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The Usual Suspects (1995)

The Usual Suspects (1995)

The Usual Suspects is a critically acclaimed crime thriller film directed by Bryan Singer and released in 1995. The story revolves around a group of criminals who are brought together in a police lineup, then later join forces for a heist. The film delves into the mysterious and manipulative character, Keyser Söze, who remains hidden throughout the narrative.

The ensemble cast of The Usual Suspects includes talented actors such as Kevin Spacey, Gabriel Byrne, Chazz Palminteri, Stephen Baldwin, and Benicio del Toro. Spacey's performance as the enigmatic Verbal Kint earned him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

If you're interested in exploring the sounds and atmosphere of this gripping crime film, you can play and download them at the provided link. Immerse yourself in the world of The Usual Suspects and get a taste of the mind-bending twists and turns that have made it a beloved classic.

A boy came across a body on the beach this morning. Shot twice in the head.
A fast jump, high risk, long money.
A friend of mine in New York tells me that you know, that you knew Spook Hollis.
A gang of Hungarians wanted their own mob.
A gift from Mr Söze.
A heavyweight criminal lawyer from uptown. I hear she's Keaton's meal ticket.
A little "fuck you" from the five of us to the NYPD.
A most profitable violation of UN regulations.
A one time dirty cop without a loyalty in the world
A strange threat. I can only assume you've come here to kill me anyway.
A truck loaded with stripped gun parts got jacked outside of Queens.
About the devil.
According to your statement, you're a short con operator.
According to your statement, you're a short con operator. Run of the mill...
After a while somebody started asking questions and the service shut down.
After a while they come into power, and they come after Söze.
After that, my guess is you'll never hear from him again.
Again Mr Söze, using pawns who had no knowledge.
All five of you are responsible for the murder of Saul Berg and his bodyguards.
All right, fuck the debt and fuck you. How do we know you work for Söze?
All right, watch this, watch this. Whoa, whoa. Careful, careful!
All right.
All right. Let's get back to the pier.
And a voice line up? A public defender can get you outta that one.
And could positively identify one Keyser Söze.
And I'm gonna get it from you whether you like it or not.
And like that...
And like that... he's gone.
And tell me every last detail.
And the only thing that scares me is Keyser Söze.
And then he had lunch.
And then you will be free of your obligations to Mr Söze.
And there's no way they'd line five felons in the same row.
And they never know who they're working for.
And we convicted someone else of the murder we tried to pin on him,
And which was destined for ****stan to be used in a nuclear reactor.
And your Uncle Randall in Arizona, Mr Kint.
And, above all, I wanna be sure Dean Keaton's dead.
And, of course, there's no smoking.
And, um,
Anyway, the word is he carries around a lot of cash.
Are you trying to get a rise out of me, Agent Kujan?
Arturro was very opposed to returning to prison,
As clean as you could get, they'll never let you go.
As, indeed, will your father, Mr Hockney,
Ask him to tell him what he told me...
At that point I wasn't scared.
Because he never profited from his alleged death
Because he was my friend.
Because I was afraid. OK?
Because you have stolen from Mr Söze, Mr Fenster. All of you.
Because you're a cripple, Verbal. Because you're stupid.
Because you're stupid, Verbal. Because you're a cripple.
Because you're weaker than them.
Before you do me in, Mr McManus,
Besides, it was fun. I got to make like I was notorious.
Better put a leash on that puppy.
Better you hear it from me now than from somebody else later.
Bullshit. Keaton was using her.
But I can't prove the best part either.
But I know Keaton, and someone is out there pulling strings for you.
But I'd like to start at the line up in New York.
But I'm not a rat, Agent Kujan.
But Keaton was the real prize for them, for obvious reasons.
But Keaton? Keaton put on the finishing touch.
But no one ever really believes.
But now you know that we can get to you.
But there's more to his story.
But they're never gonna stop with us. You know that.
But to hear Kobayashi tell it, anybody could've worked for him. You never knew.
But when it came to the job he was right on a smart man.
But why me?
But you say you saw Keaton die. You're covering his ass and he's still out there.
By next week every investor in the city's gonna be walkin' away from us.
Captain Leo wants you out of here ASAP, unless you turn state's.
Come on, Verbal. Who do you think you're talkin' to?
Competing with Mr Söze has taken its toll.
Convince me.
Convince me. Convince me.
Cool it.
Dave, please.
Dave, someone to see you.
Dean Keaton was dead.
Dean Keaton, gone the high road.
Dean Keaton.
Did you ever stop to ask me? Hm?
Did you hear me? He's coming up.
Did you know that? He died in a fire two years ago during an investigation
Do I make myself clear?
Do I? Keaton was under indictment a total of seven times while he was on the force.
Do it.
Do you believe in him, Verbal?
Do you give any weight to this?
Do you hear me?
