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Keeping the Faith

Keeping the Faith

"Keeping the Faith" is a heartwarming film released in 2000 that explores the complexities of religion, love, and friendship. Directed by Edward Norton, who also stars in the movie, "Keeping the Faith" has an incredible cast that brings this touching story to life.

The film tells the story of Brian Finn, played by Edward Norton, and Jake Schram, portrayed by Ben Stiller. Brian and Jake have been best friends since childhood and are now both successful men of faith. Brian is a Catholic priest, while Jake is a rabbi. Their bond is put to the test when their childhood friend, Anna Reilly, played by Jenna Elfman, returns to New York City after many years.

Anna, a talented businesswoman, brings excitement and turmoil into the lives of Brian and Jake as they both find themselves falling for her. Their romantic feelings challenge their religious beliefs, forcing them to confront their desires and question their respective callings. As tensions rise, the trio must navigate love, faith, and friendship in an unexpected and sometimes comical way.

In addition to the exceptional performances by Norton, Stiller, and Elfman, the film also features a supporting cast that adds depth and humor to the story. Anne Bancroft portrays Jake's wise and opinionated mother, while Eli Wallach delights audiences as Brian's quirky and lovable mentor, Rabbi Lewis. The chemistry between the cast members is palpable, making the experiences of the characters even more relatable and engaging.

To complement the emotional journey portrayed on screen, "Keeping the Faith" boasts a fantastic soundtrack that enhances every scene. Filled with soulful melodies and catchy tunes, the music helps evoke the various emotions experienced by the characters throughout the film. From joyful choir hymns to lively jazz numbers, the soundtrack beautifully captures the essence of this heartwarming story.

For fans of the film or anyone seeking to experience the touching moments and captivating performances of "Keeping the Faith," the sounds from this movie can be played and downloaded here. Immerse yourself in the world of Brian, Jake, and Anna as they navigate the delicate balance between love and faith, and discover the profound impact friendship has on their lives.

"Keeping the Faith" is not just a film; it is a journey that invites audiences to reflect on their own beliefs, relationships, and the power of true friendship. Whether you are a fan of romantic comedies, interested in exploring the dynamics of religion, or simply appreciative of heartfelt storytelling, this movie is a must-watch. So, sit back, relax, and let the sounds of "Keeping the Faith" take you on an unforgettable cinematic experience.

