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Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore is a thrilling and hilarious action-comedy film released in 2010. Directed by Brad Peyton, the movie takes viewers on an adventurous journey where our beloved pets, cats, and dogs, find themselves caught in the middle of a battle for global supremacy.

The star-studded cast brings the film to life with their fantastic voice acting skills. Chris O'Donnell voices the role of Shane, a loyal and brave agent from the dog spy organization "D.O.G." Bette Midler portrays the devious and cunning Kitty Galore herself, a hairless cat seeking revenge on those she believes have wronged her. James Marsden lends his voice to Diggs, a newly recruited police dog who is eager to prove himself. Nick Nolte voices Butch, a grizzled D.O.G. agent and mentor to Diggs. And lastly, Christina Applegate voices Catherine, a clever and resourceful spy cat.

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore takes place in a world where cats and dogs have secretly formed their own spy agencies, battling for dominance behind the scenes. When Kitty Galore sets her sights on revenge, she devises a plan to conquer the world using a sinister invention that can alter human behavior. It's up to Shane, Diggs, and Catherine to put their differences aside and work together to stop Kitty Galore's diabolical scheme.

Throughout the movie, viewers are treated to hilarious animal puns, action-packed sequences, and heartwarming moments between our furry heroes. The dynamic between the canine and feline agents adds an extra layer of humor as they overcome their natural adversities to save the day. Audiences of all ages will be charmed by the witty dialogue and the hilarious physical comedy.

The film's soundtrack perfectly complements the action and comedy, enhancing the viewer's experience. The upbeat and adrenaline-pumping score amplifies the film's thrilling moments, while the lighthearted tunes provide a cheerful backdrop to the more comedic scenes. You can play and download these delightful sounds [insert link] to relive the excitement of the film.

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore is not just a story about animals, but also a story about friendship, teamwork, and the importance of accepting others despite our differences. As our furry heroes face danger and adversity, they learn that unity and cooperation are the keys to overcoming any obstacle.

So, gather your family and friends, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure with Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. With its thrilling action, lovable characters, and comedic charm, this movie is sure to provide entertainment and enjoyment for everyone. Don't forget to check out the soundtrack, as you can play and download these sounds [insert link], so you can always have the film's magic at your fingertips. Get ready for a wild ride with our two favorite species in their fight for world domination!

