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Home > Tutorial - PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator...
And that's it.
Anyway, here, take this camera. I don't mind paying for you this time, bro. Got all this tuber money, you know?
Anyway, Speaking of toast and jam, I'm hungry for some shit puller. I'll be back later.
Anyway, you got a lot of social Internet type stuff to do here. I'll explain more in each section.
Are you telling me I still got more than a couple seconds to wait? Jab love of fun.
Don't be that creepy person adding way too many people, alright, keep it 100. Or less, I don't know how many friends do you need.
Don't forget to claim the video to get Subs.
Don't just think you're the best, know you're the best, thanks to the leaderboard section.
Don't worry about making some changes once it's published, you can publish your room as many times as you want during the event.
Don't worry about Maya or Edgar. I throw them around all the time and they're usually OK.
Each week we have these sweet events where you can win a bunch of neat stuff.
Especially the section about us having all your social media permissions. Definitely skip that part.
Fine, I guess we can throw some random bucks in there. Happy now?
First you need a camera.
For now, you can only publish one video at a time, but if you're smart like me, maybe you can find a way around that later on in the game. You probably won't.
For now, you can only ship one item at a time. Maybe there's a way to upgrade that at some point as well. Wink, wink.
Get ready. Get set. You're surfing on the interwebs.
Here you can change your skin tone, your clothes, your hair or hats, your eye color, and even put on a stylish pair of glasses if that's your jam.
Here you can decide what kind of cool video you want to make. You always have three ideas to choose from.
Here you can keep track on stuff like XP, trend levels, and even see what your top 10 best videos are.
Here's the affordable section. It shows you the stuff that's available for the views you gained so far.
Hey, how's it going Bros? My name is PewDiePie.
Hey, I saw that.
I don't know why I winked. There really is a way. Just use your brains.
I know you can do it. I believe in you.
I'm sorry.
If the thing arrived while you were out pooping or something, don't worry, the item will be here when you get back in the game.
In this menu you can boost your shipping speed or just use bucks to ship instantly if you're rich like me.
It should be called stuff for cheap people really, but affordable sounds better.
It will not be easy. You probably can't even do it, but I believe in you.
It's just like the real YouTube. It's cheaper. This is just like real tuber. Welcome to Tuber simulator.
It's kind of like phase. Face your fears and add as many friends as you like.
Join me as we go on epic quests for epic loot.
Just make sure you keep an eye on what's hot and what's not with a sweet trend indicator. Man, that'd be so useful in real life.
Just remember to not read any user agreements.
Let's make a video.
Now it's time to make some fabulous videos on your own. Probably not as good as mine, but good luck and stay awesome bro.
Now let's wait for the shipping.
Now where will you put your new friend?
Now why don't you head down to the shop to see what you can get?
Now, finally, for real, let's make a video.
Nowhere near what I get though.
Of course, one room is not enough to hold all your artistic talent and dreams.
OK, I screwed up the rhyme helmet.
Really there? Well, you're the boss.
Select one of the three video ideas and watch the magic happen.
Skip the room so you don't care about. That's easy, right?
Slightly reducing your shipping time.
So you can also experiment with stuff like you know in university.
Speaking of gross brains, this is where you can spend those brains you've been getting for leveling up or completing epic quests.
Swearing. That's funny, right?
Thank you. Don't don't sue me. I I want to keep my bucks, please. Thank you. Disclaimer, do not sue PewDiePie.
That way you can show off your bomb ass room, get people voting for it during events, and add your friends.
That's a lot of use for your first video. Congratulations.
That's why the fine folks who run Tuber simulator have made it so you can have three different proofs.
They're all really cool, especially the expensive ones. I'm contractually obligated to tell you about those.
This is ridiculous. It's taking way too long. But there is another way.
This is the shop here you can buy cool stuff for your room and well, I guess that's pretty much it.
This is where I'd put a funny joke. But I'm not funny and I'm too tired, so.
This isn't your first time in the shipping menu, so you know where most everything is.
This would be convenient whenever I go outside.
Time out, bro.
To be fair, I'm the best, so you can aim to be second best.
Unlike the real world, here you can easily make friends by adding other tubers to your contact list.
Vote for the rooms you like or the ones you feel the respect the current theme.
Wait, wait. Wait.
Welcome to Pewdiepie's tuber simulator.
Welcome to Puggle, where you can win great prizes such as.
What a fun mini game, and faster shipping is not good enough.
Wow, you're really poor. Looks like you can only get this cardboard box. But hey, you gotta start somewhere.
You can also play puggle by pressing that button that only shows up when an item is being shipped.
You can make things ship faster using your bucks. It's basically Internet money. Open the shipping menu.
You can pretty much put it anywhere you could in real life. Time to start making those hard decisions, Bros.
You can use the boost up there to make things faster.
You can use them to purchase knowledge, which is really just our version of the perk system seen in every game nowadays. So original.
You don't have any friends, do you? Sad.
You found the tuber customization, where you can change the way you look, but not the way you smell. You smell bad.
You know what I care more about than lambos and bucks? The knowledge tree. Which is actually more like a gross brain place, really.
You need to create an account to access the content, so you should get on that.
You should totally show off your room to the rest of the world by pressing the publish my room button.
You think this game is for casuals? This is some serious shizzle, son.
You'll see most of these now and again, but we also got some cool epic quest coming up, so whatever.
You're that desperate, OK?