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The Wicker Man

The Wicker Man

The Wicker Man is a cult classic horror film that was released in 1973. Directed by Robin Hardy and written by Anthony Shaffer, this British movie quickly gained a dedicated following due to its eerie atmosphere and chilling storyline.

The cast of The Wicker Man includes renowned actors such as Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, and Britt Ekland. Edward Woodward portrays Sergeant Neil Howie, a devoutly Christian police officer who receives an anonymous letter about a missing girl on the remote Scottish island of Summerisle. As he investigates the disappearance, he encounters odd and increasingly unsettling rituals conducted by the pagan residents led by Lord Summerisle, played by Christopher Lee. Britt Ekland takes on the role of Willow MacGregor, a seductive innkeeper's daughter who attempts to tempt and distract Sergeant Howie during his investigation.

The film takes viewers on a suspenseful journey as Sergeant Howie delves deeper into the strange traditions and beliefs of the island's inhabitants, ultimately leading to a shocking revelation. The Wicker Man explores themes of religion, sacrifice, and the clash between Christianity and Paganism.

One of the standout elements of The Wicker Man is its haunting soundtrack, composed by Paul Giovanni. The folk-inspired music creates an eerie and unsettling atmosphere that perfectly complements the bizarre events unfolding on the screen. From the haunting chants in "Willow's Song" to the atmospheric sounds of "Gently Johnny," the soundtrack amplifies the sense of dread and mystery surrounding the story.

If you are a fan of The Wicker Man, you can easily play and download these captivating sounds here. Immerse yourself in the eerie ambiance of the film and experience the spine-chilling moments again and again.

The Wicker Man has become a cult classic due to its unique blend of horror and mystery. It has influenced numerous filmmakers and has been praised for its atmospheric storytelling and memorable performances. Despite facing challenges during its initial release, with the original negative being lost and parts of the film being excised, it has garnered a loyal following over time.

The film's unconventional approach to horror, focusing more on psychological unease and suspense rather than gore, has cemented its place as a beloved and influential piece of cinema. The Wicker Man explores the darkness that can hide beneath seemingly idyllic surroundings, instilling a sense of lingering discomfort long after the credits roll.

So, if you haven't seen The Wicker Man yet, or if you're a longtime fan looking to revisit this cinematic gem, be sure to watch it and immerse yourself in its eerie world. Don't forget to check out the soundtrack to enhance your viewing experience, available for playing and downloading here.