A priest and a rabbi in this day and age.
A wise man once told me that no rabbi can save anyone.
A world where boundaries and definitions...
A... dog, a male dog.
About everything. About us, about me—— especially about me.
About what you said in the seminary about how the life ofa priest is hard.
Actually, I download them offthe net. There‘s this great service.
After months and months of lying, why call me over in the middle ofthe night...
After that, we were pretty much inseparable.
Ah, yes, they all come back. Sooner or later, they all—— Ooh I
Ah. Harder.
All right, I‘ll make the call, but cancel the dinner. I have a class.
All right, now over to you. Anybody new in your life I should know about?
All right, that‘s why I‘m here! That‘s why I wanted to apologize ifyou‘d let me talk.
All right, the lights are working, the cameras came,
All right, you know what ? I gotta go. I gotta go. I gotta go. I‘ve gotta go.
All right. Navy blue button—down shirt.
All these feelings.
All these moments with you, I‘ve been walking around on a cloud,
Am I spiritually empty?
Amen to your ”oy.”
And / don’t really feel like 5 wapping stories,
And / let him in on the Catholic mysteries.
And askyou to forgive me.
And coming here tonight, on your Sunday evening,
And cry to me——
And for a while now, you ’ve let me be your guide.
And he stole my girlfriend, on top ofit.
And her heart—— boom——
And I don‘t know why, but this time, I looked at it.
And I fell in love at least once every decade.
And I got a little piece ofass last night, so I‘m feeling extra generous.
And I gotta say, it‘s wonderful to see so much interfaith dancing happening.
And I moved to the United States.
And I wasjust—— I was riveted. It was so beautiful.
And I‘m finejust hanging out, having a great time with you.
And I‘m not coming back.
And I‘m not gonna letyou go“?
And I‘m reading all kinds ofthings wrong,
And if / indulged those feelings too much with you,
And if you start to doubt that because ofme,
And ifHe cannot turn their hearts,
And ifyou can see yourselfbeing happy doing anything else, you should do that.
And it never works because the women always fall in love with you,
And it’s very important to understand the difference between religion and faith.
And just like that, she was gone.
And Lot takes them in, and he protects them.
And now something has happened, and I can‘t keep it from you anymore. I feel bad.
And our other grandmother was an Irish nun who left me this bar,
And over the past few months,
And she is lea ving in about two hours.
And so tonight,
And that feeling, that hunch, is God.
And that I‘d throw it all away to be with you,
And that, where the important things are concerned, you‘re still a total idiot.
And that’s really what the story’s about—— us taking care of each other.
And then people can light up right in front ofyou and it doesn‘t even botheryou.
And those who don‘t love us——
And unless my radar is completely on the blink, | thinkyou like me.
And wejust clicked very unexpectedly, but——
And when / was eight, / told her / had a feeling / was supposed to return the favor.
And you are never going to be the kind ofspiritual leaderyou could be...
And you knew he could do anything he wanted with his life.
And you know what? You are never going to find the kind of relationship I know you want.
And you said some things to her that / resent on her behalf
And your a verage se ven th —grade girl’s attentions can be pretty tickle.
And—and that affected me.
And, ofcourse, I‘m gonna miss my Romeo Casanova boy across the way.
And, so, I don‘t thinkI wanna go, because I wanna be nearyou,
And, trust me, you have not heard this one, okay?
And, when lovers bore, which they will, sublimate.
Anna .7
Anna is very special, okay? She‘s not like other girls.
Anna used to call us "two Mic/<5 and a Yid "She was gonna make T—shirts.
Anna wants me to take her to this office party... deal. I don‘t know what it is.
Anna was the friend that every I 3—year—old boy dreams of——
Anna, /don’t want you to go.
Anyway, I thought he was in that.
Are blurring and bleeding into each other...
Are tied in to my feelings forjake.
Are you okay? Good.
Are you sure that that is the best thing... foryou?
As much griefas I givejake, I think you‘re all doing it the right way.
Aw, no, man. Check this out God Squad in the house.
Because / think ifit was just up to you,
Because his best friend, a rabbi, stole his girl.
Because I have a very early conference call.
Because it makes you feel like a Marine.
Beep—beep! Hello, young sir!
Before we get started, I want you all to do me a favor.
Bella Abzug showed up for a bris, but that was——
Biblical Hebrewjust ‘cause my balls haven‘t dropped yet?“
Bingo ! Two—week cruise for Greta! You‘re goin‘ to the Bahamas!
Brian ! Come on, let‘sjust talk about this. You don‘t drink.
Brian, I don‘t know what I would do with myself.
Brian, I‘m in love with her! Okay?
Bring ’em up to speed with the times, no more of the old routines.
Bring me my Obsession perfume, a couple ofmacaroons and my computer.
But / just l
But at least we‘d still have been friends.
But before they were a priest and a rabbi, they both knew this girl.
But I don‘t need that.
But I‘m dealing with it because I‘m overwhelmed by this feeling I have foryou.
