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Garfield (2004)

Garfield (2004)

Garfield is a beloved and iconic character who made his debut in a comic strip created by Jim Davis in 1978. Since then, this lazy, lasagna-loving cat has captured the hearts of millions around the world. In 2004, Garfield made his transition from the comic strips to the big screen in the live-action movie aptly titled "Garfield".

Directed by Peter Hewitt, "Garfield" features a star-studded cast bringing the lovable cat and his friends to life. The lead role of Garfield is voiced by the talented Bill Murray, who successfully captures the essence of the character with his witty and sarcastic delivery. Breckin Meyer portrays Jon Arbuckle, Garfield's owner, with his endearing and quirky personality. Jon falls in love with veterinarian Liz Wilson, portrayed by Jennifer Love Hewitt, who adds a charming touch to the film.

The plot revolves around Garfield's adventure to rescue Jon's beloved dog, Odie, who has been abducted by the greedy television personality, Happy Chapman, played by Stephen Tobolowsky. Garfield, known for his aversion to exercise, is suddenly thrown into a whirlwind of action as he embarks on a daring mission to save his friend.

The movie "Garfield" ingeniously combines live-action footage with computer-generated imagery to bring the animated cat to life. The visual effects are seamlessly integrated into the scenes, making Garfield and his animated friends appear as if they belong in the real world. Audiences of all ages are drawn into this charming and hilarious universe, where Garfield's sarcastic remarks and cunning plans keep them entertained throughout the film.

Accompanying the delightful visuals is a lively and engaging soundtrack that captures the essence of Garfield's world. Listeners can play and download these sounds here __ (add link if available). The music, composed by American composer Christophe Beck, complements the movie perfectly, creating a whimsical and playful atmosphere.

"Garfield" is not only a treat for fans of the original comic strip but also serves as an excellent introduction to the iconic character for those unfamiliar with his adventures. The film captures the spirit and humor of the comic strip, ensuring that Garfield's dynamic personality translates seamlessly onto the silver screen.

In conclusion, "Garfield" (2004) is an entertaining and enjoyable movie that successfully brings the beloved cat from the comic strips to life. With its star-studded cast, impressive visual effects, and a delightful soundtrack, the film captures the essence of Garfield's world and provides a delightful experience for audiences of all ages. So sit back, grab some lasagna, and join Garfield on his thrilling adventure.

