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Cats & Dogs

Cats & Dogs

"Cats & Dogs" is a hilarious and heartwarming movie that was released in 2001. This family-friendly film is packed with adventure, comedy, and a touch of rivalry between our beloved feline and canine friends. Directed by Lawrence Guterman, this entertaining flick became an instant hit, captivating audiences of all ages.

The cast of "Cats & Dogs" is star-studded, featuring notable actors who lent their voices to our furry protagonists. Jeff Goldblum brings his charm and wit as Professor Brody, a scientist who unwittingly becomes entangled in a secret war between cats and dogs. Elizabeth Perkins plays Mrs. Brody, the Professor's wife, who gets caught up in the animal chaos. The voice talents of Tobey Maguire, known for his role as Spider-Man, are on display as he takes on the role of Lou, a brave and lovable beagle puppy.

On the feline side, Alec Baldwin lends his voice to Butch, the seasoned and confident leader of the dog resistance. Sean Hayes portrays Mr. Tinkles, the mischievous and cunning villainous Persian cat with an evil master plan. Additional voice talents include Susan Sarandon as Mrs. Calico, Charlton Heston as the Mastiff, and Joe Pantoliano as Peek, a charismatic Russian blue cat.

The movie takes us on a wild adventure where the age-old feud between cats and dogs escalates to new heights. We witness a secret war being waged behind closed doors as professional spies and advanced technology come into play. Cats, led by the diabolical Mr. Tinkles, seek to accelerate their rise to dominance, while dogs, represented by Butch and his team, strive to protect humanity from the feline menace.

Filled with heartwarming moments and laugh-out-loud comedy, "Cats & Dogs" showcases the best of both worlds. It pokes fun at the stereotypes associated with cats and dogs, offering a fresh and entertaining take on the age-old rivalry. The film explores the depths of loyalty, friendship, and the undeniable love humans feel for their furry companions.

The soundtrack of "Cats & Dogs" perfectly complements the film's action-packed and comedic sequences. It features an array of catchy tunes, charming melodies, and even some humorous animal-inspired songs. Feline and canine sounds are cleverly incorporated into the soundtrack, creating a captivating audio experience that delights both young and old.

With its unforgettable characters, hilarious dialogues, and thrilling storyline, "Cats & Dogs" became an instant classic among pet lovers and movie enthusiasts alike. The enduring popularity of this film even spawned sequel releases, with "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" (2010) and "Cats & Dogs: Paws Unite!" (2020) continuing the epic battle between cats and dogs.

If you're looking to relive the magic of this fantastic film, you can easily dive back into the world of "Cats & Dogs." Whether you want to enjoy the delightful soundtrack or watch the movie with your family, you can play and download these sounds right here. Immerse yourself in the whimsical escapades of Lou, Butch, and their four-legged friends, and rediscover the joy that cats and dogs bring to our lives.

So, grab your popcorn, gather your loved ones, and embark on a thrilling adventure that will leave you laughing, cheering, and completely smitten with our furry companions. "Cats & Dogs" is an unforgettable journey that reminds us of the timeless bond between pets and their humans.

