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Police Academy (1984)

Police Academy (1984)

"Police Academy" is a hilarious comedy movie released in 1984 that follows a group of misfit police recruits as they attend the Police Academy in their quest to become full-fledged police officers. Led by the clueless Commandant Eric Lassard, the recruits navigate through outrageous and unconventional training methods, causing chaos and laughter along the way.

The film features an ensemble cast of talented actors, including Steve Guttenberg as the charming troublemaker, Carey Mahoney. Other notable cast members include Kim Cattrall as the ambitious Cadet Karen Thompson, Bubba Smith as the imposing Cadet Moses Hightower, and Michael Winslow as the unforgettable sound effects wizard, Larvell Jones.

The riotous comedy captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, becoming a beloved classic in its genre. If you're looking to relive the laughter and enjoy the nostalgia, you can play and download the iconic sounds from "Police Academy" here.

With its witty humor and unforgettable characters, "Police Academy" continues to entertain and delight viewers even decades after its initial release. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy all the hilarious shenanigans of this comedic gem.

A cadet could get thrown out for hitting another cadet.
A police officer must generate respect and confidence.
A policewoman, Mother.
A riot's broken out downtown.
A whole big bunch of losers.
Absolute silence!
Actually, I was kidding about the front seat. But this is good.
Affirmative, sir.
After those 12 weeks, some of you will be police officers...
All right, let's go, dirtbags! Let's move it!
All right, listen up. Here's the situation.
All right, start.
All right, you scumbags, you have 30 minutes to shower and get to class.
All right, you scumballs, 30 minutes to room inspection. Move it.
All right.
And Carey Mahoney.
And clean the ashtray while you're at it.
And get out of the area!
And get out.
And I am a burglar.
And I was kind of hoping that you two fine young cadets...
And I'm getting tired of saving your butt.
And luxuriant to the touch.
And some of you will not.
And that's just the beginning.
And then, just after he throws up...
And to me, also.
And to protect public property.
And what a lovely sight it was.
And you are the arresting officer.
And you wanna know why?
And you will have many examinations...
And you'd better actually keep your mouths shut.
And you're going to help me talk him out of this terrible mistake.
And, maybe, smoke a cigarette.
Another view of it.
Anybody can get in.
Anybody else?
Anybody want any of this?
Are you all right, sir?
As well as very stimulating.
Ask Mahoney.
At ease, Hightower.
Attaboy, Hightower!
Atten hut!
Attention, applications for motorcycle service...
Attention, everybody!
Attention! This is Cmndt. Eric Lassard of the police academy.
Attention. All cadets report immediately...
Attention. Lights out in 10 minutes.
Back in the old days, there were johnsons as far as the eye could see.
Barbara, just tell me where you are.
Barbara, this is Lt. Harris.
Be back in five minutes!
Be out of here by 3:00.
Because I promised Capt. Reed.
Because we want you.
Because you are the worst people here.
Because you're bad.
Before you do anything else.
Better listen up, you fart blossoms!
Between Fourth and Eighth A venue.
But he's a queer.
But I won't...
But instead I have a presentation to make.
But it's our furniture.
But that doesn't necessarily mean we have to put them on the force.
But they will.
But you can't quit.
But you don't fool me.
Butt breath?
Cadet Kyle Blankes reporting for duty, sir.
Cadet Mahoney.
Cadets, proceed to the supply room and draw your uniforms!
Callahan calling Harris. Come in, please.
Callahan, take over.
Can I ask you something?
Capt. Reed, thank you so much.
Capt. Reed? Yes, sir. How are you, sir?
Come at me with an imaginary knife.
Come on up.
Come on, eyes front. Telephone number.
Come on, Hooks, get over the wall. Move it.
Come on, Hooks, get up.
Come on, Mahoney, move.
Come on, Mahoney. Harris said you had to do 100.
Come on, move it! This is official police business.
Come on, right here!
Come on, you're not gonna shoot us.
Come on!
Come on.
Come with me.
Come with me.
Commandant, do you know Capt. Reed?
Commandant, I'm sorry. Is that your fish?
Copeland and Blankes, in here!
Copeland, get out of that car.
Could I speak to you outside for just a second?
Could we have the lights turned down?
Could we have the lights, please?
D for dirtbags.
Damn it! Look, in here.
Dancing, sir.
Did Mahoney start it?
Do give serious consideration to not coming back.
Do it as quietly as possible.
Do it now or you're fired. You understand? Fired.
Do it now!
Do it.
Do take note of how nice things are on the outside.
Do you know she is attempting...
Do you know what that means, Hooks?
Do you know what that means, Hooks?
Do you understand?
Does it work?
Does the radio bother you?
Don't do that!
Don't do that!
Don't fool with me now. I'm not in the mood.
Don't move, dirtbag!
Don't move, this is a stickup!
Don't move, you bastard!
Don't try me, punk.
Don't unpack.
Don't worry, I can explain everything.
Drop that stereo before I blow your goddamn nuts off, asshole!
Even if you never graduate, the training will be good for you.
Even you.
Every now and then.
Every now and then...
Every single one of them.
Everybody, there's a riot going on!
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Do you know all those women?
Fackler! How's it going?
Fifteen, sixteen...
Find a spot, dickhead.
Find out where the party is.
First of all, I'd like to say how sorry I am...
First one on the steps, second one off.
First thing we got to do is steal a car. Copeland's should do.
Five, four, three, two, one.
For each squad to have two student squad leaders.
For important guys like you, I'll wait.
For those here...
Four of you have already quit.
Fourteen weeks.
Fourteen weeks.
Free TVs!
From now on, part of your training will be to ride from time to time...
Game over.
Gentlemen, please follow me.
Gentlemen, please step forward.
Get away from me, you asshole.
Get back here.
Get back in line.
Get lost. We're busy.
Get out of here now!
Get out of those doors! Move it!
Get set...
Get the cops!
Get your butt off my desk and get out of here!
Get your stuff.
Girls! It's a rug! It's a...
Git, Mahoney! You get out there and you follow me.
Give me the thing.
God damn it, stop that!
Good man.
Good. Then we all know what to do.
Got a light?
Got him.
Guys, I don't think I'm supposed to get the photos wet.
Harris said so.
Harris, come in!
Has a great deal to do with that.
Have any of you had any military training?
Have you ever had a woman...
Have you seen these applications?
Have you seen what our new lady mayor has brought us?
He did a very bad thing.
He didn't mean it. He was joking.
He probably meant the other guy.
He told me that I could...
He's in the gym.
Heard him? Dismissed, let's go!
Hello, men. I thought I'd come by for a personal inspection.
Here at the academy...
Here is the house.
Here is the house. Here is the window.
Here is the window.
Here we are. I got to go now. Bye.
Here, I brought you an apple.
Here? Okay, thanks.
Here's a pair of my old sweat socks. I wore them all day.
Here's the pitch.
Here's your chance.
Hey, Barbara, come here.
Hey, mention my name.
Hey, Sarge, it's him again.
Hi, Capt. Reed, can I get out of here?
Hi, fellows.
Hi, honey.
Hi, I'm Douglas Fackler. I always wanted to be a cop.
Hi, Leslie.
Hi. Want a ride?
High speed driving...
Hightower, you're first. Let's go.
His Holiness the Pope, the King of Norway...
His or her voice, Hooks...
Hit me!
Hold it right there, guys.