A bug?
A CAT scan!
A cat's life is at stake. Whoa!
A deranged man? What is this?
A dim witted, smelly, goofy... [Sighs]
A dog. I'm ready for a dog.
A fabulous dancing puppy called Odie!
A manicure and a pedicure, okay?
A special treat. What have you got for us, Hap?
Aah! Good grief. It's my idiot brother.
Abby Shields reporting. Whatcha got for me, Abby?
Actually, that train has stopped. It's returning to the station.
Actually, um...
Adoption. Looks like one of us is getting out of here.
Ah ooh!
Ah ooh!
Ah, and that's the sign that the tank is full.
Ah, guten Morgen, Chris.
Ah, shut up!
Ah. Good morning, New York.
All aboard!
All aboard!
All I wanted was to sleep in my own bed.
All right, boys. Dog pile!
All right, here's the drill. Cats, scratch like you've never scratched before.
All right, I'll handle this.
All right. I need a five count lineup right now. Let's go.
All right. It's okay. I'm on. I'm on. Relax.
All right. Let's line it up.
Alley... oop!
Although, he seems to have found an alternative lifestyle.
An autograph would be splendid.
And another and another.
And everybody always said I was the handsome one.
And get myself a little high fat chaser.
And get those goodies.
And he lets you vacation in this charming animal pound. Hello?
And here I am working with this sack of dander on a dead end regional morning show.
And I am over it. Hey, we re... we're safe now.
And I kinda want you back home too.
And I would like to introduce him to all of you.
And I'll purr. I'll purr like a Ferrari. Or make that a Jaguar.
And let's see how you feel with 200 volts coursing...
And now you've got a tick magnet.
And that's... that's all I really want him to be.
And this may be the worst ever.
And this must be where he's got his little table.
And to do it, you cast Odie out into the cold, cruel world?
And you don't give me enough space.
And you won't have to see her anymore.
And you, Luca, the wrong side of the evolutionary curve.
And you're a major league suck up.
And your point is?
And, uh, I'm going to put up some more posters tomorrow.
And, uh, if you see him, give me a call, please.
And, uh, the TV over there.
And, uh...
Another day ruined.
Any word from the network yet?
Apaw and a half maybe. This is a done deal. I can do this.
Are going to be climbing aboard that New Amsterdam Limited at 3:00 p. M...
Are we on the right train?
Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
Arf! Arf! Arf! Quickly!
At this difficult time.
B b b b b bah, ha!
Back it up, Red. She went with Trigger.
Back to you, Dan.
Back to you, Dan.
Back up. Come on.
Bad things happen out there. So I don't go out there.
Be happy.
Because dogs... run away.
Because we both love the same thing, and that is...
Beep, beep. Cat coming through. Beep, beep. Going through the tunnel.
Before you stepped up to someone of my level.
Being left byJon while he takes Odie out.
Belly rub, uh...
Besides defending my life? Jon got a dog...
Besides, I've found if you wait long enough...
Better luck next time. Now you be careful.
Better split before animal control gets here.
Betty, today, why don't you start me off with a Swedish massage...
Bon voyage.
Bound to New York City, where we have the opportunity...
Boy, this puppy is stupid gone wild!
Bringing a dog into a house that already has a cat.
But I've got somebody waiting for me, very devoted, almost crippled.
But now, I'm a celebrity cable castoff cat...
But sources tell me that this incident...
But there you are "live from The Hague"...
But we have a common purpose. We shareJon.
But wh wh what about the milk?
But, come on. You can be really annoying sometimes.
But, uh, I don't hate the guy.
Bye bye, everybody. Garfield is leaving the building.
Can anyone direct me to the pink building...
Can I just say your hands are freezing?
Can we drop it? I mean, it's no big... deal.
Can you do this?
Can't do this. Reached physical limits.
Code blue! Code blue! We got runners. We got runners.
Come here! Get back here!
Come here. There you go.
Come on over here and just jump right into the pail, and help me.
Come on, buddy.
Come on, Louis. I got 3,000 teeny mouths to feed.
Come on, Odie. Just like this.
Come on, Odie. Showtime.
Come on, Pinkie. Move it out! Oh! Sorry. Sorry.
Come on! I'll just use my left claw.
Come on.
Come on. Come on. No, seriously. Come on up.
Come on. Humor me, would ya?
Come on. It's just across the street. We're cats. We like milk.
Come on. It's real simple. Here, I'll even throw your ball in there.
Come on. Let's go for a ride to someplace you love...
Come on. No. Just in here like this.
Come on. Uh huh.
Cool. I owe you one, "G."
Could you please be quiet? Guard! Guards!
Cut the sweet stuff. Easy now. Just...
D Do you guys have a pass or something?
Damned cat allergies.
Details are sketchy, but it appears that a deranged man...
Did you guys see that? Thank you, fellas. Thank you.
Did you guys see that? Thank you, fellas. Thank you.
Did you really think you could just run away from Happy Chapman?
Do I have to bark like Lassie?
Do you have a problem with that?
Do you know, that is absolutely charming.
Do you think he's ready for the audition?
Doesn't realize how important I am to him.
Dog act! Story of my life.
Dog cooties. Somebody inoculate me, please.
Dog got kidnapped by a TV star, I'm trying to rescue him.
Dogs, bite but don't chew. And, rats...
Don't move? Not a problem.
Don't push your luck, fat cat.
Don't stop! Don't stop!
Down you go. We just hit it off so great...
Eat hair ball, Happy Chapman!
Everything comes to you.
Everything will be back to normal.
Excuse me, ma'am. Please call 911.
Excuse me. Can I get through here?
Family name.
Finally, back on my regular schedule.
First Odie, and now Garfield. Liz, I am the worst pet owner on the planet.
First thing Monday morning... [Breathing Heavily]
Fly with me. Maybe something a little bit more challenging.
Follow the ball, andjump in the pail.
Garfield, don't even think about it.
Garfield, get down from there, man.
Garfield, I'm not in the mood.
Garfield, Jon brought a dog home.
Garfield, lunchtime.
Garfield, relax. Look. We're here.
Garfield, this is Odie. He's coming home with us.
Garfield, where are you?
Garfield, where are you?
Garfield, you can't just be wandering around the city.
Garfield! No!
Garfield! Odie!
Garfield's being... Garfield.
Garfield's on TV. He's a hero.
Gee, I don't know, Nermal.
Get him, Garfield!
Get him, Jon!
Get that weak stuff outta here.
Get yourself lost. Take a powder for a couple days, get a haircut and grow a beard.
Get... A Ah... Just... All right.
Give me the Benadryl. Give me the Benadryl.
Go jump in the pail, and we'll shoot you into outer space.
Good afternoon, gentlemen. What will you be having today... salmon, steak or lasagna?
Good luck with the plague and rabies and everything.
Good night, Odie. Good night, Garfield.
Good to see you, partner.
Gotta fly, everybody. Really, please, stay behind the security fences.
Gravity, do your thang!
Great. Wish me luck with the nightmares.
Guard, may I have some shoelaces, please?
Guess we'll just... purge the system.
H He's months of positive reinforcement away from consistently performing.
Halt! Stop! You have not been cleared for release.
Happening right there behind you.
Happy Chapman took Odie? You think he's got Garfield too?
Happy Chapman?
Happy Chapman. Happy Chapman. Happy Chapman.
Happy, you promised you'd never use that.
Have you tasted yourself lately?
He came and took Odie home.
He didn't steal me. I was doing the rescue work.
He looks like the type.
He needs to be loved.
He puts up with me, and he feeds me.
He still can't dance.
He was the only reason you were spending time with me.
He's a dumb dog. No offense, Luca.
He's about 15 pounds. He's brownish yellow with brown floppy ears.
He's going for a ride in the police car.
He's just a happy, fat, lazy cat.
He's my friend.
Hello, Pooky. Miss me?
Hey, back off. Garfield? What are you doing here?