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The Harder They Fall

The Harder They Fall

The Harder They Fall is a gripping and intense film that delves into the dark world of professional boxing. Released in 1956, this movie explores the corrupt and often brutal nature of the sport, leaving no punches pulled. With a stellar cast and a powerful storyline, The Harder They Fall remains a timeless classic. You can watch and download this iconic film's sounds here.

Directed by Mark Robson, The Harder They Fall showcases the incredible talent of its cast. Humphrey Bogart, one of Hollywood's greatest actors, delivers a remarkable performance as Eddie Willis, a down-on-his-luck sportswriter who gets drawn into the seedy underbelly of boxing. Known for his tough-guy persona, Bogart effortlessly portrays the complexities of his character, capturing both the vulnerability and resilience of Eddie.

In addition to Bogart, the film features a stellar supporting cast. Rod Steiger, recognized for his versatility, flawlessly portrays Nick Benko, a conniving fight promoter who will stop at nothing for a quick buck. Steiger's portrayal of Benko is menacing and unpredictable, adding an extra layer of tension to the already gripping narrative.

Aldo Ray plays the role of Toro Moreno, a simple-hearted but formidable heavyweight boxer who becomes the target of Benko's manipulation. Ray's performance successfully showcases the complexity of Toro's character, highlighting his innocence and naiveté as he navigates the treacherous world of professional boxing.

Another notable member of the cast is Jan Sterling, who plays Beth Willis, Eddie's compassionate and resilient wife. Sterling's portrayal of Beth brings an emotional grounding to the film, providing a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness. Beth's unwavering support for Eddie serves as a reminder of the strength and determination that can be found even in the most challenging of circumstances.

What sets The Harder They Fall apart from other boxing films of its time is its unflinching depiction of the darker side of the sport. Based on the critically acclaimed novel by Budd Schulberg, this hard-hitting drama reveals the corruption and exploitation that often takes place behind the scenes. Through the eyes of Eddie, the audience is given a glimpse into the cruel world of fixers, crooked promoters, and money-hungry individuals who see boxing as nothing more than a lucrative business.

The film tackles themes of morality, integrity, and the human spirit's will to survive against all odds. It exposes the vulnerability of those caught in a web of deceit and exploitation, while also illustrating the redemptive power of standing up for what is right.

With its gritty cinematography and powerful dialogue, The Harder They Fall keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. Its realistic portrayal of the boxing world, combined with stellar performances, earned the film critical acclaim upon its release. It serves as both a cautionary tale and a reflection of the socio-political climate of the era.

If you are a fan of classic films or interested in the dark underbelly of professional boxing, The Harder They Fall is an absolute must-see. You can immerse yourself in the captivating performances and gripping storyline by watching and downloading the sounds of this iconic film here. Get ready to be transported to a world of corruption, betrayal, and the fight for redemption.