A cat's eye does reveal everything.
A cat's eye reveals everything.
A dog's sensitive hearing has always been considered a tactical advantage.
A human. Definitely human.
A new opening, right?
A sound so devastating, so terrifying...
A used car dealership. True, he may not be a great cop.
After that, she went rogue, changed her name to Kitty Galore...
After the mission, can we get ice cream?
Agent 121 breaking radio silence.
Ah! It's so tangly!
Ah! Whoo!
Ah. So you do understand.
Aha. Here we are.
Aha. Paws! Time to call in...
Alert, Agent Diggs.
All l have to do is push this button...
All right, l'm done.
All right, team. Let's go kick some tail!
All right, team. We got work to do.
All right. It looks like one of Kitty's henchcats.
All right. Where's Kitty Galore?
All that butt sniffing paid off.
All used car salesmen.
Alley oop.
Almost perfect.
Although, l could use a passport and a speedboat.
Amazing what you can do with a few spare parts...
An evil genius doesn't need good luck.
And after all these years, still only a field agent?
And don't scratch it!
And every canine on this planet will become a mad dog, forever!
And exactly what we need to take down Kitty Galore.
And he still won't listen.
And he's made of candy.
And l swore l was never gonna let him down.
And may l present the most adorable creature in my life, little Scrumptious.
And now you've let the MacDougalls escape!
And now, leave!
And then l say the magic words, ''Abracadabra....''
And then what?
And then:
And there's only one place for a mad dog.
And this is yours.
And when l say ''fat cat,'' l mean you might wanna switch to the skim milk.
And where have you been?
And with that, l am officially no longer the dumbest animal in the room.
And you're too late to stop it!
ANGUS [OVER SPEAKERS]: Attention, humans!
ANGUS: l've got you in my sights, you wee bird!
ANNOUNCER [OVER SPEAKER]: Congratulations, Agent 8uttercup...
ANNOUNCER [OVER SPEAKER]: Today's seminar, ''Harassment in the Workplace.''
ANNOUNCER: Alert! Alert! The perimeter has been breached.
ANNOUNCER: Today's specials are leftover meatloaf and bacon.
Anything but water! l beg you.
Anything but water.
Anyway, come and get me, if you dare!
Anyway, listen, thanks for fixing me up. l should be heading home now.
Are you kidding me? Dog HQ sent us to protect you. Now, let's go.
Are you okay there, rookie?
As soon as my satellite is in position, l hit the button and upload the signal!
At least they're not wearing sweaters.
Aw, man. Where'd you get one of those fancy collars?
Back in the kennel again.
Back off, Butch. This is how we do things downtown.
Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!
Batter up!
Beautiful pussycat. Beautiful puss.
Because we're field agents, Lou.
Because you don't have your new collar...
Behold my glorious device!
Besides, you have a new baby now.
Bet you weren't expecting that, suckers!
Betrayed by my own kind.
Blueprints? What blueprints?
Brakes, brakes, brakes.
Bull's eye.
Bup bup bup. Don't judge my master plan until you've heard the whole thing, huh?
But at who? Daddy?
But enough pleasantries. You have one of my operatives.
But he has the potential to be a great agent.
But how?
But it'll take a cat to catch this kitty.
But it's not like l don't wanna follow orders.
But l don't wanna go back to the kennel.
But l, um, also want to thank you for saving my life.
But now, it will be their downfall.
But that takes a very special kind of feline.
But the choice is yours.
But you're inside too.
Butch taught me this.
Butch, if you're not too busy. Need a little help!
Butch, it's time to take out the trash!
Butch, you've lost some weight.
Butch, your collar is fitted with the Rawhide l communications package.
BUTCH: Catherine, protect that pigeon.
BUTCH: Collar: Net!
BUTCH: Come on, hurry up!
BUTCH: Diggs, hold still.
BUTCH: Diggs! You've ruined everything.
BUTCH: First thing to do, get on top of that ride.
BUTCH: Hey, watch your paws in here. Don't touch anything.
BUTCH: Hey! Are you crazy?
BUTCH: Keep pushing me, Diggs.
BUTCH: l'm too old for this poop!
BUTCH: Mr. Tinkles.
BUTCH: Of course it does. It looks like a giant fire hydrant.
BUTCH: Okay, guys.
BUTCH: Our elite agents work and train 2411...
BUTCH: Stay alert. Kitty could be ready to pounce inside.
BUTCH: Stop it! l can't see! DIGGS: Billboard, billboard, billboard!
BUTCH: Sure you're okay, big shot? DIGGS: Fine, good.
BUTCH: Team, huddle up.
BUTCH: That's not wallpaper. That's a blueprint for a giant satellite dish.
BUTCH: This is Agent 3293. l've got the package.
BUTCH: This is the rendezvous point.
BUTCH: Watch out! It's gonna blow!
BUTCH: We're almost at Playland.
BUTCH: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on.
Butch! l think l know where we can find Kitty!
Butch! You look old. And fat.
Butch? Butch are you there? Talk to me!
By the time you're done, the bird will have flown.
Bye bye!
CALICO: Here's what we got:
CALICO: You guys aren't mad, are you? CATHERINE: Where's Kitty?
Call me old fashioned, but l preferred it when we all hated each other.
Can l ask you something?
Can we just cut to the chase already and get to why l'm here?
Can we leave now?
Can you give it back?
Careful, now. New recruits sometimes get a little woozy after their first ride.
Careful, Scrumptious.
CARL: Mike, you wanna grab lunch? MIKE: l don't like you, Carl.
CARLITO: Come any closer and the last thing you'll hear is ''boom''!
CARLITO: l'll do it! All l can
Cat ladies, such enablers.
CAT: Dude, l saw it blink.
CAT: You look tasty.
CAT1 : We're outsourcing?
CAT2: Does he look rabid to you? He looks rabid to me.
Catherine, could you help me out here? This is too adorable for my taste.
Catherine, l sure hope we're not chasing our tails here.
Catherine, snap out of it.
CATHERINE: Careful what you wish for.
CATHERINE: Hey, Catzilla!
CATHERINE: It sure does. BUTCH: Genius!
CATHERINE: It's an expression, Diggs.
CATHERINE: l've got you, bird.
CATHERINE: Look out! The MacDougall twins!
CATHERINE: My humans are out tonight, so relax while l check in with MEOWS.
CATHERINE: No, Diggs, l drive like a cat.
CATHERINE: No, l want answers.
CATHERINE: No! My collar!
CATHERINE: Now, let's have a look at that paw.
CATHERINE: Ouch! Will you get off my tail? Hang on.
CATHERINE: Say hello to my little friend.
CATHERINE: See you, ladies. l gotta fly!
CATHERINE: She was on assignment at a cosmetics factory...
CATHERINE: The window! We can get out the window!
CATHERINE: This place looks pretty secure.
CATHERINE: We're almost at the wires! Something's wrong with my collar!
CATHERINE: What the?
CATHERINE: Wrong again, fleabag.
CATHERINE: You're not gonna lose me that easy.
Cats and dogs can't work together!
Cats and dogs working together?
Cats rule! Yeah.
Cats rule.
Check out my ink.
Chuck, you're a grade A doofus. Here they are.
CHUCK: Close your eyes!
CHUCK: Kitty!
CHUCK: Kitty!
CHUCK: Kitty! l'm home!
Close your mouth.
Collar: Camera.
Collar: Comlink.
Collar: Grappling hook!
Collar: Laser!
Collar: Lock pick.
Collar: Retract.
Come here. Yes.
Come home and we'll look together.
Come in!
Come inside and warm up with Freidrich.
Come on, boy. Come on.
Come on, Catherine. You can do this.
Come on, Diggs. Just one paw after the other.
Come on, Diggsy!
Come on, guys. You can do this.
Come on, Miss Daisy, can't this thing go any faster?
Come on, Seamus. We've got work to do.
Come on! Why isn't this working?
Come. Come. Outside. No!
Contrary to your belief, all cats aren't evil.
Cookie, stop barking at your brother!
Copy that! l just hope the kid's okay.
Could you introduce me to them, please?
Did you guys miss me? Because l'm back!
Did you really think the Rock could hold me forever?
Diggs, go, go!
Diggs, how much time have you spent in kennels?
Diggs, l'm sorry, buddy.
Diggs, stay.
Diggs, that is not a valid interrogation technique.
DIGGS: A room full of cats? Try and stop me!
DIGGS: Brake, brake, brake. Welcome to Playland. Parking is $5.
DIGGS: Come on!
DIGGS: Enough pussy footing around, Tinkles! Where's Kitty Galore?
DIGGS: Ha ha. Sucker.
DIGGS: Hey, a squirrel.