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Descendants 2

Descendants 2

Descendants 2 is a highly acclaimed Disney Channel Original Movie that captivated audiences worldwide upon its release in 2017. This thrilling and enchanting film continues the story of the beloved characters from the first installment, showcasing their exciting and fearless adventures.

Directed by Kenny Ortega, Descendants 2 takes viewers back to the magical world of Auradon. The story follows the teenage children of Disney villains - Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay - who have successfully integrated into the utopian society under the rule of King Ben, son of Belle and Beast. However, the movie introduces new characters with their own compelling narratives, expanding the Descendants universe and inviting audiences to fall in love with these intriguing additions.

Dove Cameron beautifully portrays Mal, the daughter of Maleficent, bringing depth and vulnerability to her character. Sofia Carson showcases her incredible talent as Evie, the daughter of the Evil Queen, while Cameron Boyce shines as Carlos, the son of Cruella de Vil. Booboo Stewart completes the main cast as Jay, the son of Jafar. Together, these talented actors bring the Descendants' emotions and dilemmas to life on the screen, captivating viewers of all ages.

The film sets the stage for an exhilarating adventure when Mal begins to doubt her identity and returns to her villainous roots. This journey leads her to the Isle of the Lost, a remote island where the antagonists of Disney's classic tales have been banished. There, she encounters Uma, the daughter of Ursula, brilliantly portrayed by China Anne McClain. Uma and her crew of misfit pirate descendants become formidable foes for Mal and her friends. The clash between good and evil unfolds through brilliant musical performances, powerful dance numbers, and enchanting storytelling.

The songs featured in Descendants 2 elevate the storytelling experience, allowing viewers to immerse themselves fully in the magical world on the screen. From the catchy and empowering "Ways to Be Wicked" to the heartfelt ballad "Space Between," the soundtrack showcases the remarkable musical talents of the cast. It is no surprise that these songs became instant hits, resonating with audiences and leaving them humming the melodies long after the movie ends.

Whether you are a fan of the Descendants franchise or simply seeking a captivating and enchanting film, Descendants 2 is a must-watch. With its exceptional cast, enthralling storyline, and unforgettable songs, this movie is sure to capture your heart and leave you eagerly anticipating what comes next for Mal and her friends.

You can play and download the incredible sounds of Descendants 2 here, allowing you to relive the magic of this Disney Channel Original Movie anytime, anywhere. So gather your friends and family and prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure into the fantastical world of Auradon. Descendants 2 is an experience that will leave you inspired, entertained, and singing along to the infectious tunes that define this remarkable franchise.

