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Sons of the Desert

Sons of the Desert

Sons of the Desert is a classic comedy film released in 1933, directed by William A. Seiter. This delightful movie stars the legendary duo of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, known as Laurel and Hardy, in the leading roles. The film takes its title from a fraternal organization within the story, where the two main characters, Stan and Ollie, desperately seek to attend the annual convention being held in Chicago.

The storyline of Sons of the Desert revolves around Stan and Ollie's attempts to deceive their respective wives and attend the convention, despite being forbidden. The hilarity ensues when their plans go awry, leading to a series of comical situations that keep the audience in stitches from start to finish. The chemistry between Laurel and Hardy is palpable and their impeccable timing ensures that every joke lands perfectly.

The supporting cast of Sons of the Desert includes the talented actors Charley Chase as Jimmy Jump, the friend who tries to help Stan and Ollie deceive their wives, and Mae Busch and Dorothy Christy as the respective wives who become suspicious of their husband's activities. Each actor brings their unique comedic talent to the film, adding to the overall charm and humor.

The movie's success lies in its ability to combine slapstick comedy with relatable situations, making it a favorite amongst audiences of its time and continuing to entertain viewers even today. The duo's distinctive comedic style, where physical gags are blended with clever wordplay, continues to captivate audiences. Sons of the Desert showcases the talents of Laurel and Hardy at their absolute best, proving why they are considered one of the greatest comedy duos in cinematic history.

In addition to the film itself, Sons of the Desert has also spawned a fan club dedicated to the enduring legacy of Laurel and Hardy. Founded in 1965, The International Sons of the Desert is a tribute to the iconic duo and their impact on comedy. The club organizes conventions, screenings, and events around the world, celebrating the timeless humor and laughter that Laurel and Hardy have brought to countless generations.

For fans looking to relive the magic of Sons of the Desert, the film is readily available for viewing and downloading. Numerous platforms offer access to this comedic gem, allowing old and new fans alike to appreciate the comedic genius of Laurel and Hardy. Whether it's their exasperated facial expressions, their perfectly executed physical comedy, or their ability to turn mundane situations into uproarious laughter, Sons of the Desert showcases why Laurel and Hardy are beloved by audiences around the globe.

So, if you're in need of a good laugh or simply want to experience the charm and wit of classic comedy, give Sons of the Desert a watch. Join Stan and Ollie on their misadventures and get ready to loosen up your funny bone. With an incredible cast, timeless jokes, and the infectious charisma of Laurel and Hardy, this film is a true comedic masterpiece that continues to bring smiles to faces nearly a century after its initial release.