A flying dog.
A key agent working the Brody case has been catnapped.
A little story for me, perhaps?
A new Puppy!
Agent Doom Machine. You see that?
Ah, yes. Thereby breaking the bond between a boy and his dog.
All right, agent, let's meet the team.
All right, break it up.
All right, Dad!
All right, you got me. Ow!
All right!
All right! into the hole!
Although he is safe, we must replace him as soon as possible.
Although playing pet for that old man upstairs is key to my scheme...
Am scray!
An evil cat named Shen Akh Akumon made them build pyramids, monuments.
And breed.
And do me a favor. Tell Butch lvy's back in town.
And put them down.
And the right to a dog attorney.
And this Tinkles, he is jerk. He talk too much and shed all over.
And this...
And we're going to keep him. Yes, we are.
And you could go to the bathroom wherever you want.
And you were right about me.
And you're going to come home with me.
Another dog told him it was a bomb.
Another dog?
Anyway, I am sure we'll get into the basement lab just fine. Right, guys?
Are we early? Nobody around.
Are you mutants? I read this comic book
Are you there? It's Peek.
As for you, Brody herd...
Assemble the delegates.
Back from your adventure so soon, Scooby Doofus?
Bad dog!
Bad dog!
Bad dog.
Bad dog.
Bad. Bad talking cat.
Be all you can be!
Be careful, kid.
Because it's already in every home in the world!
Behind you!
Being fresh from the academy, he's current on the new techniques, right?
Belly rub!
Boom boom!
Brake! Hit the brake!
Bring it here. Find the ball.
Bring that ball! Bring that ball back!
Buddy, we're home.
Bug activated.
Bulbous. It's a breakthrough. If l can only find...
But cats, they're another story.
But if you make it, think of all the places you'll see.
But in reality, they were ruled by them.
But l was framed! That cat Wait up.
But l've nothing to hide.
But remember how happy we were when we found Buddy?
But such a mammoth plot requires brothers in arms.
But they did bug the phone.
But this is for....
But, Mom, Buddy may still come back.
Butch : "This is where you are to enact my fiendish plan.
Butch : Ancient Egypt.
Butch : Bringing up history...
Butch : Call in a clean up crew.
Butch : Full scans every 20 minutes. Roger that.
Butch : Get him, Lou!
Butch : He would've made a great agent.
Butch : Hey, kid.
Butch : I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Butch : It's over, Tinkles!
Butch : Look out, kid!
Butch : Nah.
Butch : Peek, show yourself.
Butch : Peek's early warning.
Butch : So first things first. Kid, pay attention.
Butch : Surrender, you're finished!
Butch : That's how our outfit got started.
Butch : You're finished, Fluffy!
Butch, you there? Lou's in trouble at the pier!
Butch! We did it!
CALlCO: Brake!
CALlCO: Coming out. ls she gone?
CALlCO: Keep the hairdo. lt's slimming.
CALlCO: That's what l was thinking.
CALlCO: We gonna get away with this? MR. TlNKLES: Watch me.
CALlCO: Where'd you get licensed?
Calm down, Buddy. lt's just me.
Calm down, Buddy. lt's just me.
Calm down, honey. Calm down.
Can l show you something?
Can we go? Please, can we go?
Can't let them near that. Now, come on.
Can't you drive, you imbecile? Don't make me come up there
CARTOON DOG: Well? Hand it over.
CAT ASSISTANT: Here, boss.
CAT ASSISTANT: Here, boss.
CAT FOREMAN: Faster. I thought you were union!
CAT FOREMAN: Faster. I thought you were union!
Cat person.
CAT: How about Storm? Storm.
Cats rule, cats rule
Cats rule.
Chili dog! Chili dog!
Clean up on aisle 7.
Come here, Lou.
Come on over here.
Come on, guys.
Come on, honey!
Come on, kid, give them the haymaker!
Come on, Lou, wake up.
Come on, Lou! Come on, bring me the ball.
Come on, Lou.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Go get it! Come on!
Come on! Go get it! Come on!
Come on! You can't catch me! Try and get it.
COMPUTER: 1 5 4 7, negative. Non reactive.
COMPUTER: Negative. Non reactive.
Dad, it's an exhibition game.
Dander. Standard composition.
Dark Cloud? Is that what l'm calling my plan?
Darn it! Don't be scared!
DECOY OWNERS: Tiger, what are you doing?
Delegates, it's time. Family or formula?
Delegates, please! Order!
Delegates. Delegates, please! Order!
Did Genghis Khan wear a bonnet? Attila the Hun? No.
Did the Puppy fall for my clever trap?
Did you forget we're trying to take over the world?!
Did you see me? Right, left and right and left
DISPATCH: We got a calico on the corner of Center and Main....
Dock 1 4. Hurry!
DOCTOR: Fantastic. Send it and we'll verify it.
Does that make you happy, Mr. Mason? Are you happy now?
Doggies, why not come out and play?
Dogs must die!
Dogs rule!
Dogs rule.
Dogs. Where are they?
Don't be scared, Scotty. Everything will be okay.
Don't eat her.
Don't get scared. Don't get scared.
Don't tell anyone. Butch won't like it. He gets mad about that stuff.
Don't they ever quit?
Don't touch it!
Don't you want to do something exciting? Like be a police dog!
Donkey kick!
Down, Clucky! That's one angry chicken.
Eat this after you read it so no one will find it."
Effective immediately, you are all fired.
Enter the sewers and with the maps in appendix B...
Evil does not wear a bonnet!
Excellent. So the Puppy is dead. Now we can move on to
Failure is not an option.
Farmer : These are the cutest beagles you've ever seen.
FEMALE HQ ANNOUNCER 1 : 282nd Airborne Chihuahuas, report to your briefing.
FEMALE HQ ANNOUNCER 2: Personnel are required to curb themselves.
First you have to have a bath.
Flee across the world!
Foolish Puppy.
For Canine News Network, this is Wolf Blitzer.
For God's sake, don't forget to wag those tails!
For l have chosen a comrade that can invade every home in the world.
For now. But it won't matter. You see, I've
FOREMAN: Attention, employees.
FOREMAN: Factory employees, congratulations.
Forgive me for not teaching him the finer points of scratching.
Freeze, cat.
Front and center, agents!
Gas it up! Step on it.
Get it, Lou! Come on!
Get off the brake!
Get off this patio, get back to the barn...
Get out of the road!
Get out, get out, get out! Out, you animal!
Get your butt off my face, Tinkles!
Go forth and infect everyone!
Go home now. Do not ask why. You have only yourself to blame.
Go, go, go! l'll be cheering for you!
Go! Let's go, ladies!
Going someplace?
Good boy.
Good job with the boomerang. You're acting like an agent.
Good morning, human guard. Let us in. That is all.
Grenade, pick, dynamite, squeaky mouse and this.
Guess what I made for you!
Ha ha! Success!
Hang on. Good dog.
Hang on. Okay.
He came back!
He got a condo in Boca. Lucky dog.
He is adorable.
He is your son.
He said tryouts for the girls' team are on Monday.
He took the research.
He treated them like they were his litter box.
He was catnapped. Wasn't on top of his game, so he had to retire.
He wore a furry hat. Maybe a black bonnet? Yes. Huh? No? Okay.