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Angie Tribeca - Season 1

Angie Tribeca - Season 1

Angie Tribeca is a hilarious television series that first aired in 2016. This satirical police procedural show follows the detective work of Angie Tribeca, played by the talented Rashida Jones. The series, created by Steve Carell and his wife Nancy Carell, spoofs the clichés and tropes of crime dramas with its over-the-top comedic style.

Apart from Rashida Jones, the show also features a fantastic cast including Hayes MacArthur as Detective Jay Geils, Jere Burns as Lieutenant Chet Atkins, and Andrée Vermeulen as Dr. Monica Scholls. Their chemistry and comedic timing turn each episode into a laugh-inducing spectacle.

Angie Tribeca - Season 1 offers viewers a lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek take on the crime genre. The wacky situations, clever wordplay, and abundance of sight gags make each episode an enjoyable ride.

If you're seeking some laughter-packed entertainment, you can watch and download Angie Tribeca - Season 1 on various streaming platforms or purchase the DVDs. Its zany comedy is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

A cop's life is at stake here!
A Perky Pony? A Kansas City Mudstorm?
A smoke screen.
Adios, partner.
After that, he said, Are you serious?
Ah, there you are, Tribeca. How are you?
Ah. Dr. Edelweiss.
All due respect, Detective, but I'm in charge here!
All due respect, I will never hear what you have to say
All due respect, Lieutenant,
All due respect, no one cares about your feelings.
All due respect, Tribeca,
All due respect, you make a horrible first impression.
All right, everybody, look alive.
All right, Geils, get ready for some...
All right, I'm sorry. I'm just worried.
All right, keep your eye out for anything suspicious.
All right, let's see what we got here.
All right, take him down!
All right, we found five Wilson Phillipses
Almond milk? That's a... oh, my god,
Am I threatening to take away something you care about?
An extortion plot.
And be vulnerable
And bring this kidnapper to justice.
And cut her open.
And do not blow up Detective Geils!
And every great gym teacher has spent time in prison.
And god bless.
And he's the worst driver of all time.
And here's my message to the kidnapper.
And his pee pee...
And I could stand to make a cool $4,000, you bet.
And I definitely don't want to know
And I especially don't like partners
And I've fallen in love with every single one of them.
And it's really short.
And puppy dog tails.
And something bad has happened to every single one of them.
And spend time with someone I really care about.
And the b's and the d's, they tell me
And we are confident that we will find Detective Geils
And we're getting search warrants for each one,
And you see someone in a sweatsuit,
And your stupid handwriting.
And, Geils, if you're listening,
Angie: Drowning your sorrows?
Angie: We are working very hard.
Any of your pets' names, got it?
Anybody got 12 C batteries on 'em?
Apparently, there are photos of his body art,
Are gonna have to find someone else in their audience
Are you sure?
Armin mist? Almond milk.
As if that weren't bad enough,
As you can see, I can't exactly shake your hand.
At least order something. I got a whole line here.
At this point, I'll take some questions.
Baby back ribs?
Because I know your blood pressure's an issue right now.
Boxer briefs.
Boxers or briefs?
Bup, bup, bup, bup, bup!
But damn it...
But don't go and do anything stupid.
But don't worry.
But how? How do we get closer to him?
But I feel very disrespected right now.
But I just want to let my guard down
But I missed it because of you and your stupid coffees
But rest assured, our figure models are treated
But she doesn't want to recip...
But that's no reason to take it out on poor Jay Geils.
But then when I take it away,
But we did make out once in high school.
But we need to buy a little time.
But we'll never get to all of them in two hours.
But you need to let Geils go.
But you've got your head up your ass.
But, yes, I suppose so.
Can I have a moment of your time?
Can we not do this right now?
Charlie, don't.
Come on, an Italian Long?
Come out of the house with your hands up,
Come to think of it, I have no good reason
Coming right up.
Compromising photos.
Could I carry a folder, too?
Could someone please help me up?
Cover the back!
Cr... I can't even read that.
Crab cake.
Cream filled doughnut?
Croissant, it's croissant.
Cut that with a knife.
Damn! Sorry. It ran out of juice.
Describe his lower back tattoo.
Did you and Edelweiss get anything from the call?
Did you hump a dolphin?
Disgusting, dirty tattoos.
Do you know how many sweatsuits there are in the world?
Do you love your husband, Mrs. Perry?
Do you really think I would be at my home address?
Doctor, this is the blackmail note I was talking to you about.
Don't be silly.
Don't even joke about that.
Don't plan on taking any out of state trips in the near future.
Don't worry, sir.
Dr. Edelweiss?
Easy! Easy. Ow.
Eleanor Roosevelt.
Especially mildly offensive tattoos or bad joke tattoos.
Even worse than that,
Every time you walk down the street,
Everybody get out of here. Save yourself.
Everyone likes Italian. Yes?
Except I wasn't a gym teacher yet.
Excuse me. Do you know where the art school is?
Fine, just a coffee.
Fine, Lamereau, you can go.
Fine. Fine. He's not my lover.
For capturing atoms with these light beams.
For the all American bomb company.
For the record, I just asked if you'd ever been to Edmonton.
For the record, I just asked you to roll the window down.
Former Cabinet Member Stephen Chu won a Nobel prize
Found her lying here next to this bag of groceries.
Geils never hurt anybody.
Geils, how much time left?
Geils, I'm coming.
Geils, Tribeca.
Geils' phone.
Get down to city hall.
Get it out, rookie. You'll get used to it...
Get ready, 'cause for the next seven months,
Getting the picture?
Go on.
Go, go!
God. Geils could be hanging on by a thread, or, worse,
Good luck figuring that one out.
Good night, Margaret.
Good thinking.
Got it.
Got to get closer to him.
Got to go.
Hang on, maybe I can pull up some of the background noises.
Has no respect for authority.
Have you ever seen a 9 point turn?
He could be developing a bond with his captor.
He could be in the early stages of Stockholm Syndrome.
He died doing what he loved.
He has his playthings.
He knows us.
He never looks happy.
He went to second base!
He would never just leave like that.
He's 6'2, thin, light blond hair.
He's 8. He'll love it.
He's a gym teacher.
He's coming your direction!
He's expecting you yesterday!
He's got a mistress? Are you shitting me?!
He's got Geils.
He's just my partner, that's it.
Hello, Dr. Edelweiss.
Here goes nothing.
Here you go, Geils, on the house.
Here, let me take a look.
Here's what I don't understand.
Hey, can I get a small...
Hey, I get it.
Hey, is that Tribeca on TV?
Hey, it's Tribeca. Have you seen him?
Hey, where did you put your wire, anyway?
Hey, where's the normal bartender, regular Pete?
Hey, while we're here, what's the origin of coffee?
Hey, why the long face?
Hint, hint. Are we done here?
His aesthetic was offensive to me.
His apartment's a dump,
His bathing suit area without the bathing suit.
Hold on. What did he say?
Honey! Muffins are ready!
How about a drink?
How can I help you two detectives?
How dare you accuse me of loving my husband.
How did we do on the trace?
How stupid do you think I am?
How we doing on this trace?
I am losing patience.
I am not going to prison.
I did it with him. He did it with me.
I do, too.
I do.
I don't care about your history of depression,
I don't drink beer. I rent it.
I don't get it.
I don't have feelings for you.
I don't have that kind of money.
I don't know what that is.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
I don't know, but he doesn't look happy.