A And what's gonna happen next? We'll have girls playing tourney?
A connection.
A date? Really?
A fabulous new designer, "Dizzy of the Isle."
Actually, um...
After you.
Again? Wow.
Ah, ah. My printer, my crown.
Ah, just a witch here and there.
Ah! Look who's on TV.
Ah! You're the expert.
All I can think of is...
All right, all right, all right, all right.
All right, boys. Let's line it up.
All right, guys. Practice is over. Let's go.
All right.
All right.
All right. Here we go.
All right. So let's trash talk Mal.
All the way up.
Almost like me being there myself.
Although it seems absurd, turn your bark into a word!
Amphitheater in five!
And after we collect from all the girls for their gowns
And also tell your dad that my dad wishes
And Ben wouldn't like it one bit.
And Chad's cape...
And don't pretend to look out for me.
And Dude.
And get with the program?
And I am...
And I can't even remember what a single one of them is.
And I couldn't spoil that for you.
And I have no idea how to keep up the act.
And I thought that it was only a matter of time before you realized that yourself.
And I want it, too.
And I wanted a sea pony.
And I was giving you props for fitting in so well,
And I was usually on the other end of that.
And I'm I'm the luckiest girl in the world!
And I'm an excellent swimmer.
And if you don't absolutely hate me by the end of it, um,
And if you eat it too fast, it gives you a headache.
And if you think I
And if you think that I can change,
And if you want to see him again,
And if you're up for it only if you're up for it
And instead of being understanding,
And it's what's best for Auradon.
And Jay and I are tired of it.
And just breaking all the rules?
And just making them run away from you?
And left me nothing.
And lucky for me, she doesn't go by first impressions.
And me watching you squirm like a worm on a hook.
And me, most of all, daughter of Ursula!
And never, ever smile.
And none of us is really too popular over there right now.
And now for the unveiling of King Ben's masterpiece,
And now I need to give someone else a chance, too.
And she wants me to go fix it.
And she's a punk. And guess what?
And that's okay. That's okay.
And the only reason that I'm asking is because I know that if I took this right now,
And the second Uma tests it, she'll know it's fake.
And then she said that you could have the shrimp
And there's no way you're going looking like that.
And trust me, I've been plenty mad.
And we all did what we had to do to survive.
And we can text, and I can tell you how great you are?
And we can't fake it.
And we'll bring the boys, too,
And we're 20 years into a garbage strike.
And we're Auradon girls now.
And we're never gonna be like anybody else here.
And while you're at it, scratch my butt.
And will always be...
And you you just got to man up.
And you can slap a pirate hat on,
And you can't stand another day,
And you have to believe me, because I've been there.
And you install these hacks and everything runs so much smoother than mine and
And you know what?
And you still haven't picked the party favors yet.
And you're J Jay, Carlos, Evie.
And, Ben, you've always known who we were
And, you guys, losing not an option.
Are you sure that you want to be taking this?
Are you trying to spell me right now?!
As if.
As the royal couple
At least I don't see a picture of me with horns and a pitch fork.
At least one of us had her dream come true, right?
Aw, Jay.
Back when we were kids.
Because Audrey went off to a spa vacation with Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.
Because I will be taking it.
Because it's what's best for you,
Because let me tell you, he is not as happy as his dad.
Because no one's looking out for me.
Because there's safety in numbers,
Because this is gonna make you say the truth all the time, no matter what,
Because you're...
Because, Carlos, you're really, really great.
Because, uh...
Before I started using my spell book.
Before the sherbet melts.
Ben did that?
Ben is free to go.
Ben, come on. Go!
Ben, eyes over here.
Ben, go!
Ben, help me with the tarp.
Ben, I know what love feels like now.
Ben, I never told you that I loved you because
Ben, I've always loved you.
Ben, of course I love you.
Ben, please go. Please leave.
Ben, there you are. Cotillion's tonight.
Ben, there's a lot of kids who would really love it here in Auradon.
Ben, Uma captured you.
Ben, we are in this together.
Ben's been captured!
Ben's been spelled.
Ben's known who I was all along.
Ben's life depends on it.
Besides, I mean, look at the shoes.
Besides, we have dresses to deliver.
Bippity boppity.
Bring down the barrier now!
Bring down the barrier.
Bring me Fairy Godmother's magic wand
But if something were to happen,
But it doesn't always mean you should.
But it made us who we are.
But now we can't find the right shade of blue.
But really quietly.
But she could be so much more.
But that's my specialty.
But the decorating committee needs more answers.
But the one you designed for Mal is my favorite.
But we just need to ladle out the punch
But we're not, Mal. We're not.
But you you are exactly what Ben needs.
But you can't take the Isle out of the girl.
But you're still a villain.
But you're still Shrimpy.
But, Ben, that's me!
But, I mean, I saw the way your face lit up
But, I mean, we can do all three.
But, oh, it is so much fun.
But, you know what I
But, you know... way worse.
By the power of the sea, tear it down and set us free!
Can I maybe get you a list?
Can you ask Lumiere to call me regarding Cotillion?
Carlos, don't you ever miss screaming at people
Carlos, Jay, you guys meet us at Pirates Bay
Carlos! Smoke bomb.
Carrot cake last night.
Chad, when I look at you,
Chad! This is my room, Chad!
Chair swags. Entry banner. Twinkle lights.
Come here.
Come in.
Come on, buddy.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, Dude, hop in.
Come on, Dude. Let's go. Yes!
Come on, let me spoil you.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, Mal!
Come on, man. I kn Huh? Huh.
Come on, man. Really? Huh?
Come on, you guys remember.
Come on!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. You scratch your own all the time.
Come to Auradon and be part of the solution.
Come to Cotillion tonight, all right?
Continues their tour of the kingdom,
Coochy, coochy, coo.
Coochy, coochy, coo.
Cover that back up!
Dealing with his break up with Audrey.