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How High (2001)

How High (2001)

"How High" is a hilarious stoner comedy film directed by Jesse Dylan and released in 2001. The movie follows the misadventures of two underachieving friends, Silas (Method Man) and Jamal (Redman), who discover that smoking a certain magical weed can enhance their academic abilities. Armed with their newfound genius, they enroll in Harvard University to fulfill their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs. However, their unconventional methods often clash with the Ivy League's strict rules and traditions.

Featuring a memorable soundtrack and cameo appearances by Method Man and Redman's hip-hop peers, "How High" guarantees plenty of laughter and moments of absurdity. The film showcases the chemistry between its two charismatic stars, Method Man and Redman, who bring their distinctive personalities and comedic timing to their respective roles. If you're craving a dose of laughter and enjoy stoner comedies, "How High" is a must-watch film that will leave you rolling with laughter.

You can play and download the soundtrack of "How High" here.

A bong?
A coupla notes get you hogtied and roped Dope like guns
A drop in the bucket, sucker. I remain here solely for the purpose of...
A place where you can really grow academically?
Aah! Aah! Damn, Ma! Stop, Ma!
About getting some color up at Harvard.
Actually, you gonna come back and give me them two duck sauces your mama...
Ah, Bart. Nice to see you.
Ah, hello, Jamal. Mr. President.
Ah, shit!
Ah, shit!
Ah, son, welcome to the family.
Ah! Hey!
Ain't that a... Hell, no, we ain't got no...
Ain't that right, baby? Right, Daddy.
Al B. Sure pubic patch in it, motherfucker?
All I wanna do is develop my herbal in a real lab...
All right, Ivory. This is the last of you. Do your stuff.
All right, leave the bike alone. Did you just call me fat? And what is that stench?
All right, rookies, push ups! Get down!
All right. So you want me to tell Jamal to stop seeing Jamie.
All righty.
All righty. Bye.
All the people in your family were assistant pimps.
All we did was come over for directions.
Alls look like they still in high school, yo.
Always likes funky fresh women.
And «bitch» ain't in the Bible.
And a quality of life like no other...
And another thing, I forgot my motherfuckin' lines!
And Captain Picard came back all half robot?
And don't you worry. Me and Jamal here,
And get some head while I'm doin' it.
And I call you Mr. President 'cause I know you gonna rock this election.
And I could listen to you talk about his stinkin' ass all day long.
And I figured I could get somethin' from Garden of Weeden to make it interesting.
And I see they're all «F's.»
And I'll tell you somethin' else.
And I'm gonna be thinkin' about you while I'm taking them THC's.
And if it weren't for his family, I probably wouldn't be here.
And if not, they best friends got dough.
And if you devise something groundbreaking,
And ifyou're really my boy,
And Indian pudding that doesn't stop.
And it won't look good if she's involved with someone from the lower class.
And Lauren will be unveiling her Benjamin Franklin experiment.
And let it fly!
And let that be a lesson to you! This is the last time!
And Miss Lovell from Administration.
And of course you know my wife Sheila.
And professional player. So, what's mine is yours,
And that was just from the mouth. And I'm still below a 2.0.
And the survey says, "You lose."
And then I'll be able to send you back to your miserable existence.
And they're producing an immense amount of heat.
And this is where you turn it on now.
And we started makin' it together after that.
And what the fuck are you doin'?
And what's yours I've probably already had.
And why do want a honey with class Dog ****az
And you an assistant pimp. You ain't even a real pimp.
And you strip at that club again like you used to.
And you're gonna make the team, son.
And your ghetto pass is gonna get revoked, buddy.
And your haircut game is fucked up.
And your sister's weave master degree.
And, as for you two,
And... volleyball.
Answers? What are you talking about?
Any student on a scholarship...
Anyway, you keep throwing zingers to this jerk off,
Aren't you worried about getting kicked out?
As a request, greeting or farewell.
As dean of freshmen, I have welcomed students from all over the world.
As human beings, we should be able to talk this out, not resort to violence.
As in abusive or truculent.
As in vice president of the United States.
Ass, titties, ballers. Go, girl, go!
At Reparations Technical Institute and learn hatred for the white devil...
At Reparations Technical Institute, we offer a cornucopia of educational...
Baby powder? What smell that is? You changing diapers? Ah!
Baby, you are the first member of this family to go to college,
Back up! Back up, ******! You better give me three feet!
Bart, honey, sweetie, you are just in time...
Bart, this party is stiff. Excuse me, can you hold this? I'm hot.
Bart, you know, I think you keep getting funnier every day.
Because I've just finished studying.
Belligerent? Yeah, belligerent.
Better pull back on those pedals, boy. Why?
Bicycle, bicycle
Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle
Bike, bike Not my baby! Oh, God!
Bill, did you just call me «son»? Hmm?
