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The NeverEnding Story (1984)

The NeverEnding Story (1984)

The NeverEnding Story is a beloved fantasy film released in 1984. Directed by Wolfgang Petersen, it takes viewers on a magical adventure through the world of Fantasia. The film follows a young boy named Bastian, played by Barret Oliver, who discovers a mystical book at a bookstore. As he reads, he becomes engrossed in the tale of a young warrior named Atreyu, portrayed by Noah Hathaway, who is on a quest to save Fantasia from a destructive force known as the "Nothing."

Filled with stunning visuals and captivating storytelling, The NeverEnding Story also features memorable performances from Tami Stronach as the Childlike Empress and Gerald McRaney as Bastian's father. The movie's enchanting score, composed by Klaus Doldinger and Giorgio Moroder, adds an extra layer of wonder and emotion to the narrative.

If you are a fan of this timeless classic, you can relive the magic and download the soundtrack and various sound effects from the film. Immerse yourself in the world of Fantasia by playing and downloading these sounds here.

A Century of Studying the Southern Oracle, by Professor Engywook.
A delicious looking limestone rock!
A hole would be something. No, it was Nothing.
A hole?
A human child? Where can I find one?
A little boy!
A new name? That's all?
A Rock Biter!
A strange sort of Nothing is destroying everything.
Actually, we don't care.
All right, hang on tight.
All the land is gone.
And I have been trying to help it.
And it got bigger and bigger.
And now, he has come here...
And so will I.
And then, finally, no rocks.
And whoever has the control...
Any chance of success?
Anything of interest to the scientific community?
Are you the Southern Oracle?
Are you the Southern Oracle?
Artax, please.
Artax, stupid horse.
Artax, you're sinking! Come on!
As many as you want.
As to those riding lessons you wanted...
As to those riding lessons you wanted...
Atreyu and Artax!
Atreyu must face his true self.
Atreyu the Warrior.
Atreyu wouldn't quit now.
Atreyu, no!
Atreyu! Where are you?
Bastian made many other wishes...
Bastian, please!
Bastian, we each have responsibilities.
Be confident.
Because people have begun to lose their hopes...
Because people who have no hopes...
Brave warrior.
But afterwards you get to be a little boy again.
But I can't. I must keep my feet on the ground.
But I didn't get in touch with an earthling!
But I have terrible news.
But I lost the Auryn.
But I'll be happy to go back to hunting the purple buffalo.
But if you fail...
But it's only a story.
But it's only a story. It's not real.
But kind people find that they are cruel.
But that's easy.
But that's impossible!
But that's impossible. They couldn't have heard me.
But that's no reason to fall out of the basket again.
But that's what I like about them.
But there just might be one chance.
But we have to get on with things, right?
But why?
But you just said it was...
But, yesterday I wasn't.
Clever boy.
Come back, please.
Come for me, Gmork. I am Atreyu!
Come on, boy.
Come on, boy. Come on.
Come on, lazybones! Can't you go any faster?
Comic books.
Confronted with their true selves...
Could you get around...
Did he make it? Did he?
Did the lake dry up?
Do not be afraid.
Do you have a cold?
Don't go yet. I haven't told you about the next gate.
Don't worry about it.
Don't worry.
Don't worry. It's a racing snail.
Don't you know anything about Fantasia?
Down here.
Drink that.
Every part...
Excuse me...
Falkor, it's even more beautiful than I thought!
Falkor, it's like the Nothing never was.
Fancy armor doesn't help.
Fantasia can arise anew...
Fantasia has no boundaries.
Fantasia has totally disappeared?
Farewell, Atreyu.
Faster, Falkor! We have to hurry.
Fight against the sadness.
For me.
For what? To find out what you already knew?
Forget about it.
Forget it.
Friends, I know why you are all here.
Get back in there.
Get back to your own corner, Engy.
Get out of here! I don't like kids.
Give up.
Go on, scaredy cat!
Good morning, Bastian.
Good old Falkor.
Have you ever been to the Southern Oracle?
Have you ever been...
He alone has a chance to fight the Nothing and save us.
He has suffered with you.
He has to give me a new name.
He is our only hope.
He is very close, listening...
He just has to call it out.
He made it!
He made it! Atreyu made it through the Sphinx gate.
He made it.
He made it.
He simply can't imagine...
He who wears the Auryn speaks for the Empress.
He's already chosen it.
He's going on.
He's well.
Here comes one that looks fancy.
Here we go again.
Here we just sell small rectangular objects. They're called books.
Hey, it's the weirdo.
His name is Atreyu.
His name...
How can I get there?
How could he let that happen?
How did you know that?
How many wishes do I get?
Hurry, Falkor! The Nothing's everywhere.
I always thought that's what they were.
I am a warrior.
I am Atreyu.
I am somewhat of an expert on the Southern Oracle.
I am the expert on the Southern Oracle.
I am the only Atreyu of the Plains People.
I am the servant...
I can give her any name she wants.
I can never quite reach it.
I can't. I can't get beyond the boundaries of Fantasia.
I don't know.
I got a call from your math teacher yesterday.
I have failed you, Empress.
I have to...
I just barely got away from the Nothing.
I know books. I have 186 of them at home.
I know how it happened.
I know what you want. It's time to eat.
I like children.
I like that. The patient telling the doctor it's all right.
I lost him in the Swamps of Sadness.
I never knew it was that beautiful.
I swear it wasn't me.
I think he'll make it.
I think I know what it was. Tell us more.
I told you to stay awake.
I understand, son.
I understand.
I was just going to...
I was sent to kill the only one...
I was the one chosen to stop the Nothing.
I will just sit here...
I won't give up. Don't quit.
I work scientifically.
I'll decide when he's well. It's your turn when I say it is.
I'll save you. I will do what I dream.
I'm always finding you in my place.
I'm going to try.
I'm sorry, but this is not the time nor place for children.
I'm very disappointed you didn't even try out for the swimming team.
I've been studying the Southern Oracle for years.
If he keeps stuffing his face like that, soon there won't be any rocks here either.
If I don't save her, she'll die.
If we're about to die anyway, I'd rather die fighting.
If you ain't got money, you go in the garbage.
If you come any closer...
If you don't tell me and the Nothing keeps coming, you'll die too. Both of you.
If you don't want me here, you shouldn't have sent for me.
If you really are the Atreyu we sent for...
If you want to save our world...
In the beginning, it is always dark.
Is he a nutcase?
Is it time to go already?
Is that the Southern Oracle?
Is there someone else here, too?
It has to hurt if it's to heal.
It is all that remains of my vast empire.
It is like a despair...
It is my scientific specialty.
It really is a racing snail.
It was not you we sent for. We wanted Atreyu.
It was the only way to get in touch with an earthling.
It will be very dangerous.
It will guide and protect you.
It will take me a couple of a weeks.
It's 10,000 miles away.
It's all right.
It's even worse than this one.
It's my turn.
It's my turn. Let me see. I'm the scientist.
It's okay.
It's only a story.
It's the emptiness that's left.
It's the world of human fantasy.
It's too difficult for you.
Just where did you and your dragon come from?
Leaving so soon?
Let the Auryn guide you.
Let's see what he really thinks of himself.
Look, Atreyu. The Nothing.