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"Soul" is a captivating and thought-provoking animated movie that was released in 2020. Directed by Pete Docter and co-directed by Kemp Powers, this Disney-Pixar masterpiece takes audiences on a profound journey exploring the existential question of what gives life meaning.

The main character, Joe Gardner, is voiced by the talented Jamie Foxx. Joe is a middle-school music teacher with a passionate love for jazz. However, his true dream is to become a professional jazz musician. Fate takes a wild turn when Joe gets the opportunity to play with the renowned jazz saxophonist Dorothea Williams, voiced by Angela Bassett. Overjoyed by this chance, Joe's life takes an unexpected twist.

As the story unfolds, Joe finds himself in "The Great Before," a mystical place where souls are given their personalities and passions before they begin their journey on Earth. Here Joe meets the adorable and imaginative soul named 22, hilariously voiced by Tina Fey. Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the meaning of life, passion, and what truly makes a soul find its purpose.

The movie's remarkable animation brings to life the vibrant and diverse streets of New York City, providing a rich backdrop for Joe's extraordinary adventure. The attention to detail and depth within each frame is breathtaking, immersing audiences into the story's emotional and philosophical depths.

The film brilliantly tackles profound themes such as dreaming big, finding one's purpose, and the beauty of life's simple joys. It encourages viewers to reflect on their own passions, aspirations, and the importance of cherishing every moment.

Accompanying the stunning animation is an incredible soundtrack composed by Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, and Jon Batiste. The music enhances the movie's narrative, blending jazz-influenced melodies with ethereal and introspective compositions. From soulful ballads to energetic jazz performances, the soundtrack captures the essence of the characters' emotional journeys and adds an extra layer of depth to the story.

Fortunately, you can play and download these extraordinary sounds at your convenience, allowing you to relive the emotions and immerse yourself in the soul-stirring melodies whenever and wherever you like.

"Soul" is a powerful and visually stunning film that touches the hearts of viewers of all ages. Through its captivating storyline, impressive animation, and an unforgettable soundtrack, it reminds us to seek joy in the simple moments, follow our passions, and value the beauty of life's purpose.

So go ahead, press play and let the sounds of "Soul" transport you to a world where the meaning of life unravels, and where every note resonates deep within your soul.

