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Just Friends (2005)

Just Friends (2005)

Just Friends is a feel-good romantic comedy film released in 2005. Directed by Roger Kumble, the movie stars Ryan Reynolds as Chris Brander, Amy Smart as Jamie Palamino, Anna Faris as Samantha James, and Chris Klein as Dusty Dinkleman. The story revolves around Chris, a charming and overweight high school nerd, who gets stuck in the "friend zone" with his long-time crush, Jamie. Years later, after losing weight and finding success, Chris returns to his hometown and attempts to win Jamie's heart.

The film is filled with hilarious moments, awkward encounters, and heartwarming lessons about friendship and self-growth. Just Friends delivers an entertaining mix of comedy and romance, making it a delightful watch for fans of the genre.

If you're looking to relive the sounds and music from this film, you can play and download the soundtrack online. Enjoy the catchy tunes and memorable melodies that added to the charm of Just Friends.

A little corny, maybe even a little femme,
A Range Rover? Aren't those bad?
Actually, I go by Dusty Lee now, but yeah.
Actually, I was nervous, but, more importantly,
After all, they're the ones who're gonna be buying your album.
Agh! What?
All right, all right, break it up, break it up.
All right!
All right.
All right. Keep in touch!
All the time.
All you had to do was watch her for a few hours. What did you do to her?
Amazing! That's exactly what he said about you.
America will ever switch to the metric system?
And Darla's got this one picked out for TJ and it's great.
And everything will be just... just peachy.
And he'd go, Forgiveness every day, only all Bono y.
And here you go. Just like your old yearbook picture.
And hope that they like you back.
And I did the whole cold feet move and we slept in the same bed.
And I don't care if it's in the day or at night
And I hope we can do it again soon.
And I just don't have those feelings for you.
And I lost my stammer,
And I need my skates to show off my talents.
And I need salmon like now.
And I see myself getting married
And I want to marry you and I love you.
And I want to tell you how beautiful I think you are inside and out.
And I would love to do that, except I volunteered at the hospital
And I'm going out of my mind with boredom!
And I'm gonna meet you there.
And I'm here with Mr. Cluck Cluck
And I'm so horny.
And I'm sorry about that.
And look at... pecs, and...
And my new best friend Wafoofi
And one Sugar Mountain Supreme for the chubby bunny.
And raising a family.
And she's gonna be eating out of the palm of my hand in no time.
And started... I mean I had an internship first
And that's okay.
And the most precious gift that you can give...
And the truth is...
And then Dusty shows up out of nowhere,
And then Jamie gives him her number.
And then play it for us later, okay?
And then suddenly it just hits me.
And wants something else.
And we were laughing
And we were showing each other old pictures and...
And we're part of a kick ass humanitarian effort
And well, the opening of practically anything,
And well, the opening of practically anything,
And what kind of girl would you be if you didn't put out for the guy that wrote
And you know, don't get me wrong, I want the best for my kid.
And, um, I wrote you a song.
Another bee in the hive, my friend,
Another day date?
Are you guys even listening to me?
Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding, man? I love The Notebook.
Are you serious? I need them.
Are you sure that you don't want to go someplace else?
At the top of the jar.
Aw, he's gonna cry.
Baby, ooh!
Back in high school, that's all.
Be right down.
Because I want to take you on a date.
Because I wouldn't screw you in high school? Get over yourself!
Because I'm on the Perricone diet
Because that's the nicest thing anyone's ever written me.
Being the girl who peaked in high school.
Besides, you don't have to show off for Jamie.
Besides, you you weren't terribly good at ice skating.
Big surprise. Yeah.
Buckle up!
Buh bye now.
But I am an artist. I am an artist!
But I can't let Dinkleman get away with this!
But I find something so resplendent
But I had to do it.
But I still play a mean guitar.
But I want to be more than that?
But I want to be more than that.
But I'm a person too.
But I've always found the middle class to be just so much more real.
But in our own little Chris and Jamie world.
But Samantha, What about the words to your song? Forgiveness!
But the aluminum foil wasn't.
But then I got to thinking that that
But this is what you always order.
But Tiny Tots is just too... oh, Mariah Carey!
But what if she doesn't want to be ravished?
But what what you may not know about this it girl...
But you know, I'm actually pretty damn good now.
But you look incredible.
Call Sheila, Ray. Call her right now.
Can I do you later?
Can't wait.
Care about the environment.
Carol, this little Japanese princess here is called the Prius.
Check out that girl's ass. Huge!
Chris, can you put your feet on mine? They're freezing.
Chris, no!
Chris, no!
Chris, you're drunk! Go home!
Chris! Chris!
Chris! We need to talk about what you wrote.
Christmas is the time for giving.
Class of '95.
Coffee House is lame, dude. Come on...
Come in!
Come in.
Come on, it'll be like old times.
Come on, Jamie. It was like 100 years ago, all right?
Come on! How long does it...
Come to destroy the rest of the house?
Competition there, Chris. I mean, Dusty is a really nice guy.
Cookie Monster says the Cougars are
Cut! Cut!
Daddy, we're down.
Dear Jamie, when we're together,
Ding dong.
Dinkleman... is going way down.
Do you have any oil?
Do you know what else is adorable? You two.
Do you want to go ice skating?
Does she move to L.A.? Do I move back here?
Does this hat make me look fat?
Don't dab at it! Rub it.
Don't even think about how weird tomorrow's gonna be.
Don't worry about it. It happens to everybody.
Don't you have anything to say for yourself?
Don't you people have anything better to do?!
Doofus! Doofus!
Doofus! Doofus! Doof...
Dude, are you gonna boink Jamie tonight?
Dude, I think she left you hanging.
Dude, she's fine!
Dude, you're killing me!
Dusty and I are fine.
Dusty, come here.
Dusty! Dusty! Dusty! Dusty!
Dusty! Dusty! Dusty...!
Dusty. Hey. Why?
Dusty's a Jersey player, Jamie!
Encore! Encore! Encore!
Everybody loves him. I can't compete with this guy.
Excuse me, but I was wondering if you think
Excuse me, um,
Excuse you!
F this. I'm mobile.
First up tonight, you've seen her in the pages of magazines,
For keeping us in the friend zone all those years.
For putting him in the friend zone in high school.
For they know not what they do.
Friends watch New Year's Rockin' Eve.
Funny guy!
G'bye, fatty!
Get him, Terry!
Get it in! And goal!
Get off me, Chris! Why are you here?
Get off me, God boy!
Give a big round of applause to Miss Jamie Palamino.
Go away.
Go away. Wait. Not you.
Go on, make a move.
Go! Go get me lobster!
Go! Run! Lobster!
Go! Wait.
God damn it!
God damn it! Come on, Dusty!
God damn it! Come on, Dusty.
God, and we had this great night
God, can you believe that?
God, I need my guitar.
God, I still can't believe he wrote me that song.
God, I want to lick your skin off!
God, I've missed you.
God! Just leave him alone!
Going to a movie tonight? Then maybe later
Good ol' Chris Brander, ladies and gentlemen!
Good times. Good times!
Good. Good. Make me happy.
Gotta go.
Great big cookies
Great. That's good.
Ha! Till we explained, of course, it was just her little friend Chris.
Haha! Chubby bunny!
Hasn't she, Chris?
Have a great life, 'cause Athena's out!
Have fun with Jamie. I know I will. Clark, always a pleasure.
Have you seen this poster? Have you seen...
He hacked me!
He juggles three tennis balls, but gets bored very quickly
He shoots, he scores.
He wrote me a song! That's so cute.
He's crazy.