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Title: Downhill

Downhill is a thrilling film that takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster. Released in 2020, the movie explores the complexities of human relationships and the challenges faced by a family caught in a life-altering situation. With a talented cast and masterful storytelling, Downhill enthralls audiences from start to finish.

- Billie Stanton: Julia Louis-Dreyfus
- Pete Stanton: Will Ferrell
- Zach: Zach Woods
- Rosie: Zoe Chao

Directed by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, Downhill is a remake of the critically acclaimed Swedish film Force Majeure. The film follows the Stanton family as they embark on a ski vacation in the breathtaking Austrian Alps. As they enjoy their time on the slopes, an unexpected avalanche strikes, forcing the family to confront their deepest fears and reevaluate their priorities.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus delivers a brilliant performance as Billie Stanton, capturing the complex range of emotions that her character experiences throughout the film. Will Ferrell portrays Pete Stanton, bringing both humor and vulnerability to his role. The chemistry between Louis-Dreyfus and Ferrell is palpable, lending a sense of authenticity to their characters' struggles.

Zach Woods portrays Zach, a friend they meet on their trip, while Zoe Chao plays Rosie, Zach's girlfriend. Both actors bring depth and nuance to their roles, navigating their own narratives within the larger story. The ensemble cast shines in executing the film's dramatic and comedic moments, adding layers of dimension to each scene.

Downhill masterfully explores the themes of trust, resilience, and the fragility of relationships. The avalanche serves as a catalyst for the unraveling of the Stantons' marriage, as Pete's initial reaction during the crisis brings their underlying issues to the surface. The film delves into the complexities of gender roles within a marriage and society's expectations of masculinity.

As the narrative unfolds, Downhill poses thought-provoking questions about human behavior and the choices we make in moments of crisis. It demonstrates that the fear of loss can ignite a fight-or-flight response, often causing individuals to prioritize themselves over others. Through its carefully crafted screenplay, the film navigates the turbulent emotions experienced by the Stantons, forcing them to confront uncomfortable truths about themselves and each other.

The stunning cinematography of the Austrian Alps serves as an immersive backdrop to the Stantons' journey. The breathtaking landscapes juxtaposed against the family's emotional turmoil create a palpable tension throughout the film. The directors expertly utilize visual cues to enhance the narrative, drawing viewers deeper into the story.

Downhill's soundtrack plays a pivotal role in setting the tone of the film. The haunting melodies of the score heighten the emotions portrayed on screen, intensifying the audience's connection to the characters. You can listen to and download these captivating sounds here.

In its exploration of marriage, family dynamics, and the intricacies of the human psyche, Downhill offers a thought-provoking and unforgettable experience. With its stellar cast and compelling storytelling, the film captivates viewers, encouraging them to reflect on their own lives and relationships.

Whether you are a fan of intense dramas or simply appreciate exceptional performances, Downhill is a must-watch film. It serves as a powerful reminder that life's unexpected events have the potential to unravel even the strongest bonds, but also provide an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

So sit back, press play, and allow yourself to be transported to the captivating world of Downhill. Experience the thrill, the heartache, and above all, the indomitable spirit of human resilience.

