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Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

"Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings" is a thrilling horror movie that takes audiences on a terrifying journey into the depths of fear and survival. Released in 2011, this film is the fourth installment in the famous Wrong Turn franchise.

Directed by Declan O'Brien, "Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings" delves into the origins of the menacing and cannibalistic Mountain Men. Set in 2003, this prequel reveals the horrifying backstory of the deranged siblings, Three Finger, One Eye, and Saw Tooth. The movie explores their haunting childhood and terrifying experiences at the Glenville Sanatorium.

The cast of "Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings" includes talented actors who bring the terrifying characters to life. Sean Skene portrays Three Finger, a deformed and cunning mountain man. Daniel Skene plays the sadistic and brutal Saw Tooth, while Mike Dopud embodies the menacing and silent One Eye. Other notable actors in the film include Jennifer Pudavick, Tenika Davis, Kaitlyn Leeb, Terra Vnesa, and Ali Tataryn, who portray a group of unfortunate college students trapped in the sanatorium.

The movie features a spine-chilling soundtrack composed by Claude Foisy, whose music perfectly reflects the tension and horror on-screen. With eerie melodies, heart-pounding beats, and haunting sounds, Foisy's score captivates viewers and intensifies the suspenseful atmosphere.

Fans of "Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings" can immerse themselves in the movie's chilling sounds by playing and downloading the soundtrack. By visiting the provided link, they can enjoy the tension-building music that adds an extra layer of fright to this bone-chilling film.

From the opening scene to the heart-stopping climax, "Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings" delivers a visceral and disturbing experience. The movie showcases the never-before-told origins of the Mountain Men, shedding light on their gruesome acts and the birth of their twisted personalities.

As the college students find themselves trapped within the sanatorium's dark and grimy corridors, they must fight to survive the onslaught of the sadistic brothers who thrive on bloodlust. Each turn and twist brings them closer to the terrifying truth of their captors, and viewers are left on the edge of their seats, never knowing what horrors await next.

"Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings" is a must-watch for horror enthusiasts who enjoy suspense, gruesome special effects, and a terrifyingly twisted storyline. Its talented cast, terrifying atmosphere, and memorable soundtrack make it a standout installment in the Wrong Turn franchise. With the option to play and download the spine-tingling sounds of this movie, fans can further immerse themselves in its horrifying world of blood-soaked terror.