A badge,
A freshly minted bank robber, face up on wanted posters all over the territory.
A lot of men be fixin', son.
A man so crooked that even the government is embarrassed by his misdeeds.
A mayor?
A motherfucker wanna pull Cherokee Bill out they ass.
A new day is dawning.
A new man.
A rock and a hard place is what we call Monday.
A snake,
About the age of ten years old,
About the same age you was...
Ain't been much of a gang since you left.
Ain't no coming back from this.
Ain't nobody leave town until we collect it all.
Ain't nobody scared of you and ain't nobody runnin'.
Ain't none of them left.
Ain't nothing but a flesh wound. Maggie ain't ready for me today.
Ain't that right, Wiley?
Ain't the enemy of my enemy my friend?
Ain't what it look like. It's what it can buy you.
All comes down to who fast and who ain't, right?
All of 'em screamin' and cryin',
All of it.
All of you. This ain't your fight.
All right, everybody...
All right, fellas.
All right, look here. You made a deal with the Devil.
All right, stay calm, everybody. Don't... Hey, don't touch nothin'.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Tell your mama you rich now! Go ahead!
All right. Where?
All the gangs are gettin' set to ride for him again.
All them tricks'll get you killed, son.
All y'all die.
Allow me the latitude of completion.
Almost, 'cause you didn't get the last one, did you?
Also, I'm not a bastard.
Always teasing her about how thin and frail she was.
Always was in pain, but she'd never let me see her cry.
An atom shall suffice to shatter me."
And ain't a n**** from here to Africa gonna know we even exist.
And as long as that so, ain't nothing I won't do to see it through.
And for what?
And go back to whatever it is you call home?
And handle our business.
And he had a son,
And he turned his wrath on me.
And I reckon he'll be back there again soon enough.
And I see the line that you won't cross.
And I'm both.
And if you fail to comply,
And it hit my sister in the head and knocked her out of balance.
And it wouldn't come near to that.
And maybe your damsel will live a little longer.
And my ears tell me you just lost 25 thou that was coming your way.
And my mother was a good woman before you cut 'em down.
And now that...
And that's it?
And that's one thing he ain't have.
And the collection.
And the first tune is called...
And the marshal say, "Don't nobody come in here gunned up,
And them goddamn gold teeth.
And then the next time I seen my sister,
And there was Hope standing there laughin' her ugly fuckin' face off.
And there was Hope...
And there's y'all.
And we ain't teaming up, old man.
And we done already hurt a couple people.
And we take the rest of them teeth.
And we'll never know who the fastest really is now, will we?
And what about the Nat Love Gang?
And you buy that ranch you always blabbing about. Hmm?
And you callin' me a fool?
And you die right after.
And you done come here alone?
And you fools took his money.
And you think you can roll into my town and take what belong to me?
And you will add $10,000 on top of that. We'll call that interest.
And you?
And you...
And you'll have nothing.
And, well, I'd recommend a bank in Jericho or maybe Redwood for that.
Another round.
Any bullets coming through that door will hit him first, okay?
Any word on the take from the Kansas City bank?
Anybody try to follow me,
Apologize for the beating.
Apparently, you and your men wiped out an entire town,
Apple in one hand, blade in the other.
Are part of a new Rufus Buck Gang, Nat.
Are there any more soldiers on that car?
Are you a resident of Redwood, ma'am?
As by now you have doubtless learned,
As I did, all I could ever think about is wanting my father to pay for what he did.
As I shall become unnecessary,
As long as that man draw breath,
At least I know enough to get mine and get out.
Bass Reeves.
Be patient.
Be that as it may, seven seconds.
Beckwourth was faster.
Before I finish my steak.
Before you put two in they back.
Besides, Monroe said Cherokee Bill run with Rufus.
Better than you sons of bitches
Big fat kid, always picking on the smaller kids.
Bless our hearts and all that we do, O Lord,
Bless this food into our bodies, O Lord.
Blow that bitch, Bill!
Bought me another one in the Elks, and I got a restaurant in Cascade too.
Broke her ankle.
But a scorpion?
But be gone before sunup.
But he got himself thrown in jail once before,
But I ain't never been able to wait to see if the motherfucker true.
But I believe in what you're doing.
But I didn't get to be Stagecoach Mary Fields
But I got somebody to shoot.
But I'm afraid the outcome is still the outcome.
But in order for us to do that, it's necessary that we levy a tax.
But it weren't enough.
But know this.
But not till the dust settles. I'm here till then.
But not yet.
But she ain't never fuck with me though.
But that'd be like asking you to run go fetch your daddy.
But they were ambushed before they got here.
But we not gonna die.
But what I got to show you can't wait.
But who knows?
But you better. You gonna surpass even me because...
But you cut yourself a deal, wound up wearing a badge instead.
But you didn't.
But you don't have to be.
But you get no words from me.
But you know as well as I do how much that's worth.
But you rob them that do, which is all the same to me.
But you stay,
But you wouldn't know anything about that.
But you've got something we want. We've got a soldier that you want.
But your boss won't see one red cent of that money.
But, Nat, I also agree with you telling the marshal
By your one time sheriff, Wiley Escoe.
Cathay Williams.
Changed his name to "Love."
Check your gun belt.
Cherokee Bill, Ms. Smith, top of the morning to you both.
Close fucking shave!
Close shave.
Come again.
Come in.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Giddyap. Go.
Correction. Who you done fucked with.
Count down from five?
Cuff, clean this man up.
Cuffee my real name.
Cut him down.
Daddy was speechless.
Damned if I know.
Devil's white.
Disease had killed her.
Do you think I'm stupid enough
Do you think you can hold onto this place when it hit?
Don't even look like much.
Don't miss.
Don't nobody take what I got coming to me.
Easy, Jim.
Either they can't see it or they don't want to.
Enough for a small army.
Even the Devil needed money, right?
Evening, gent. Kindly check your weapon and enjoy the festivities.
Evening, gents. Kindly check your weapons and enjoy your evening.
Evening, sir. Check your weapon with me and enjoy what's left of the night.
Ever cross your mind why you was given the task
Every gunhand in the territory's gonna recognize you
Every sin you made, every bank you robbed, everybody you killed.
Every time I speak on my speed,
Everybody but him.
Everybody in here know who I am.
Everybody knows I'm buying saloons.
Everybody knows it's suicide to take from us.
Everybody out there?
Exactly how many?
Excuse me?
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Exhale, motherfucker.
Father, we are gathered here to share this food in your name.
Figured we going after villains, you'll need 'em.
Folks say you once cut down three men with one bullet.
For a man like him, that's worse than death.
For love?
For Mary.
For others to follow.
For the sum of all that, I could take this one off your hands.
From here to Texas.
Fuck it.
Full pardon for Mr. Buck and all his associates for all misdeeds.
Get 'em over to Doc Brown's.
Get all the customers over there.
Get her up.