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The Vampire Diaries - Season 7

The Vampire Diaries - Season 7

The Vampire Diaries - Season 7, a television show which aired from 2015 to 2016, takes place in the supernatural town of Mystic Falls. The story follows the lives of the Salvatore brothers, Damon (played by Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (played by Paul Wesley), as they navigate love, loss, and the eternal curse of being vampires. Nina Dobrev stars as Elena Gilbert, the girl who captivates the hearts of both brothers. As the seasons progress, new villains and allies are introduced, shaping the fate of the residents in this thrilling fantasy drama. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of The Vampire Diaries - Season 7 and feel the eerie sounds by playing and downloading them here.

A big part of me wishes my mom was here to see it.
A family meal in peace.
A few weeks ago, you said good bye
A mining fire erupted in the tunnels under the town...
A policy you were willing to break last month.
After uprooting an entire town
All of you...
All right. How about this? New rule...
All right. Well, I'm gonna have to call you back
All those people, none of them even
And allowed us to have actual fun?
And by the third, I remember, you're my best friend,
And everyone wants to know what everyone else is doing.
And everyone's too scared to stop her.
And finds out that Ric died from alcohol poisoning,
And here I thought my future was bleak.
And here we thought we could have
And honestly, neither do I.
And I can't seem to get it out.
And I don't know exactly who's watching out for Bonnie.
And I got to bury all my buddies from the sheriff's department.
And I just don't see a world where
And I will wait for her,
And I'm never gonna stop missing her.
And I'm still deciding if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
And if I have to wait for you, I will.
And if Lily thinks that she can control 5 heretics,
And in return, anyone who trespassed
And in the meantime, we're friends.
And it had its power mysteriously turned back on
And it would all be grand.
And Malcolm, Lily's pet.
And Matt can't think his way out of a paper bag,
And now it's... It's weird.
And one day I would be ready to move on,
And pretend that this never happened.
And see the city like a normal tourist.
And tell her that I have it?
And that if anything ever happened to you I would lose my mind,
And the other one was scorched beyond recognition.
And then got us imprisoned for 100 years.
And then I'm gonna blissfully pass out
And they're still drunk.
And they're willing to tear our town apart
And told us to write everything down
And whose fault is that?
And yet you're the first thing
And you are?
And you didn't even notice.
And you would be?
And you're gonna help me.
And you're one of the few reminders
And, yeah, you're right.
Anything I should know about?
Anyway, I covered Damon, Bonnie, Ric, Matt.
Are we making a huge mistake handing over our hometown
Are you insane? We can't just leave her here.
Are you sure that you want to do this?
Are you sure you don't want to go with her?
Aren't designed to coexist.
As happy as I am for him,
As I read their names and they receive their badges.
As long as you're alive,
As much as we did everything to stop her,
Bad news first.
Beau is not complaining.
Beau, care to join me for a game of backgammon
Beau's mute.
Because I already knew that.
Because it's not your idea,
Because my mother's a lunatic
Because we had a deal...
Because we're governed by a pacifist,
Before I see Elena again?
Before the 1900s, Lily fell in with a group
Bon, if you're gonna be here,
Bonnie, hey!
Bonnie's watching out for Damon,
But by some spectacular miracle,
But hospital policy says
But I don't see that happening anytime soon.
But I lost Elena, too, Damon,
But I think Stefan sacrificed the most.
But if she wakes up and everyone she loves is dead,
But it's recently disappeared again.
But now at the very least, we have a truce.
But she's my mom,
But then you betrayed Kai, he let them out,
But then you just left her there.
But things are getting a little glum around here.
But this is...
But when I'm with you,
But you looked dead.
But you're stuck with me.
But... What you can do is you can forgive yourself
By second number two, I kissed her.
Can I have some details?
Can we focus on revenge, please?
Can you commune with my wife
Can you read German?
Care isn't leaving yet.
Care, we should really go.
Caroline, voice over: As I was saying,
Caroline, voice over: Dear Elena, so remember
Caroline, voice over: Dear Elena...
Caroline, voice over: Lily thought her family
Caroline, voice over: We all gave up a lot
Closed off the town to traffic.
Come here.
Come on, Boonie, it was 3 seconds.
Come on. There's no catch.
Come on. Ugh.
Complete and utter hell.
Damon said the best way to keep his mind off you
Damon... wake up.
Darling, we want nothing more than to believe
Dear Elena, yep,
Dear Elena...
Deputy Cornell Willis.
Deputy Don Morris.
Deputy George Callahan.
Deputy Jeffery Morrison.
Deputy Matthew Donovan.
Deputy Taylor Hall.
Deputy Tim Johnson.
Desperate enough to buy you dinner.
Did you just hesitate to save my life?
Did you see that truck coming?
Do me a favor. Box that bottle up on your way out.
Do not mess this up.
Do you get off on this, preying on the hope and misery of people?
Do you really believe that,
Do you think it's your mom?
Do you think that she'd be able to forgive that?
Do you want me to go to jail?
Does anyone else smell that?
Don't worry. I'm not selling anything.
Don't you just love what she's wearing?
Drinken now.
Dropped off the face of the earth,
Drove out businesses, boarded up homes,
During my captivity, a very dear possession
Eh, can wait till you get back.
Elena told me to keep a journal of everything she's missing.
Elena wants you to live your life.
Elena will remain asleep.
Enough. I'm not gonna spend the rest of my life
Especially to tell me that I'm right
Evacuating residents,
Every single feeling?
Every time I look at you, all I see is not Elena.
Eviscerated from the planet in one fell swoop?
First of all, this is a bomb.
For a guy get away.
For as long as it takes.
For the last two years,
For their own entertainment.
For trying to be happy during the bad parts.
Forced us to run for decades at a time,
Found ways to coexist in this new world,
From a less populated place,
FYI. They don't wear helmets here.
Give me your jacket.
God, what are you looking at?
Got it.
Had a chance to...
Halfway across Europe,
Hang on.
Happy writing.
Have you been to Mystic Falls?
Have you ever seen this stone before?
Have... have I not shown enough glee
He kidnapped Ric and flew him to Europe
He was just lying there.
He's been gone days running your errands.
He's got it.
Heh heh.
Heh. Admit you love me more for it.
Heh. Ha ha ha!
Heh. Lorenzo, how I've missed you.
Heh. Nora, I swear
Hello, neighbor.
Her ride.
Here! Take my jacket.
Heretics are ruthless...
Hey, Caroline. We should really get going
Hey, Stefan.
Hey. I think we have a problem.
Hey. Ride in the tram tracks, don't look both ways.
Hoping I'll miraculously start missing her less.
How dare you jeopardize that?
How did they survive that?
How did we lose him?
How else am I supposed to feel, Bonnie?
How I said everything was falling apart earlier?
How long are we to live on 3 sips a day?
How sweet you are.
How's Europe?
I acted like road kill
I almost got it.
I am happy.
I am literally staring at a treasure trove full
I am so sorry.
I assume I have nothing to worry about.
I believe he was her eldest.
I bet they have the most darling funerals.
I can move on with my life,
I can try, but of course,
I can't feel my cheeks.
I can't say I have.