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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A King does not ask, he commands
Ah crap
Anime power up time
Answer me dammit
Are you joking me?
Are you serious?
Are you still talking?
Argh mother fuckers
Arghr ruh ruh
Aww you bitch
Be your lover (ft chris griffin)
Beat your ass
Because you are a disgusting fat body
Better swordsman than you
Beyond annoying
Big tough guy all the sudden
Bird pt1
Bird pt2
Blah blah blah
Bobo the space monkey
Bring me a chicken pt8
But you are not a Jedi yet
Buzz buzz buzz
Bye 1
Bye 2
Bye bye
Bye now
Bye stop making noise
Calm down Jerry
Car alarm
Casterly rock
Castle black
Chinese pt1
Chinese pt2
Chubby chasers pt1
Chubby chasers pt2
Clown horn
Defend you to the death
Destroy you
Dick hole
Did I say something to you sugar tits
Don't annoy me
Don't be a baby
Don't talk like that
Donald trump 2
Dr evil
Draw pt1
Draw pt2
Draw pt3
Email 1
Email 2
Excuse me
Fancy kyle pt1
Fancy kyle pt2
Fancy kyle pt3
Fancy kyle pt4
Fart 1
Fart 2
Farts pt1
Farts pt2
Farts pt3
Fuck off
Fuck this shit
Fuck you 1
Fuck you homie
Fucking pathetic
Fucking whore
Full of your wifes box
Game developers do for a buck
Get to the chopper 2
Ginger pt1
Ginger pt2
Go fuck yourself
Goat 1
Goat 2
Good evening
Good morning
Great thank you
Ha gay
Ha ha ha
Hang on
Harder pt1
Harder pt2
Have sex pt1
Have sex pt2
Have sex pt3
Have sex pt4
Have sex pt5
He underestimated his opponent
Hell na
Hello again bitch
Hello and how are you
Hello operator
Hmm hmm
Holly hell yes
How are you sweetie
How's it going
Hundred and two
I am your father
I asked you to do one thing
I don't care
I don't give a shit
I don't understand
I gotta get going
I just wanted to invite you to supper
I know what boys like
I know you mean the opposite
I need to tell you something pt1
I need to tell you something pt2
I need to tell you something pt3
I need to tell you something pt4
I pay for sex
I said goodbye
I was a jerk
I wouldn't count on it
I'll crush you
I'll rip your heart out
I'm barrack obama
I'm fat
I'm going to die
I'm homer simpson
I'm looking for someone
I'm not afraid
I'm not gay
I'm peter griffin
I'm sorry
I'm sorry where were we
I've got a crow 1
I've got a crow 2
In your brain
It is pointless to resist
It will work
It-s over 9000
It's erm numbers
Jaden smith kick ur ass pt1
Jaden smith kick ur ass pt2
Jaden smith kick ur ass pt3
Jaden smith kick ur ass pt4
Joke pt1
Joke pt2
Joke pt3
Just kidding
Justin bieber 2
Kanye west 1
Kill yourselves
Kings landing
Lets not all panick at once
Magic bell
Man fuck you
Maybe you're right
More of that
Morning joe
My bad
My name is bob
My name is eric
My name is goku
My name is mr garrison
My name is niko
My name is sasuke uchiha
My name is slim shady
My names jon snow
My names randy
Niagra falls
Nipples pt1
Nipples pt2
No 1
No 2
No 3
No 4
No problemo
Nobody likes you
Not a joke son
Not fucking likely
Not listening
Not welcome here
Of course
Oh hello no
Oh my god
Oh sorry
Ok as soon as I finish this level
Ok thanks mr peters
One eighty
Pacific ocean
Peace brother
Pigs squilling
Pizza face
Please just tell me
Please shut up
Police siren
Pork chop pt2
Really boring story
Roger 1
Rubber duck
San andreas
San andreas 2
Say my name pt1
Say my name pt2
See the manager
See ya later
Sense of humour
Shut the fuck up
Shut up
Shut up faggot
Shut up i'm talking
Shut your cake hole
Slap you right in your penis
Sounds good
South carolina
Stewie griffin who's this
Suck my balls pt1
Suck my balls pt2
Suck on that
Talk to the hand
Teasing the gorilla
Tell you pt1
Tell you pt2
Thank you and goodnight
That's awesome
That's how it works, leave me alone
The bloody hound, sandor clegane
The fuck you doing
The names hank hill
Theory of evolution pt1
Theory of evolution pt2
Theory of evolution pt3
Theory of evolution pt4 s10e12
There's no time
This is arnold swartzneger
This is grown up time and i'm the man