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Crooklyn (1994)

Crooklyn (1994)

Crooklyn is a heartfelt movie released in 1994, directed and co-written by Spike Lee. Set in the 1970s, it follows the turbulent lives of the Carmichael family living in Brooklyn. The film beautifully captures the essence of growing up through the eyes of the spirited and resilient Troy, played by Zelda Harris. With a stellar cast including Alfre Woodard, Delroy Lindo, and a young Isaiah Washington, the story delves into the challenges of urban life, family dynamics, and community spirit. To immerse yourself in the sounds of Crooklyn, you can play and download the soundtrack here.

A couple of days? Ain't that a bitch.
A fuera. Out, out. Let's go. Out.
A little shouting starts. Before you know it, you got a big crowd wantin' a show.
A... bum...
About how to conduct myself in this house. I am asking you...
Afro sheen. Beautiful products for a beautiful people.
Aha! What is this? This is your hips? So what!
Ahh, yeah. Ahh.
Ahh. All right.
Ain't no reason tryin' right now.
Ain't nobody gonna do nothin' about it! [ Screaming ]
Ain't nobody's fault. She gonna be out soon.
All because... no, child, I am not crazy.
All daddy wants to do is play his music.
All I ask you is to write down when you spend the money I am making.
All of you kids are growing up so rapidly.
All right, already.
All right, miss coomish mimmish.
All right, ******. I hate your guts.
All right, now, I want you two right to sleep.
All right, you rascals, let's say our prayers.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite.
All the calcium in the world ain't gonna make up for this nasty taste.
All those little tiny braids and things. What y'all call that?
All y'all mad at me? Nah.
All you little peanuts at attention! Get up, boy! Now!
And a father nice enough to burn it.
And about me and my brothers havin' three different fathers?
And get along with everybody? I don't want to stay here.
And he's a ringleader. He makes these other kids that sit on the stoop do the same...
And her beautiful, natural hair is her crowning glory.
And I'll tell you one damn thing: I certainly am not a plaything.
And it was working, until:
And lord & Taylor to get what you wanted when you wanted.
And now, about your father.
And now, out of the mist of 3,000 years,
And she won't share any with me!
And she's never asked our kids.
And the count now is one and one to Jackie Robinson.
And the Knicks won. How 'bout that?
And they'll say... Yes! To you.
And this other one. We don't do nothin' to you.
And throw rocks down on my dogs.
And when you write cheques and don't tell me about it,
And you ain't paid your rent in two months. What gives, huh?
And you can bet your last money it's all gonna be a stone gas, honey.
And you can't watch the Knicks.
And you let some girl named peanut take my groceries and my food stamps?
And you stop following me, Greg.
And your mother didn't think there was any cause for alarm.
And, of course, the soul train gang.
April, may, June, July, August, September...
Are you gonna eat some breakfast? No, thank you.
Aren't they just adorable?
Aren't they pretty. What are they? Little elephants?
As God is my witness, I want the best for you and the children.
At least mine isn't standing on my head sticking straight out looking all like topsy.
Aunt so... oh, shit, I knew she would.
Aunt song and Uncle clem asked if you'd like to come.
Aunt song and Uncle clem said viola's beside herself that you're comin' down here.
Aunt song has a big mouth sometimes.
Aunt song kinda weird, huh?
Aunt song, you sure can cook. Why, thank you, sugar.
Aw, come on, dad. We watchin' the...
Aw, daddy! Man!
Be quiet! You can't tell me...
Be quiet. ¶ not just for a night but for ¶
Be quiet. You be quiet.
Be right where you are next week, when we return,
Beads and braids. Lord, have mercy. Mmm mmm mmm.
Because no one wanted you to worry yourself silly,
Before she comes in. I don't care. I hate this place anyway.
Before you go to sleep, you have to put away your clothes,
Besides, my dog could kill your little rat dog.
Besides, this is gross. Nasty.
Besides, we outnumber you. After this show, we'll be watching the Knicks.
Between that and good, pure music.
Black eyed peas have calcium.
Boy, I'll slap the black off you. This is no hotel! You ain't slappin' me.
Boy, I'm gonna knock you out! Get off me!
Boy, take that dog outside. Put him in the car. What?
Bump coming.
But I have got to do it in my own way.
But I'm gonna go down there tomorrow, and I'm gonna straighten it out, okay?
But I'm gonna let you make your own decision.
But it never hurt when mommy combed it.
But she gonna have to stay in there for a while.
But we gotta think about what would make mommy happy.
But we know a secret, don't we?
But when I'm sittin' at that piano,