Bitch better be out here checkin' my motherfuckin' money.
Bitch! Fuck!
Blaze two, get at me in the mornin'. Peace!
Bring all your horny friends. There you go. Just bring all the ho's.
Bring my baby back!
Bring your ass over here! We got work to do before Dean Dickhead gets back.
Brother just got extensions put in today. They tight, huh?
Buck up, Bart! Buck up!
Bumbaclot, boy!
But black people don't get any credit. I'm sore as a motherfucker, man.
But Harvard, gentlemen, is not just any joint. It's an institution.
But he's smoking in our room. That's not legal.
But I was thinking that it could be like this old Revolutionary cannon...
But if it's one of my proud black people that's doing the recording of the account...
But if these people knew I was using your Dial A Ho service,
But it sound good!
But my mother dropped the charges.
But pass the blunt, boo. Damn, you hoggin' the whole shit!
But six years at a two year community college is not what I had in mind.
But the issue here is, who is recording the account?
But they give lots of money to the university.
But wait till you see my presentation.
But you gotta understand people can only see me when they smoke me.
But, Coach! Bart!
By adding a little bit of chro... cannabis,
By the time I'm done with you, every college in the country will be knockin' at your door.
Bye bye.
Campus smelling little motherfucker!
Can anyone tell me the name Of this plant? Bart?
Can I get a little... Never mind. Forget it.
Can I get some pussy? Sure. Come on in.
Can I holler? Hi.
Can we talk about this in your car?
Can we talk about this in your car?
Can you guys just show a little respect? Jeez!
Can't this wait till after class? You're supposed to be in here anyway.
Catch a ho and another ho Merry Christmas
Cedric, step aside.
Certain students will be invited... Those that pass their finals.
Cheated? Man, fuck you!
Chocolate diva! Nubian goddess!
Cisco Kid was a friend of mine
Coach, I have not lost an oar run in three years.
Come here, girl!
Come here. Come here!
Come here. Let me show you some more shit. Look right there.
Come on with it. I got you.
Come on with it...
Come on, bitch. Man, it was two egg rolls, It wasn't duck sauce.
Come on, come on Come on, come on
Come on, gentlemen! Pick it up if you want to be part of this squad!
Come on, Silas. I need somethin' to help me out.
Come on, Silas. I need somethin' to help me out.
Come on, son. This is some good shit.
Come on, son. You've got a golden opportunity here...
Come on, you fuckers! Call action!
Come on! I'll show you some violence! Come on!
Come on. Let me holler at you.
Congratulations. These scores are going to get you into any college in the country.
Consider your bags outside the door What's up, baby?
Costner, huh? Dances with Wolves. Mm hmm.
Couldn't have my future ex wife show up to some bigwig event...
Countless Fortune 500 C.E.O.'s,
Crazy shit, all right, and it will be everywhere.
Cut! Cut! Cut!
Damn right, he stole your plant. Yo, Silas, this idiot smoked up all the plant.
Damn, Ivory! I had no idea you could stink so good, ****a!
Damn, Ivory. After all these years of blazin',
Damn, this bike phat as hell! Whoa! Don't touch!
Damn, who gonna be our P.O.?
Damn! But it would have been impossible...
Damn. Ivory! Holy shit!
Damn. This look like your last girlfriend.
Darling, I don't remember you cooking brownies. You're right, I don't.
Dean Cain expects us off campus by Monday.
Dean Cain wants to see you in his office. Don't be late.
Dean Cain. But he is black.
Dean, I have had it with your uptight,
Dean, it's as simple as this.
Dean, what about those two guys I read about from the tri states?
Dear, can you at least feign some interest? You're embarrassing me.
Dick Butt kiss? Did you hear that, Coach? He's cursing!
Did Commander Riker give up when the Borg infiltrated the Starship Enterprise...
Did I hear you say something? With all due respect, suck my dick.
Did I spoil the moment? I can't help it, girl. You know what?
Did not. No, you did not. You been busy plowin’ my corn. Did.
Did we! Amazing what two brothers...
Did you figure out where you wanna eat dinner tonight?
Dinner? Bart, you know, some of these things are...
Do you see me?
Does my ass look fat? No.
Don't be scared.
Don't cuss when I'm tryin' to listen to the Word. The Lord don't like that.
Don't get the wrong idea. We've never done this before.
Don't play! Yo, talk to your boy.
Don't spoil your appetite, Dean. We're about to have some lobster bisque...
Don't worry about the Ive. I got mine comin' tonight. Hey, Silas.
Don't worry, baby. You can suck my dick after class.
Don't you wish they were really ho's...
Don’t do it Don’t give your love to sexy Ida
Drinking beer!
Dwarves, midgets,
Eh, yo. Damn!
End table ass! Hella Back!
Entertaining anecdotes.
Even better. I'm gonna be in there with you.
Ever since you arrived on this campus, there's been several mishaps.
Except climb out of this costume and climb into some pussy, baby.
Excuse me?
Excuse me? Ethnic diversity.
Excuse me? Head.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Are we in the right place?
Excuse me. Player, player.
Excuse me. Watch your toes. Watch the colon. Excuse me.
Exploding thingy, pipe bomb thing things.
Fellas, I think it's time we all sat down and kicked it.
Field of Dreams. That's a corny motherfucker.
Fine. As a matter of fact,