A child is reported missing on your island.
A distinguished Victorian scientist, agronomist, free thinker.
A heathen, conceivably, but not, I hope, an unenlightened one.
A holy sacrifice will be offered up jointly to Nuada,
A little child is even better, but not nearly as effective
A man who has come here as a fool.
A man who has come here with the power of a king
A man who would come here as a virgin.
A man who would come here of his own free will.
A martyr's death.
A missing child is always trouble.
Accept our offering!
Accept our sacrifice and make our blossoms fruit.
After all, what girl would not prefer the child of a god
Ah, there's your transport.
All over the earth.
All right.
And after the same manner he also took the cup
And as a Christian, I hope for resurrection.
And as a result of this worship,
And began to change things.
And children dancing naked!
And controlled your every thought and action since you arrived.
And even if you kill me now,
And I am merely your humble acolyte.
And I will charge you with obstruction.
And I will demand a full inquiry takes place
And if anybody, including you, stands in my way,
And it's Rowan. Rowan and the crops failed!
And may I ask,
And next year, no one less than the king of Summerisle himself will do.
And now I find that there is a grave.
And now, for our more dreadful sacrifice
And of a somewhat more serious offering.
And out he comes. There. Now, that didn't hurt much, did it?
And that is her desk, isn't it?
And the ministers fled the island, never to return.
And the warm Gulf Stream that surrounded it.
And then process through the village and the countryside,
And there is brawling in bars, there is indecency in public places,
And there is corruption of the young, and now I see it all stems from here.
And to Avellenau, the beloved goddess of our orchards,
And to rely on it and to appease it where necessary.
And when he had given thanks,
And who but a fool would do that?
And ye shall all die...
And you are the biggest liar of all!
And you can wrap it up any way you like. You are about to commit murder.
And you must be the policeman from the mainland.
And, believe me, Miss Rose, that is a promise.
Animals are fine, but their acceptability is limited.
Another sacrifice for Aphrodite, Willow.
Anyone'd think you didn't want to get better.
Apart from the profuse source of wiry labour that it promised,
As our painstaking researches have revealed.
As promised to us by Our Lord, Jesus Christ!
As promised to us by Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
As symbolising the generative force in nature.
As taking place in the 20th century.
As the right kind of adult.
At first, I'm told there is no such child.
Ave. Aye.
Aye, aye, aye, for everybody.
Aye, aye, it's very nice.
Aye, aye, well, we'll see about that.
Aye, from a can, I suppose.
Aye, it's just most of the food I've had,
Aye, that's right. Sergeant Howie, West Highland constabulary.
Aye, we have one taken at the end of every summer.
Be made aware that here the old gods aren't dead.
Because our crops failed last year.
Because the truth is withered away from the sons of men!
Before marriage.
Broad beans, in their natural state, aren't usually turquoise, are they?
Broome, would you kindly show the Sergeant out?
But don't you see, I'll be missed? They'll come looking for me!
But forgive me. I must get back to my girls. Good morning to you.
But I must remind you, sir, that despite everything you've said,
But it is we who have found you and brought you here,
But later, when the trees starting fruiting, it became a very different matter.
But Rowan is not dead, they've got her hidden somewhere.
But t they are...are naked.
But that of our crops.
But there's no record of Rowan Morrison's death,
But what of the true god
But you will be revered and anointed as a king.
But you will sit with the saints among the elect.
But, of course, to begin with,
By giving them back their joyous old gods,
By representing the law.
By the route which has become sacred to our rite.
C could I have a word with you, please, Miss?
Can I do anything for you, Sergeant?
Can you not see? There is no sun god.
Can't you hear him croaking?
Certainly. Girls, open your desks and take out your exercise books.
Cheer up. Food isn't everything in life, you know.
Chop! Chop! Chop!
Come on. It's through a big tunnel.
Come up, Ash Buchanan.
Course I do.
Cut some capers, man. Use your bladder!
Dear God in Heaven, even these people can't be that mad.
Dear little Rowan.
Desire shall fail!
Did you come over in that aeroplane that I saw flying round?
Did you find the girl?
Do sit down, Sergeant.
Do you have authority?
Do you mean to say you teach the children this stuff?
Don't you see that killing me is not going to bring back your apples?
Down to the beach below the stones,
Enjoy yourself... and him.
Essentially the face of a man incredulous of all human good.
Everywhere I go on this island, it seems to me I find degeneracy.
For a missing child.
For the childish imagination.
For the first time since my grandfather came here.
For those who command the fruit of the Earth.
For you have accepted the role of king for a day,
From Lord Summerisle himself.
From sheep and sea.
Fruit is not meant to be grown on these islands. It's against nature.
Game? What game?
Get out of my way.
Girls, could I have your attention, please?
Girls, get on with your reading.
Give me a glass of whiskey, please.
Go on, man. Tell them. Tell them it won't!
Good afternoon, Sergeant Howie.
Good bye.
Good day to you, sir. I'm the harbour master.
Good day.
Good morning, Sergeant!
Good morning, Sergeant.
Good, good!
Hail the Queen of the May!
Hail, god of the seas!
Have a good flight, then!
Have I made myself quite clear?
Have it transported to the mainland for a pathologist's report.
He broke it and said,
He brought me up the same way,
He had his chance, and in the modern parlance, he blew it.
He's dead. He can't complain.
He's most particular who lands here.
Hear ye the words of the Lord!
Heathens! Bloody heathens!
Hello, sir! Have you lost your bearings?
Hello. You're back early.
Her soul, of course, may even now...
Here you are, you can fill in the ears in grey.
Here, right.
Here, we do not use the word...
Here's your sweet for being a brave girl. Which one would you like?
Hey, you come back here!
Himself the son of a virgin, impregnated, I believe, by a ghost.
How did she die?
How do you do?
How formidably benevolent he seems.
I am a Christian,
I am going to search every house in this place during the next few hours,
I am here to investigate the disappearance of a young girl...
I am not obstructing you, Sergeant.
I do not wish to be disturbed.
I don't know the face either. Do you know her, Kenny?
I don't know. I don't know anything about her. Nothing.
I don't like it here. They're coming. You know what they're going to do?
I don't like to use it on him, really.
I don't need it.
I doubt it, seeing you're all raving mad.
I expect they've all been exported.
I expect you'll be going back today.
I expect you'll be going home tonight?
I found that in Rowan Morrison's grave.
I have a photograph here... Excuse me.
I have come here from the mainland
I I l...just wanted to know why, that's all.
I I'm sorry.
I invited you.
I know it will.
I know your crops failed. I saw the harvest photograph.
I know, but with the Hand of Glory there's no telling when you wake.
I make no such distinction.
I mean, y y you've got f f fake biology, fake religion.
I must say, you are a gallant fellow, Sergeant.
I need to get to my plane.
I need your permission to exhume her body,
I said, come back here!
I see you plant trees on most of the graves here.
I subsequently discover that there is no death certificate.
I suppose you've been getting drunk at your own bar.
I suspect murder and conspiracy to murder.
I tell you no.
I then find that there is, in fact, but that she has been killed.
I think I could turn and live with animals.
I think I'll manage, my lord, but it does seem to shrink a little each year.
I think Rowan Morrison was murdered
I think you all ought to know that I am here on official business.
I think you'd better come with me.
I thought you were gonna come and see me last night.
I trust the sight of the young people refreshes you.
I trust we aren't going to have to let out your costume again this year.
I understand you take the harvest festival photographs every year.
I understand you're looking for a missing girl.
I warn you, one more lie out of you,
I warn you, you're obstructing a police officer.
I was unaware that the police had any authority in matters of education.
I was under the impression I'd already given it to you.
I would like to speak to you outside, Sergeant.
I'd be most grateful if you'd let me know.
I'd like to see the school register, please.