But you have made that mistake five times this month.
But you have to wear something nice.
Bye bye, daddy. Bye bye.
Bye, aunt song.
Bye, dad. [ Door closes ]
Bye, little Joe.
Bye, queenie.
Bye, Troy!
Bye, Troy! [ Woody ] I love you, baby.
Bye, viola. Bye, Troy.
Call the police! I'm gonna sue you!
Call yourself what you want to.
Can I have a piece of lemon, daddy? Mmmm.
Can I have a quarter?
Can I have some trix? Nope.
Can Joseph come out and play?
Can you hear me? Yes.
Can you please chew with your mouth closed?
Candy from dad.
Carolyn Carmichael's gonna have a fit when she sees this, huh?
Carolyn would be so proud of you.
Caught him throwin' trash over there.
Change the channel. Don't think you can come back here givin' orders.
Chocolate! Oh, no, sugar.
Clean up after your friggin' dogs, man!
Clem, do something!
Clem! She ain't my real mother.
Clinton claims you stole his prize collection of buffalo nickels.
Clinton, Wendell! Time to eat!
Clinton, you go to the game? ¶ I can see clearly now ¶
Clinton! [ Joseph ] Troy!
Clinton! Have you lost your mind?
Clinton! What?
Clinton. Aw, my man Vic!
Clinton. I'm not hungry.
Clinton. What kind of example are you setting, being the oldest?
Come here.
Come here.
Come here. Get your hands off me, you coconut west Indian monkey.
Come here. I want to talk to you.
Come here. Let me wipe that.
Come on and sing. It's real easy. ¶ he misses every time ¶
Come on, clem.
Come on, everybody. Let's make breakfast, hmm?
Come on, gem. Get your hands off of me.
Come on, gem. It's a compliment to your good cooking.
Come on, mommy. Why I got to eat this?
Come on, mutley. ¶ I know I've got a guilty face ¶
Come on, Troy the boy. Hit it, Troy the boy. Ha!
Come on, Troy!
Come on! Let's play!
Come on! Open the door!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. [ Sportscaster ] Five seconds.
Come on. And bring Joseph.
Come on. Give me a big hug. I missed you.
Come on. Let's just eat in peace.
Come on. Move!
Come on. Shh shh! Y'all ain't listenin'. Come on. Now listen.
Come on. Yeah, stupid.
Cool? Cool. I went out and opened a separate bank account.
Could this be true? Although you've been gone only a month,
Daddy, I'm glad you came back home.
Daddy, my peas are touching my chicken.
Daddy, these eggs are runny.
Daddy. You get up front with me.
Daddy's got some good news. I'm giving a solo concert.
Daddy's got some good news. I'm giving a solo concert.
Dag, this is gettin'... oh, he got, he got blowed up!
Damn it, Woody, you bounced another cheque.
Damn kids broke my shoe, man.
Damn, not at the table. Put the salt down, Wendell, before I pull your head off!
Dang! Dang! Clinton, Wendell.
Dang! See what you started, Nate?
Desserts, anybody? I got ice cream...
Did y'all wash your hands when you came in from playin' outside?
Did you pay it? [ Sighs ] Yes, I paid it.
Did you take mama out yet?
Did you take them? No.
Did you wash your hands? Yes.
Do I have to finish my peas? That's okay, doc.
Do things right. [ Song ] Queenie,
Does this mean we can't watch TV? That's right.
Does this mean we can't watch TV? That's right.
Doesn't hurt. If you combed it a little more often,
Doin' it right!
Don't answer me what. Turn the goddamn TV off.
Don't go showin' off in front of your company.
Don't go too far. Dinner's almost ready.
Don't go, daddy.
Don't know what's wrong, but I'm tired.
Don't let me have to go get my switch. Jesus, help me. Clem!
Don't lie to me. Why is that child standin' outside
Don't tell me a fib. You know it is sinful to lie.
Don't worry. I'm gonna take care of the house.
Don't you know better than to stand under a loose Boulder?
Don't you want to look all pretty like aunt Maxine?
Drive safe, all right? Take care. Bye. Okay.
Eat the peas!
Eat those eggs! The food was prepared by your pops...
Emerges today's beautiful black queen.
Even Clinton cried.
Even though I hated your guts.
Every time I want some privacy to do my work.
Everybody has a little argument now and then.
Everybody listen to me real good.
Everybody was wonderin' when you was gonna break. ¶ anytime she goes away ¶
Everybody, stop!
Everything's gonna be all right.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Exit for child welfare stage right.
Exit stampedin' all the way. Stage left.
Feelin' better? You want some breakfast? Mm hmm.
Find your place. Win the race.
For Christ's sake, let Troy open up her presents, please, honey. Goddamn!
For the brothers who ain't here. Yeah, drain it out, baby.
For the nourishment of our bodies for Christ's sake. Amen.
Forget candles. You don't understand what you're dealin' with.
From now on, everybody's gonna start pullin' their weight. Do you understand me?
Full of ashy, rusty butt boys. Ow!
Gee, you must have been lonesome if you missed them.
Gem, let me just finish this music.
Gem, the money will come.
Get it, girl. Get it, girl.