A bad trip somewhere. Yeah. Hey.
A sanatorium is a hospital that isolates sick people from
Aaah! Oh! Oh! No, no!
According to the records, it was the Glenville Sanatorium.
All right, guys. I just want to say sorry for the mix up out there.
All right, it's right near the entrance.
All right, stay here, okay? I'm gonna check it out.
All right.
All right. Come on. We should get back to the others.
All right. Come. Ohh!
All right. Let's hit it! All right! Yeah.
All right. Well, let's go have some fun 'cause I found
And have a plan to capture these freaks. How?
And have them rejoin the general population.
And I'm gonna kill each and every one of you freaks.
And Kyle? He's gone too. There's no sign of him.
And now they're hunting us. They'll eat anything.
And now what?
And showed signs of cannibalism.
And since you two are afraid of the dark,
And then everyone puts their keys in a bowl,
And then I'm gonna come back,
And we pick to see who sleeps with who.
And where they'll come back to. Let's get out of here.
Any drugs left behind. Yeah, probably.
Are you okay? Yeah. Τhat just surprised me. That's all.
Are you ready? Let's fucking go. Ready? Let's go!
As soon as the storm breaks, that's what we're gonna do.
Ate it right in front of a nurse. And the large boy with the mask?
Ax murderers do.
Baby, I really don't think you should go. I'm going.
Baby, you'll freeze to death.
Be careful.
Be careful. I will. You too.
Because my dad lost his retirement and had to sell the house.
Because the bastards cut his tongue out.
Before any cell is opened, you must have an orderly
Bobby! Bobby! Let go!
Boys, you don't need to do this to me.
Bridget! Where are you, Bridget?
Bridget? Sara? Sara. Sara.
Brother told me about. Who else could it be?
But I'm glad we're all okay.
But if he's hiding, we need to be organized...
But it's more prevalent in homogeneous societies.
But the protocol is one cell open at a time.
But you don't. Don't do this to yourself.
Calm down. Trying to have some fun. Oh, I can't believe you!
Can they talk?
Can you guys find something to burn?
Can you imagine those guys up there putting on their own play?
Can you stop?
Claire, hold on!
Claire! Claire!
Come on, Kenia! Come on! Hurry! Hurry!
Come on, take it.
Come on, Vincent! Vincent, we've got food!
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on! Get up! We have to go!
Come on! Come on! The fucking door's locked! It's locked!
Come on! Let's go! Okay. I'm freezing!
Come on! We gotta get going!
Come on! We've gotta keep going!
Come on.
Come on. Come on!
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on. They got Bridget.
Come on. Come on. What happened? Gone. Gone?
Come on. Come on. You ready? Come on.
Come on. I'll show you the rest of the hospital.
Come on. Let's go! Oh! Whoo!
Come on. Let's keep moving.
Creepy. Oh, it's dusty. Gross. It's disgusting!
Daniel, you take Bridget, Sara and Lauren and check the upper floors.
Daniel? Daniel? I don't see him.
Definitely the most dangerous patients in the hospital.
Did you guys find anything? Yeah. What? A small amount of blood.
Did you hear that? Yes. I'm gonna go check it out.
Die! Die, motherfucker!
Do you guys think anyone would actually be here right now?
Do you think it's Vincent's?
Does anyone not think it's weird our stuff is gone?
Does it include leaving Daniel to die?
Don't get too close.
Don't go bragging now, babe. Ciao, kiddies.
Don't look up! Ηold on! Claire!
Don't open the door. We gotta get back to the others.
Don't slip!
Don't worry about it, dude. It could have happened to anyone.
Don't worry about it. Just throw some wood on the fire.
Dude, are you asleep?
Dude, what are you doing? Let's go.
Each patient in here should be considered dangerous
Everyone agree? Okay, if we make it till then.
Everyone else come with me. We'll check the first
Ew! and locked up in this old hospital.
Finally, you're doing something useful.
Fine. I say we vote. What?
Fine. I'll go. Good. I'll go with you. No. Don't.
Fine. Τhen let's go. I'm freezing too.
Fine. Let's go.
Fine. Then we search. Room by room.
Fine. Yeah.
Floor and the basement.
Follow me. Stay close. Come on!
For us on the mountain.
Fuck him. If he comes back, we'll kill him.
Fuck that! Hey, you. Look at me. Look at me.
Fuck you, motherfucker!
Fuck you, Vincent.
Fuck you, you motherfuckers!
Fuck you!
Fuck! Τhey probably turned Porter into porterhouse by now.
Get a little privacy. Ooh. Okay.
Get down and hide. Get down.
Get going. I'll be right behind. Clear!
Get me out of here!
Girls, come on!
Give me that lighter.
Give me the lighter.
Go away, you motherfucker!
Go away!
Go find her. You'll be all right here?
Go get the other kerosene lantern.
Go, go! Let's go!
Go. We'll hide in the attic. Go!
God, Daniel.
God! God, let me Let me die. God, let me die!
God! He's such a jerk. Ohh!
Gone. Come here. Get in here. Get me out.
Good idea.
Good job.
Got it? Hey.
Got us lost. Remember? I didn't say Kyle was smart either.
Grates. We're fucked. They can't all be grated.
Great. We're almost out of weed.
Guys, do you think we should wait for the storm to blow over?
Guys? Guys, look at this.
Hang on! Bridget, I'm coming!
Hang on! Claire!
Haven't seen him.
He has abnormally large teeth, which he was sharpening
He said that's not all they did to each other.
He said there was a bunch of inbred West Virginia hillbillies...
He said they ate each other. Cannibals.
He smoked pretty heavy last night.
He'd tell me the stories every time we drove through Greenbrier County.
He's going away.
He's in the basement.
He's kind of cute when you're stoned.
He's probably stoned right now, in a corner having
He's that insecure?
Head back down the mountain, and follow your tracks in the snow.
Help me!
Help me!
Help! Claire!
Here. Ηere. Go.
Hey, get me out of here!
Hey, guard!
Hey, let me see that. Okay, movie time.
Hey, Sara, have you seen Vincent? Yes.
Hey, they watched movies here.
Hey, Vincent can be useful in many ways, can't you, baby?
Hey, you. Are you hungry?
Hey! Hey! Hey. Hey.
Hey! I think I just saw somebody. Ghosts. Awesome.
Hey! Let me out!
Hey? Hey! What?
Holy fuck!
Honey, you want your ski gear?
How did they survive out here? They're hunters.
Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Hurry! Let's go.
I am so excited. Aren't you? I'm so excited.
I can help you if you just let me go.
I can help you.
I can't do it.
I can't do this. I can't do this. Get down.
I can't sleep. I'm gonna go explore.
I don't care if she's right. I agree with Kyle and Sara, okay?
I don't know.
I don't mind either. Hey!
I don't really mind.
I don't see any lights. They turned them off.
I don't think Bridget would appreciate that very much.
I dropped the fireplace poker. I gotta go back and find it.
I get it. I won't.
I got it. I got it.
I guess we're going this way. I guess so.
I just hope it wasn't contagious.
I know things could have turned out really bad,
I know what you're thinking. But we have to do this for their own good.
I know you are. All right.
I mean, that would be really creepy.
I promise. Mmm.
I remember this place now.
I say we go back inside and figure out a way to defend ourselves.
I say we go back the exact same way we came!
I say we pick another room and keep looking.
I scared the piss out of them. You should have seen it.
I stabbed him in the arm, and he left.
I think it's a building! Frickin' A! We're saved.
I think it's kind of sad. I wonder what happened to them.
I think the weather should be clear by then.
I thought he was gonna jump off a bridge. Hey.