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Eddie the Eagle (2016)

Eddie the Eagle (2016)

"Eddie the Eagle" is a heartwarming sports biographical film released in 2016. The movie tells the inspiring true story of Eddie Edwards, a British ski-jumper with an unyielding dream of competing in the Winter Olympics. Eddie, brilliantly portrayed by Taron Egerton, faces numerous challenges and setbacks on his journey, but his determination and unwavering spirit inspire those around him. The film also stars Hugh Jackman as his rebellious and unconventional coach, Bronson Peary. Directed by Dexter Fletcher, "Eddie the Eagle" captures the essence of Eddie's uplifting and triumphant story. Relive the thrilling moments through the sounds of soaring skis, crowd cheers, and Eddie's indomitable spirit. Play and download these sounds here!

A curse, really?
A lot better. Go.
A majestic, gravity defying mix of power...
A relative newcomer to the sport. Not a lot of information about him.
A year after I got bumped from the Olympic Squad
About you.
Actually having the guts to do it. Right?
Aim for the '92 Olympics.
All have come together for the 15th Olympic Winter Games...
All right, lovely.
All right.
All the doctors said I should give up sport.
Always drink milk when I'm in training.
An Englishman sleeping in my cupboard.
And a former Olympic squad member of yours, if I'm not mistaken, Warren.
And he knew what he was doing. You don't stand a chance.
And he's also my biggest disappointment.
And here he comes, Matti Nykänen...
And here he comes.
And I don't ever wanna hear about ski jumps again.
And I think that with some time and guidance I probably will make it.
And I will not be going home as one.
And I would like to apologize
And I've decided... I'm going to the Olympics in Calgary.
And if he makes that tomorrow, he qualifies for the Olympics!
And it's because of you that I'm driving my campervan to work.
And it's cold, let me tell you.
And leaning into your descent.
And let's not forget what the founder of the Olympic movement,
And maybe sometimes I come and visit you. Would you like that?
And more than 2 billion TV viewers around the globe.
And more than a few bruises.
And not this pee pee water you're drinking back home. Am I right?
And on his day, the most supreme...
And privilege, to present to you...
And some of you have even soared like an eagle.
And that is a new British Olympic record!
And that's it. Olympic history has been made today.
And that's the noise you make?
And the crowd are loving this. He's really getting them going.
And the scoreboard shows... 60.5 meters.
And the take off, that's your special moment. All right?
And the very minute that 90 meter competition starts
And there's no plans for a team in the near future?
And they think you're just some old drunk.
And we're a disgrace!
And what did you think?
And where do you think you're going, young man?
And who's gonna pay?
And you deserve the best...
And you were landing on your head. Look at the progress we've made.
And you're not gonna like what I did with our savings, either.
Any of them.
Any particular reason you were not with us at the ceremony?
Any tips, then?
Are you trying to tell me you never had a dream when you were a kid, Dad?
Are your knees better? They better be.
Arms back, chest down, fanny in. Lift, lift!
Arrogance. Bad discipline. Drunkenness. Fornication.
As a jumper he was so disrespectful...
As far as you can go with the squad.
As he comes last in the 70 meter.
As I'm informed, he's never jumped the 90 meter before.
As Icarus and Sir Isaac Newton both discovered...
As it's hard to play up to the crowd when you're strapped to a stretcher.
As the premier jumper and the British record holder...
At least I'm wearing a jacket.
At least it might keep you out of trouble.
At Oberstdorf we do everything to the letter.
Athletes must now have jumped a minimum distance of 61 meters...
Balance and dare devil courage.
Baron de Coubertin said:
Because he sets himself very high standards.
Because something tells me you're not gonna give up.
Because you just changed the rules.
Because, as a young man, he had such talent.
Been doing your homework.
Been looking all over for you. Where have you been?
Before you even reach the stairs.
Before you even reach the stairs.
Believe it or not, I do know what it's like to be written off.
Bo Derek!
Bo Derek.
Bring those dirty overalls down, then. For the wash, you're gonna need them.
Britain's Eddie The Eagle Edwards having the time of his life.
