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Straight Outta Compton (2015)

Straight Outta Compton (2015)

Straight Outta Compton is a highly influential biographical drama film released in 2015. Directed by F. Gary Gray, the film revolves around the rise and impact of the rap group N.W.A (Niggaz Wit Attitudes) during the late 1980s and early 1990s. With its raw portrayal of the struggles faced by young African-American artists from the poverty-stricken streets of Compton, California, Straight Outta Compton remains a testament to the power of music as a form of social commentary.

The film features an exceptional cast, bringing the characters to life with incredible performances. O'Shea Jackson Jr., the real-life son of Ice Cube, takes on the role of his father and delivers a stunning debut performance. Corey Hawkins portrays Dr. Dre, perfectly capturing his musical genius and evolution as a producer. Jason Mitchell shines as the late Eazy-E, the charismatic but troubled leader of N.W.A. Aldis Hodge, Neil Brown Jr., and R. Marcos Taylor complete the cast as MC Ren, DJ Yella, and Suge Knight, respectively.

Straight Outta Compton begins by introducing the group's core members: Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, MC Ren, and DJ Yella. As the film progresses, it delves into the socio-political climate of the time and how the group's lyrics and sound were shaped by their experiences. The film highlights the racial profiling and police brutality that plagued their neighborhood, inspiring them to craft music that reflected the reality of their lives. Through their songs, N.W.A fearlessly voiced their frustration, anger, and yearning for change.

The impact of N.W.A and their debut studio album, also titled "Straight Outta Compton," cannot be overstated. The film incorporates pivotal moments in the group's history, such as their controversial anthem "F**k tha Police" and the subsequent FBI investigation it sparked. With the guidance of their manager Jerry Heller (played by Paul Giamatti), N.W.A's rise to fame is portrayed, showcasing both their remarkable success and internal conflicts.

Beyond the gripping narrative, Straight Outta Compton is also a celebration of the transformative power of music and its ability to unite and empower communities. The film pays homage to the enduring legacy of N.W.A and their contribution to hip hop, shedding light on the birth of gangsta rap and its lasting impact on popular culture.

If you're interested in experiencing the sounds of N.W.A and immersing yourself in their world, you can easily listen to and download their music. Their groundbreaking album "Straight Outta Compton" and other iconic tracks are widely available on various music platforms. Through their music, N.W.A's words and beats continue to resonate and inspire listeners to this day.

In conclusion, Straight Outta Compton is an exceptional film that not only provides an authentic portrayal of N.W.A's rise to fame but also sheds light on poignant social issues of the time. With its remarkable cast, captivating storytelling, and evocative music, the film serves as a powerful testament to the indelible impact N.W.A had on the world of music and their pivotal role in the history of hip hop. So go ahead, play, and download these sounds to experience the raw energy and social commentary that made N.W.A's music an enduring force in popular culture.