A legal matter between us.
A little crowded, huh? (CHUCKLES)
A lot. 'Cause his dad died about eight months ago.
About not wanting kids, but me...
About, uh, when we were having lunch, remember?
Actually, I saw a leaflet
Adventure, yes?
Ah, ah, ah.
Ah, yes. Yes, there is a seat belt.
Ah. There are my gloves.
Ah. Yes.
All good, I hope.
All right, but we're not looking for them
All right, guys. Have fun.
All right, I'm sorry.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Well, we still have the rest of the afternoon.
All their other senses get more intense?
Almost like an avalanche.
American blue.
And "no thank you for your time" from me. (CHUCKLES)
And actually, I'm very good at it.
And after, he just threw them right into the dishwasher.
And bring another round for me and my friends, yes.
And by that afternoon,
And do you know what he said to me?
And even when we came to visit,
And following Rosie's lead,
And get something from the buffet.
And having sex with guests...
And he had jumped up and grabbed his phone.
And he put them up there,
And he slid the thing back on him.
And he would never see me again.
And how our sons look at me.
And I asked him, "Do you use those for every day?"
And I certainly don't know the woman.
And I didn't leave you to be buried.
And I don't want to mess that up.
And I guess...
And I have to go to the bathroom.
And I look over at Pete...
And I love to paint.
And I'm happy with mine.
And I've just been relinquishing all of this...
And in the summer, my husband and I have the farm.
And it did not look like it was gonna stop.
And it turns out that he and his girlfriend, Rosie,
And it's so good for me, 'cause you know me, Pete.
And just orders soup.
And just wait, you know?
And let's not watch people sleep. I don't like that.
And now, Guglielmo will be your instructor.
And oh, my God, I'm still there.
And science made us parents.
And she is my hero.
And she just said something about the weather changing.
And she showed me around.
And so that's what I've been doing,
And so what do you say now, Finn?
And suddenly, this wall of snow
And that's going down.
And that's why we're here.
And the kids stop screaming.
And the kids were screaming.
And then after that if you want to be solo,
And then I should...
And then I went to get help.
And then it was over, and it was fine.
And then maybe later, you boys can watch a movie,
And then Pete comes back...
And then the avalanche was coming...
And then we can get in some practice runs,
And then we can have some of those yummy pastries at 4:00.
And then we just said, you know,
And then we'll still be hungry for dinner.
And then you texted and here we are.
And then, before I go to bed, I'm thinking,
And there was this huge bang.
And there's something about the weather changing!
And we find some good powder?
And we were too far away.
And we're okay, we realize. We're okay.
And we've been having a great time.
And whatever other fellow you happen...
And when I made sure that everyone was okay,
And where is your team?
And why stop at decent?
And you and I can have some time.
And you both have to be in the same story.
And you don't need sex to make the babies, yeah?
And you guys go ahead and pick something right here.
And you have a good day on the mountain?
And you will want to party all night.
And your husband is cool with that?
And, I mean, no agenda's
And, sir, I don't wanna make this
And, uh, I am the only child of a single mom...
And, um, can you say what happened next?
And, um, there might have been some shrooms
Any of that sound good?
Any warnings posted anywhere.
Anyway, so I throw my arms around my children...
Anyway, so then, um, moments pass...
Are American blue. European red.
Are there other kids around here?
Are we going to a different mountain?
Are we, um...
Are you happy?
As in?
Asking about Ischgl and where we're staying, so...
At all. I mean, it was something.
At that age, they rarely bother with the English.
Bars, soda machines, toilets.
Because Daddy was having too much fun.
Because if you can't...
Because it felt like this was it.
Because it's very...
Because mine is true and not dumb.
Because other people felt exactly the same way.
Because that is for me.
Because you didn't puke or anything.
Because your coffee is hot, madam.
Because, um, he could make it away,
Being with Rosie is like that.
Billie and I didn't even think of doing it
Billie, hold on. I mean, there was a moment.
Billie, I can accept your version of the truth.
Billie, I spent two grand on this, okay?
Billie, just listen to me.
Billie, no.
Billie, yes, they called.
BILLIE: All right, lookit, guys,
BILLIE: And Finn?
BILLIE: Are you all right?
BILLIE: Buongiorno to you.
BILLIE: Can you say that again?
BILLIE: Come on, guys, say "Austria!"
BILLIE: Hang on a second.
BILLIE: He's fine.
BILLIE: Hello?
BILLIE: Hey, boys, we're leaving in five.
BILLIE: Hey, Pete?
BILLIE: Honey, have you noticed
BILLIE: I knew you were gonna pick up on that. (LAUGHS)
BILLIE: It becomes a thing and, yeah.
BILLIE: It's fine!
BILLIE: Just come on out here for a sec. Um...
BILLIE: Like that? EMERSON: Closer together?
BILLIE: Look at this.
BILLIE: Me too.
BILLIE: Morning.
BILLIE: No, I don't wanna... PETE: I know, but...
BILLIE: No, no, no. Pete, stay where you are.
BILLIE: No, thank you!
BILLIE: Oh, come on.
BILLIE: Oh, I think that this is the line right here.
BILLIE: Oh, no. I think one is fine.
BILLIE: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
BILLIE: Oh, you guys. PETE: Hey.
BILLIE: Oh. Great.
BILLIE: Oh. Okay.
BILLIE: Peter!
BILLIE: Right?
BILLIE: Right.
BILLIE: The sun is really poking out now.
BILLIE: What happened here?
BILLIE: What I'm saying is what I don't want.
BILLIE: Yeah, because he did.
BILLIE: Yeah, it's lively.
BILLIE: Yeah, maybe.
BILLIE: Yeah. Good.
Billie? Billie, stop.
Boom. Exactly.
BOTH: "Every day is all we have."
Boy, you really get right in there, don't you?
But as far as you and I are concerned,
But can you wait for me at the top? Okay?
But everyone was safe, yeah?
But for now, yeah. Yeah, we're good.
But here is better. It's lively.
But I didn't even have to go blind.
But I do.
But I think you need to know
But I won't. And I wouldn't.
But I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong.
But just to be clear,
But that doesn't excuse why he ran away
But the other parts, oh, no.
But we got over it
But we're here and they're upstairs watching a movie.
But what I mean is, is that in a relationship,
But you can't forget about you.
But you must promise me.
But you're married. Is that right?
But, went back home for the funeral,
But, you know, I think...
But, you know, just teaching feeds my soul.
Bye bye. Have fun.
Call people names.
Can I just say something? Please?
Can we go up by ourselves?
Can we just have screen time back at our hotel?
Can you run in ski boots?
Capable of...
CHARLIE: I didn't think we're getting married.