A full time job.
A guy on the subway yelled at me. It was scary.
A guy who can help. A guy like you.
A lot of it. Okay?
A mile in my shoes, you could say.
A next of kin or friend?
A spark isn't a soul's purpose.
Abraham Lincoln, and Mother Teresa.
Ah, I was afraid of this. Go ahead and sit down.
Ah! (SPITS) Spicy! Spicy!
Ah. Must have been sudden for you.
All my troubles are going to be fixed.
All new souls are given unique and individual personalities.
All right, all right. Easy on the hysterics.
All right. All right. Where's this guy you know?
All that stuff is in your body.
All you make are bad decisions.
Am I close? When can I jump in?
An old fashioned astral transmigration displacement.
Anchors away!
And also quickly. And quietly as well.
And being a professional musician isn't it.
And for correcting our absent minded mistakes
And get to the club early.
And has had such notable mentors as Gandhi,
And he's playing these chords with fourths on it,
And I count every single one of 'em.
And I have never felt this close.
And I know Dad felt the same way.
And I swear, the next thing I know...
And I wanna keep it that way, okay?
And I wanted to learn...
And I was about to find my spark!
And I wouldn't be mad
And I'll just take that back.
And I'm gonna find ya.
And I've heard music before, but I've never felt like this inside.
And I've never been able to get it to change.
And I've never seen anything that's made me want to live.
And if Connie can find something she loves here,
And if you don't go with me,
And if you think that's good, just imagine what it tastes like.
And it feels like you're in another place?
And it's a glorious ritual, indeed,
And it's not worth the trouble.
And just think,
And just what is this spark?
And Lord knows we need more teachers in this world.
And maybe sky watching can be my spark.
And maybe you can listen to it and tell me to quit after, okay?
And now that 22 has technically lived, she's become one of them.
And second, music and life operate by very different rules.
And setting the count right,
And she's not gonna like it.
And stay away!
And tell her that we're not crazy.
And that won't occur
And that's Dreamerwind Dreamerdreamer.
And that's the last place I wanted to be.
And that's where you come in.
And that's why I became a jazz musician.
And then with the minor...
And then, like, once a week,
And then, you come along. Your life is sad and pathetic.
And we all think you're doing a wonderful job,
And we're kickin' off our tour with a show at The Half Note tonight.
And what about you? I thought you hated Earth.
And you 12 will be self absorbed.
And you are the least remarkable soul I've ever met.
And you did amazing things,
And you're working so hard to get back to it.
And, the thing is
ANNOUNCER: And the Knicks lose another one.
Anyone could play in a band if they wanted to.
Anyway, I never got my spark.
Appearing in a form your feeble human brain can comprehend.
Are you kidding me? Congratulations, man. Wow!
At least give it a chance, Joey.
Back here tonight. First show's at 9:00.
Because I have piano.
Because it seems like no matter what I do, you disapprove.
Because mine is piano.
Because she loves to play.
Because we're running out of time.
Because you have no purpose.
Been waiting a long time for this.
Between life and death.
Binaca breath spray? Cheap cologne?
BJORN: That's great progress.
BJORN: These past few weeks, I have seen such growth.
Black improvisational music.
BOTH: Yes, ma'am!
BOY: Way to go!
Breathe into your crown chakra.
Bring your good scissors in here. We got work to do.
But don't worry, forgetting the trauma of childbirth
But here's what we're gonna do.
But how do you figure out what that thing is?
But I am most definitely savin' lives.
But I can't pass for you in front of all your friends.
But I kind of liked that, too.
But I never planned on cuttin' heads for a livin'.
But I'm glad you did this time.
But if this cat don't chill,
But it is nice to finally talk to you about something other than jazz, Joe.
But it's not often we find ourselves inspired.
But once I get on the stage tonight,
But perhaps if we travel to a thin spot...
But seriously, stay away from those processed foods.
But that I absolutely deserve.
But that's Earth's problem.
But then I see this guy,
But then she didn't.
But then you showed me about purpose and passion,
But this time, just sit there, get the cut, and get out.
But we gotta get this thing to change first,
But what about Terry?
But what... What filled in the last box?
But when that joy becomes an obsession, one becomes disconnected from life.
But will you try?
But you cannot be seen.
But you're right,
But, hey, when you get back to the You Seminar,
But, Joe,
But, Marge, look! I put this man's soul in a cat.
By anyone.
By the way, why do you sound like a middle aged white lady?
Call me Joe, Dorothea.
Can we have one more minute to go back and try breakdancer?
Can you help me get back?
Can you help me?
Can you tell me what day it is?
Carl Jung already tried that.
Check this out.
Clean yourself up, put on a killer suit,
Close your eyes.
Come back when you have something.
Come back, 22. It's me, Joe.
Come here right now.
Come on, don't you want to fill out your pass?
Come on, let's go. They could be here any second.
Come on, little souls, get on up here.
Come on.
Come on. I know all about sparks.
Come to Terry.
Connie knows what I mean. Right, Connie?
CONNIE: Band is a stupid waste of time.
CONNIE: Bye, Mr G.
CONNIE: I came to tell you that I quit.
COUNSELOR JERRY A: Don't worry. Calm down.
COUNSELOR JERRY A: I knew you could do it.
COUNSELOR JERRY A: Joe, it's time for you
COUNSELOR JERRY A: Whoa, watch out!
COUNSELOR JERRY B: Go ahead, you two.
COUNSELOR JERRY B: This is cray cray.
COUNSELOR JERRY B: You will go to Earth
COUNSELOR JERRY D: ...and join us inside.
COUNSELOR JERRY D: All righty, mentors.
COUNSELOR JERRY D: Take it easy.
CREATURE: Make a trade, make a trade, make a trade!
CREATURE: Make a trade.
CREATURE: Make a trade. Make a trade.
Croissants, cakes. Baking could be your spark.
Curley, I made it. I'm ready to go.
CURLEY: Hey, Dorothea.
CURLEY: Hey, Mr G, it's Curley. Um... (SIGHS)
CURLEY: Look, honestly,
CURLEY: Oh, okay, Mr Gardner.
CURLEY: Oh, well, this could be your lucky day.
Curley! Uh... No, no.
DANCERSTAR: Let's get this lost soul back home.
Devoted to helping the lost souls of Earth find their way.
Dez is the only one that I talk to.
Did you hear that?
Do we really need all this?
Do you have a moment?
Do you have a piano on board? I could focus with that.
Doc, you gotta help me. That's my body, but I'm trapped...
Does this gig have a pension? Health insurance?
Does this mean I'm dead?
Don't let people see your butt!
Don't pay Paul any mind.
Don't play dumb with me.
Don't worry about it.
Don't worry, I'm okay.
Don't worry, Mom, I got a plan.
Don't worry. I'll make sure no one else sees me.
Dorothea freaked out when she saw you, and she called this other guy, Robert.
Dorothea Williams! Are you kidding me?
Dorothea Williams! Can you believe it?
Dorothea Williams? That's big time, Joe.
DOROTHEA: Is that Teach?
Dr Börgensson is a world renowned child psychologist
Dr Börgensson will be matched with soul number 22.
Easy, 22, easy.
Even though I can't feel it, please don't touch me.
Every day the same thing, day in and day out.
Exactly. Wait. How do you know all that?
Except you. I don't like you.
Featuring a selection of moments from your own inspiring life.
Feels like you're in the zone, right?
Fine, we'll get the suit off the rack somewhere.
Fine, we'll get the suit off the rack somewhere.
For a time, I was a lost soul myself.
For observation. Just for a bit.
For what?
Forget class. I'm in a different class.
Forgot my sax, Mr G.