A 6 4 Impala.
A label?
A lot of raw talent, a lot of braggadocio.
A normal T cell count is anywhere between 500 and 1500.
A really long time.
A rival gang drove up and shot them.
A'ight, you you trying to be funny.
A'ight? Stop fuckin' embarrassing me, man.
A'ight. Guess I'll see you soon.
About all you motherfuckers taking up my time, and that's coming out your pay.
About music.
About what?
About you shopping this anywhere around town.
About you? About me? Come on!
Advocating violence and assault is wrong,
After hearing all the stuff that he went through, I would've left too.
Again. All right? Let's go.
Ah, shit!
Ain't no Felicia in here, ****a.
Ain't nobody fucking with you, Jinx.
Ain't that some shit.
All good? Hey, what up, cuz?
All he do is take 20 off the top.
All I write is that hard shit, Dre.
All right, cool. So I could take this to a lawyer or somebody, right?
All right, man.
All right, so look.
All right?
All right?
All right?
All right?
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Good night.
All right. Hey, E.
All right. Let's see.
All right. Okay.
All right. So none of y'all are named Felicia now. Okay.
All that shit y'all was throwin' up out the window?
All your fuckin' bullshit.
Already know what it is. Man.
Always fucking with me!
Anarchy is obviously a statement of political dissatisfaction.
And admitted that it was brutal,
And all this money is yours.
And curl activator.
And forget about Jerry, man! You keep talking about Jerry this, Jerry that.
And four guilty LAPD officers...
And he wants to sign you.
And I am not trying to be difficult, man. I promise you.
And I am your biggest fan.
And I better not see one drop of blood on that motherfucker.
And I gotta put some money in my mama's hand after Tyree passed, man.
And I refuse to let you throw it all away.
And I'll check into everything else.
And I'll look into it.
And if Dre with it, I'm with it.
And if people out there that don't like it, fuck 'em.
And it definitely ain't sitting in some cubicle, taking orders on a bullshit ass job.
And it's about "Fuck Tha Police" in particular, so,
And it's not always pretty. No.
And look like bitches and just take it?
And may the West Coast reign forever.
And not one of the four police officers...
And one of the pioneers of gangster rap,
And park my car.
And Suge, for making all this happen.
And thanks for your support."
And that trust is our foundation, Eric.
And these are past due.
And they're taking the nation by storm.
And they're working with me in the studio right now.
And this what you think right?
And to be a all star group, we gotta look like it,
And to have Dre out there goin', "You ready?"
And to the punk ass cop backstage
And we ain't got no talent?
And we can build something big.
And we can keep going, E.
And we eating Fatburger.
And we have worked up a trust after years of hard work.
And we in the law enforcement community take exception to such action."
And we tell it like it is, you know?
And what's your relationship with the Nation of Islam?
And who the fuck you talking to, huh?
And y'all in here acting like y'all on motherfucking vacation.
And y'all ****as in here partyin'?
And you ain't gonna have nothin' to do with it this time.
And you ain't sleepin' on your auntie couch no more?
And you can stop acting like you ain't never done nothin' wrong.
And you even think about touching my money
And you in the streets fuckin' around? Are you crazy?
And you just gonna turn your back on him? What, you Cube now?
And you know how I run my house.
And you know she ain't gonna let you miss that many days, man!
And you making it seem like I'm beggin' for some shit that's technically mine.
And you should fucking care about the money.
And you took great care of him.
And you're listening to "Boyz N The Hood",
And yours will just be beginning.
And, uh
Andre, boy, don't play with me.
Answer me this. Would you be all right?
Anyway, what's this you workin' on, cuz? I like this.
Apple is purchase of Beats will be the biggest deal in its history.
Are now trafficking in drugs in cities far from their own turf.
Are they trying to say that you're like a traitor?
Are we finished here? We got a show to do.
Are you anti Semitic?
Are you fucking kidding me?
As a music manager, let me tell you what I can do for you, Eric.
As far as they was concerned.
As long as I just... have some time to figure this shit out, you know?
As soon as I turn my back, you do that shit anyway.
As the leader of the group N.W.A has revealed he has AIDS.
Aw, get outta here, man. You old mark ass.
Baby, come here. Look!
Baby, you good?
Backup! We need backup in the loading area!
Be ghetto stars.
Be ready, Bryan.
Beating a man they had just pulled over.
Because Jerry made that possible for us.
Because nothing is a sure thing, Cube.
Because they're black!
Because this is business, and this is how it works.
Because you have a unique talent, Eric. Very special.
Benedict Arnold?
Berry Gordy to save the day.
Best runner got cracked.
Better watch your mouth, blood.
Bigger the story, the bigger the check in your field of work.
Body bag? Man, I don't know about that shit.
Bring that shit on in.
Bring your bitch ass up.
Brothers from my neighborhood made it out.
Bryan runs Priority Records,
But business wise, you know what I'm sayin'?
But check this out. I want the best for me too. A'ight?
But don't you dare fucking tell me that I have not taken care of you.
But don't you dare fucking tell me that I have not taken care of you.
But I ain't no faggot.
But I didn't start this. I didn't fuck it up.
But I don't even feel that bad, Doc. Don't tell me that. Don't tell me that.
But I don't know your relationship with dude.
But I get it. That's your job.
But I guess you forgot about that.
But I hear you.
But I know that this is special.
But I'm asking you
But I'm the Berry Gordy of this shit.
But if the first record hits,
But if we go do this, we gotta do it right.
But if you think anyone's gonna talk to you,
But if you want me, Eric, Jerry can't be there.
But it is more complicated than that, Cube.
But long as we stay ready, we gonna know we gonna be on, man.
But now a few musicians have taken that to new heights.
But now it's starting to get a little wild.
But on beat.
But said police work is brutal and that the videotape
But she's pregnant, Doc. What this mean?
But that shit, the reality raps,
But this ain't no record.
But this is not Compton...
But this what the fuck y'all turn into.
But what I do gettin' played out quick, man.
But what if we had the chance to find out...
But what's up, E? Where the contracts at, man? You forgot about me?
But when you got that for me, we can continue on this topic.
But you can't help me, right?
But you don't like to listen, Dre, and I get tired of arguing all the time.
But you gotta believe in me the way that I believe in you,
But you hear the difference, right?
But you know what?
But you know, everybody can't do what you do.
But you never know what you need until you need it.
But you see how you said that shit, right? Like you believe it.
But you the businessman, so, you know, it's on you.
But you, motherfucker, I ain't gonna take that shit from you.
But, hey, all publicity
But, uh, we have to test her to be sure.
But, um, I talked to Cube, and we were talking about some
But... I really wish it didn't.
Buy Raider gear.
By selling lyrics about violence to a young mainstream audience...
Bye, Felicia.
Bye, Jerry. I'm out.
Called in favors to get your thoughtless ass an interview, and you can't even show up?
Came at us!
Can we cut, please?
Can't be afraid of a grown man in high heels, Dre.
Cats that understand that you don't bite the hand that feeds you.
Check this out.
Chill out, man.
Citing the lyrics about your former manager, Jerry Heller.
Come here.
Come here.
Come on, bro. I'm tired of these same Man, I need something new.
Come on, Doc. Come on, Doc. No.
Come on, Eric. We gotta get organized.
Come on, man, like
Come on, man, you got my mind workin'.
Come on, man.
Come on, man.
Come on, man. Look, the song is about you, E.
Come on, man. You the only motherfucker with a 6 4.
Come on!
Come on! Get the fuck off me, man!
Come on. All right.
Come on. Come on.