A voyage to Honolulu is the only cure for your husband.
Afraid of what?
All of me!
Aloha! Baby's here!
Aloha! Baby's here!
Alright, alright.
Alright, go ahead and tell her. What do you think..?
Alright, have it your own way.
Alright, I'll meet you outside.
Alright, I'll show you.
Alright, sweetheart. You always know what's best.
Alright, who is it?
Alright. Ooh!
And besides, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
And do you appreciate it? Do you? Ha, ha!
And furthermore, you're making a big mistake.
And he thought you ought to have a doctor.
And remember: once taken, this oath has never been broken by any man,
And Stan and I are going.
And the change of climate will be good for us in a good many ways.
And you used to pump the organ, remember? You little organ pumper, you!
Are you telling me the truth?
Are you trying to infer that my husband alone was the cause of this?
Baby's home, sugar!
Be a man. I'll see you in the morning.
Be careful! Do you want them to hear us?
Besides being good for us in a business way.
Betty has gone duck hunting and won't be home until late.
Betty said that honesty was the best politics.
Betty, I could have sworn I heard that door close.
Brothers, Sons of the Desert.
But Doctor, wouldn't the mountains do as well?
But he can't go to the mountains. He took an oath.
But I can't go to Honolulu alone. I've got to have someone to take care of me.
But why do you want to go to Honolulu?
But you're going to the mountains with me!
By the way, what part of California are you fellows from?
Can you beat that? I'm sure glad we didn't go.
Can you take it? Say, boys, come on!
Certainly, life isn't short enough.
Charlie tells me you're from Los Angeles. What part?
Come here, dear. Sit down there.
Come in.
Come on, Stanley.
Come on, Stanley.
Come on!
Come on! Get going! Hurry up!
Come over to my table and have a drink.
Convention! You'll go to the convention over my dead body.
Do you all swear to be present at our 87th annual convention in Chicago?
Do you know that's my wife?
Do you mind if Stanley stays with us until Betty comes home?
Do you realise that you have locked me out?
Do you think a story like that could come from my mind if it wasn't the truth? It's ridiculous!
Doctor, I'm so glad you're here. My husband's been suffering terribly.
Don't forget, you and I have a little argument to settle. After that, you can do as you please.
Don't get nervous. She'll be here in a minute.
Don't sit there looking at me. Do something to help me! Get me some rope.
Don't talk that way! You give me the jitters!
Don't tell him anything.
Don't worry about me. I've got my gun and I've never missed yet.
Don't worry, dear. Let's think for the best.
Don't worry, Lottie. Maybe they're not as bad off as we think.
Don't you understand that this is only a subterfuge?
Don't you worry about it.
Down through the centuries of time, in the history of this fraternal organisation.
Eh... Goodbye, sugar.
Every man must be accounted for.
Every man must do his part. There must be no weaklings in our midst.
Every man should be the king in his own castle!
Extra paper! Get your evening paper!
For gentlemen, this, the oldest lodge in the Great Order of the Sons of the Desert
For the meticulous care with which you have executed your finely formulated machinations
Get me out of here!
Get out of my way!
Get that thermometer.
Get that thing out of here! Oh, I'm so sorry, darling.
Get that thing out of the way!
Get that!
Get up!
Give me a hand with the spring.
Go ahead and tell her.
Go on. Get down. Go on.
Good night, I'll run along. If they come here first, give me a call.
Good. Did you fix it with him to tell me that I have to go to Honolulu for my nerves?
Great gag, huh? Great gag.
Have a cigarette.
Have a cigarette.
Have courage, Lottie. Let's not think of the worst.
He could be having such a good time instead of being in that awful shipwreck.
He didn't want me to tell you, but he's awfully worried about you
He had just as much to do with it as my Oliver did.
He told me to tell you we were sinking in that shipwreck.
He will please be seated.
He wouldn't leave that ship until everybody was saved.
He's been eating that phoney fruit.
He's going to be alright. Yes, he is.
Hello? Hello?
Hello? Hello? Hello?
Hello? So this is Charlie's sweet little sister.
Help me get out of here!
Help, help, help!
Here I am, slaving day after day, washing and ironing 'til my fingers bleed.
Here you are, old man. Just keep the change.
Hey, here they are now! Where's that gun?
Hey, I bet you don't grow flowers there that smell like this.
Hey, waiter! A bottle of champagne!
Hey, waiter! Another bottle of bubble water. I'll be right back!
Hey, what's the laugh? I don't get it.
Hey! Isn't she a ''Dob''?
Hey! Kitty, kitty, kitty! Boo, boo, boo, boo!
Hey! Oh, no, no, no... That's still going to go on the floor.
Hold this while I get some rope.
Honest confession is good for the soul. Is Oliver telling the truth?
Honolulu liner sinking! Extra!
How about you and me going to the mountains?
How are we going to get to a hotel?
How did you get in there?
I admit that he lied, but there is one thing that I do know.
I can't believe it!
I didn't think his religion would make any difference.
I do feel hot. You'd better take my temperature.
I do!
I feel as if they were hovering right over me!
I feel just like I know you.
I fight crowds in department stores, dying of the heat,
I forgot to tell you. I asked Betty and she said that I could go.
I go places and do things and then tell my wife.
I have the strangest feeling. I...
I hope you have a nice time, dear.
I just read it. What are we going to do?
I know she went out, but what I'd like to know is where did she went!
I know, I'm doing the best I can.
I may not be king of my castle, but I certainly wouldn't allow my wife to wear any pants.
I never realised that such a deplorable condition existed in your home.
I repeat. This oasis must face the situation with determination.
I sure will! What's the address?
I think he's suffering from a nervous shakedown.
I think I'd better go and get some dry clothes on.
I want this understood once and for all!
I was afraid that if I took the oath to go to the convention, maybe my wife wouldn't let me go.
I was looking for Betty and came in the back way. I thought...
I won't go to Honolulu.
I wonder what could be the matter with me.
I wouldn't be a bit surprised.
I wouldn't have gone through this horrible experience.
I'd hate to think what would happen if he ever did.
I'd just love to have you meet my husband.
I'd like to see my old woman throwing things around.
I'd say... Hello, honey.
I'll bet you can't guess who this is!
I'll put you in jail first. And you, too!
I'll show you, you Son of the Desert. Go to a convention, will you? Ha, ha!
I'll telephone the steamship company and ask if they've got a list of survivors.
I'll tell Betty that I caught you smoking a cigarette.
I'll tell you why. So you won't be ashamed of me.
I'm a very bad sailor and I can't stand the water.
I'm dyingto hear Oliver's story.
I'm going to call her up long distance and disguise my voice so she won't know who it is!
I'm going to the convention.
I'm in Chicago. They're throwing a convention for me.
I'm just going all to pieces!
I'm not going to sit here all night and catch pneumonia.
I'm not going to the convention, I'm going to the mountains.
I'm not kidding! If you don't believe me, go in and ask them.
I'm so sorry, darling. I'm so sorry.
I'm the boss in this house, and when I say I'm going to the convention, I'm going...
I've got a great idea for a gag. Know what I'll do?
I've got a sister who lives out there.
I've planned a vacation for you in the mountains, at a nice resort
If any member is doubtful of his strength to keep this solemn pledge,
If I didn't ask her, I wouldn't know what she wanted me to do.
If I didn't know that Oliver was in Honolulu, I'd swear that was him on the phone.
If I have to go to Honolulu alone, he's going with me!
If my ball and chain ever talked to me... If she even dared to raise her...
If they had, they'd be up here. To catch a Hardy they have to get up very early in the morning.
If we had...
If you can't go, sugar, I'lljust stay at home and suffer.
If you go downstairs and spill the beans,
If you think you're gallivanting off with a lot of hoodlums,
If you're not careful she'll get the upper hand of you, mark my words.
In extricating us from this devastating dilemma.
Is he?
It looks to me like a severe nervous breakdown.
It might be double canis deliris.
It would have to be broken for generations of centuries of hundreds of years.
It's all my fault!
It's disgraceful. I never heard of such goings off... on.
It's made of wax!
It's probably our imagination. We're both so nervous and upset.
It's the first time he ever did, and if it wasn't for your husband's bad influence
It's the idea of them making a sucker out of me. That's what burns me up.
It's your little brother Charlie.
Jack who?
Just because I'm an unselfish, what does it get me? Working for you and your interests!
Just wait 'til I get back home and I'll show youwho the truthful one is.
Just wait 'til you get back home, you inflated tadpole.
Killing myself trying to get a nice mountain outfit together! Why? Why?!
Let these fellows have a chance. Come on!
Listen, darling. I'll get you some aspirin. Oh, and I'll get you some more hot water.
Listen, I want you to talk to a fellow from Los Angeles. A swell guy.