Doctor, we'll be out of here before he blows his porch light.
Don't give up on me now, Dean.
Don't move.
Don't need to open it, right?
Dr Keaton.
Driving smugglers and drug dealers round the city.
Earlier this year Mr Fenster and Mr McManus hijacked a flight out of Newark.
Edie Finneran was Marquez's extradition adviser. She knew what he knew.
Edie Finneran.
Elvis has left the building.
Enjoy LA, huh? Get yourself laid.
Even if I did, I certainly don't believe he would send you to protect her.
Even if I let you talk to him, he won't talk to you.
Every creep that walks the street for a living will know the name of Verbal Kint.
Every creep that works the street for a living will know the name of Verbal Kint.
Every criminal I've put in prison, every cop that owes me a favour,
Everybody got it right in the ass from the chief on down.
Everybody I've ever worked with or did time with.
Everyone, calm down, all right?
Everyone, this is David Kujan.
Except for a few key people. They were all very hush about it, he says.
Excuse me, sir.
Excuse me. Can I use your fax machine?
Fenster always worked with McManus. He was a tight ass,
Fenster and McManus had a cagey proposition.
Fenster, will you relax? These guys don't have any probable cause.
Fenster? Hockney?
Finds it in his heart to save a worthless rat cripple.
First thing on the job I learnt how to spot a murderer.
Five, six, seven.
For a woman?
For what looks to be $91 million worth of dope that wasn't there.
From now on you're in the getting fucked by us business.
Fuck 'em!
Fuck him.
Fuck who did it! I wanna know who's the gimp.
Fuck you.
Fuck your father in the shower, then have a snack. You gonna charge me?
Fuckin' cops.
Give him the fuckin' shit, man!
Give me some credit. I got you this far.
Give me the case.
Give me the case. Give me the fuckin' case!
Give me the fucking keys, you fucking cocksucker, motherfucker...
Gone clean, huh?
Good day, gentlemen.
Good man, wasn't he?
Good to see you. We'll call you.
Guess who he named in the finale?
Gun parts which were set to be destroyed by the State of New York.
Hand me the fucking keys, you cocksucker. What the fuck?
Hand me the keys, you fucking cocksucker.
Hand me the keys, you fucking cocksucker.
He becomes a myth, a spook story that criminals tell their kids at night.
He burns down the houses they live in and the stores they work in.
He called me last night. He says he wants to meet you guys.
He came to this morning.
He comes home to find his wife ****d and children screaming.
He does not expect all of you to live, but those of you who do
He doesn't know what they were buying, but not dope. Uh, people.
He escapes to California. They pick him up in Long Beach.
He feels you owe him. You will repay your debt.
He had to pull the trigger himself to make sure he got his man.
He killed three prisoners inside.
He kills people that owe them money.
He kills their kids, their wives, their parents and their parents' friends.
He knew we were close, you said it yourself.
He left us a note wishing us good luck and took a chunk of the money.
He lets the last Hungarian go,
He programmed you to tell us just what he wanted you to.
He rents a suite in some downtown hotel. He does free appraisals for people.
He said he always made five times more money than the job was worth.
He saved you because he wanted it that way. It was his will.
He saw the devil, looked him in the eye.
He swore out a statement saying that he had seen
He tells him he would rather see his family dead
He tells me they were pulling stumps for Turkey the next day.
He used all of you to get him on that boat. He couldn't get on alone.
He wants to ask you a few questions.
He was arrested last year in New York for trafficking.
He was dead just long enough for the murder rap to blow over,
He was relieved of $62,000.
He was relieved of $62,000.
He was small time then, just running dope, they say.
He was talking about tracking him down and ripping his heart out, all sorts of shit.
He wasn't behind anything. It was the lawyer.
He's a middle man for somebody, OK? He doesn't say, I don't ask.
He's been competing, shall we say, with a group of Argentinians for years now.
He's got the front burner under your ass to let me go, so he can scoop me up later.
He's in a Hungarian mob doing a deal with Argentinians. Says it was no dope deal.
He's on his way down.
He's paranoid. He knows the interrogation rooms are all wired.
He's supposed to be Turkish. Some say his father was German.
Hey, Fenster, do your friend a favour.
Hey, uh...
His name was Arturro Marquez, a smuggler from Argentina.
His people were selling him to a gang of Hungarians.
Holding the rest of you was a moot point.
How about it, Keaton? You a lawyer's wife?
How do they wanna do it?
How do you shoot the devil in the back?
How many times you been in a line up?
How ya doin'?
How's it goin', Fenster?
Hurry up!
I appreciate that.
I been in LA County talkin' to a guy they pulled out of a drainpipe in San Pedro.
I beg your pardon, but you can all go to hell.
I believe he's dead. Oh, Christ!
I believe you, Mr McManus. I most sincerely do.
I can find Keaton at Mondino's with his attorney. And there he is.
I can introduce you to Dan Metzheiser from Justice. He has a file on Söze in DC.
I can only assume that you are Mr Kint, the gentleman who disposed of Saul Berg.