletproof
It's extremely retarded
It's good
It's good, it's good
It's How's it going sisters okay
It's just such a good meme
It's kinda stupid
It's my favorite ending of
It's so fucking retarded
It's so fucking retarded
Jesus f-cking Christ
Just because I don't to good quickscopes
Just to make fun of people that flash..
Just to make fun of YouTuber's that flash their car
Kazoo Kid
Kazoo KID
Legit me falling here
Let's see... what wireless VR has to offer the future
Like hundreds of articles about (like thousands of articles)
Like I get a lot of videos like this
Like it would take me a day and a half at least to make
Like we ended up in such
Like, I know views isn't everything
Making fun of youtubers and youtube
Moving on
My favorite PewDiePie videos
My favourite channel
My fovourite videos
My number one favorite video
NO, NO I have NO
Nope man
Not a single-not a single article
Not worth it
Number 8
Number 9