But I‘m not as excited as I am aboutyou and me.
But I‘m not interested in baby—sitting Mrs. Katz.
But it sure felt that way to me.
But it‘s a problem foryou because you assume all people in your life can‘t deal with that.
But it‘s like when people quit smoking, and the first year is tough,
But let me tell you, in my experience——
But New York is an island.
But no matter what I do, I can‘t seem to get you folks to sing it with any feeling.
But not Anna. Her loyalty to us was constant
But our relationship did have this one unusual component'
But sometimes you‘re a little aggressive in the execution.
But sometimes, I wannajumpyou too. What can I say?
But soon after, the Russians invaded Czechoslovakia,
But that‘s exciting. How long before they give it over to you officially?
But that‘s kind ofoffset by the fact that I‘m about to lose myjob.
But that‘s okay. You‘re supposed to suck.
But that’s what we lived for: to push the envelope.
But the fact is that we have to work it out together, between me and her.
But this...
But when the three of us were together, it felt like we were livin’ on our own little island
But when you get back, we should definitely get together.
But you guys look like cool guys,
But you have to appreciate a lot of people come here for a sense ofcontinuity.
But you have to have some patience for the fact..
But you put your trust in me.
But you‘ll be back. They all come back.
But you‘re in a particularly good mood right now.
But you‘re scared because it‘s me, so I‘m gonna say it first.
But, look, not to rain on your parade. I had to go say good—bye to Anna.
ButI thinkI should letyou doyourthing.
By anyone who can survive on less than [00 grand a year.
Can I askyou a question?
Can I interrupt, or is three a crowd here?
Can Ijust say, good—— good foryou.
Can you come over? Please ?
Can—— [Giggles]
Come on, come on, admit it. Ifl wasn‘t a priest——
Come on, come on. Yes ?
Come on. A priest and a rabbi? I think I‘ve heard this one.
Connecting us all together.
Could be a scandal.
Damn it, jake.
Debbie, Debbie, Deb—— What ?
Definitely not Ernie‘s. Definitely not.
Ding—dong—— time to pay the toll.
Does he have music on in there .7 He ’5, like, porn—slapping her.
Does my life seem shallow to you?
Don ’t you ever just wanna be free of that thing .7
Don‘t give up hope, okay?
Don‘t look at me in that tone ofvoice.
Don‘t move, okay? I‘ll be right over.
Don‘t smile at me, okay ? ‘Cause I‘m on toyou, and I‘m in no mood.
Don‘t talk to me about your mother, brother or synagogue. Just you.
Don‘t tell anybody, butl thinkl need to take a break from this exciting life.
Don‘t worry about it. What—What‘s going on ?What‘s wrong?
Ernie‘s been around since we were kids. You might as well take her to Houlihan‘s.
Ethan andJackie took me to see her mom‘s new play, and itwas hilarious.
Ethan married a Catholic girl, and that did not go over well.
Ethan, on the other hand, that’s anotherstory When he was a kid, he was such a chub.
Even way back then, everybody just seemed to feel good bringing their problems to me.
Excuse me, but I think in light of recent revelations,
Excuse me, may / help you .7
Excuse me, Rabbi, sorry to interrupt, but there‘s a question...
Excuse me.
Excuse me. My mouthjust went dry.
Faith is a feeling Faith is a hunch, really.
Faith is not about having the right answers.
Fall down on the floor,
For a number ofmonths, I‘ve been seeing a woman who isn‘t*******.
Foryears, I have listened to you talk about...
Friends don‘t lie to each other and set each other up to be humiliated like that.
Friends first
Get across the street That’s right, go I Go, go I Go forth and prosper!
Get ready to say your prayers, my friends, ‘cause I am in no mood today.
Get those things, and then feel a sneaking suspicion that you went after the wrong things...
God does not look favorably on it. He had a tendency to throw lightning bolts...
God hates a solo artist, / promise you
God is challenging you He ’5 callin ’ you a chump.
God isa lotlike Blanche DuBois.
God knew your voice was gonna change when you‘re 13.
God relies on us to take care of each other.
God was showing off when He made you.
God will give you your answer.
God, don‘t mess with me like that.
God, I can‘t believe you did that. We agreed this was between us.
God, talk about a bad case ofthe third wheel.
Good to see you. I have a friend here I thought you might wanna see.
Good. Just run one more scenario,
Got it, got it,
Great. That‘s great. So you‘re saying we‘re never gonna see you.
Greta Mussman before she pulls her rotator cuff.
H ey.
Halfthe men I know are completely unworthy of the opportunities they‘ve had.
Has been trying to get you to take her daughter out for months?
Have seemed a little strange and maybe even a little scary.
Having my heart broken or starting to doubt myself,
He actually had to miss school one day because he couldn‘t fit into any ofhis pants.
He calls early.
He can only offer himselfas a guide to other fearful people.
He has a healthy self—confidence. I can tell from his posturing.
He just had that kind of aura about him. You took one look at this kid,
He looks so good these days. You should see him. He‘s been working out with a trainer.
He needs my help or else he‘ll go to the bathroom over everything.
He wanted to do something different with his life.