Bronson Peary was my biggest disappointment.
Bronson Peary. Interstate youth champion 1968.
Bus ticket.
But as people much wiser than me say...
But as your friend, I say you gotta do it. This is your moment.
But at least we have the 90 meter to look forward to.
But he died in 1975 so, no.
But his focus was not always on the mountain.
But I do.
But if not, you'll like the sandwiches.
But if not, you'll like the sandwiches.
But it doesn't help me.
But it obviously works for him.
But it's a personal best in competition for Edwards.
But it's a team tradition, Ed.
But it's gonna hurt like hell.
But keep up with the training.
But now over to the bobsleigh event
But to take part.
But wondered if I could get some advice and tips.
But you shouldn't be fixing rust buckets. You should be coaching.
But, back in the past, I would have been in here with you.
By virtue of the fact that he jumped the 70 meter...
Bye, Dad.
Bye, Matti.
Calcium. Helps to keep the bones strong.
Can I get a lager beer and a mineral water here, please?
Can't we watch It's A Knockout?
Classic 1972 Trans Am.
Clive North. The Sun.
Coach leaving very soon.
Come here, I'm gonna show you something.
Come on, Eddie.
Come on, Eddie.
Come on, Eddie. Come on, man.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, man, be the wing of a bird.
Come on, man, just go, go, go. What are you doing?
Come on! Spread your wings and die!
Come on.
Competing in the Olympics doesn't mean anything if you sell yourself short.
Competing in the Olympics, Mum.
Congratulations on your medal.
Course I did. I'm not made of stone, son.
Crazy Brit.
Crouch. Clench. Release.
Dad was right.
Dad, it's not like I'm taking up ballet. It's still skiing.
Dad, you're a genius.
Definitely him.
Did I win?
Did they also tell you you look ridiculous in that gear?
Do it again.
Do it right or don't do it at all.
Do that tomorrow, you're in, they can't get rid of you.
Do you have the key for the...? I'll get it off you later.
Do you have your own skis? Do you own your own skis?
Do you really wanna put yourself through this again?
Do you think I'm being patronizing? No, no, no.
Dodgy knees.
Don't ask us, we ain't got any.
Don't be nervous. Just be yourself and try and enjoy it.
Don't bend your legs!
Don't die.
Don't do any climbing up trees and too much running around. All right?
Don't even think about doing the 70 meter.
Don't make the same mistake, Eddie. Okay? I'm begging you.
Don't make this your moment, please! They'll make you a fool.
Don't tell me he's freezing up.
Don't worry about him, love.
Don't worry about how far. Just up, back, forward, down. Okay?
Don't you think I have a right to represent my country?
Driving about in the middle of the night, dark, freezing cold, looking for you.
Easy for you to say, you were a champion.
Eddie Edwards.
Eddie The Eagle Edwards has divided opinion here in Calgary.
Eddie The Eagle.
Eddie The Eagle. Eddie The Eagle.
Eddie The Penguin would be a little more apt.
Eddie, all this Olympic medal stuff, it's driving me a bit mad, mate.
Eddie, listen.
Eddie, what are you doing? Not funny.
Eddie, you are a charity. Your needs are much greater.
Eddie, you are not an athlete!
Eddie's coach is none other than Bronson Peary...
Edwards qualified for the 90 meter which should prove quite spectacular.
Edwards, 34 meters.
Edwards, Great Britain. No jump.
Edwards, you've made quite an impact today.
Edwards. 49 meters.
Edwards. Great Britain.
Either way, we will not have amateurs in the Olympics.
Even if it results in failure.
Everybody on the team does it. Do you wanna put a curse on us all?
Everything but discipline.
Everything was working, man, everything. It was...
Exactly! This is my moment!
Excellence. Achievements. Victory.
Fallen whiz kid of '70s ski jumping.
Fast Eddie Edwards.
Faster, Peary!
Feel okay?
Fell in love with this sport.
Final jump is an open event so if you could just land one jump, you are...
Fine. Get better.
First book I got:
Focused, not tense.
For all their support.
For all time.
For as long as I can remember,
For both of us.
For now.
For the last two years.
Garmisch Seniors Tournament. Next month.
George. George.
Get off my slope.
Get out of that van. Now.
Get the van back sharpish,
Get yourself qualified for something useful.
Give it both barrels, man.
Give up, there's one for free.
Given the average jumper takes four years to build up to it.
God, that's good.
Gonna be up bright and breezy tomorrow for some extra training.