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Special Ed Sounds

Special Ed Sounds

Ed is perhaps best known for the songs "I Got It Made", "Think About It" and "I'm the Magnificent" from his debut album Youngest in Charge, released in 1989 when he was 17 years old. He is an American rapper and producer, known professionally as Special Ed.
See also: Special ed, Special education, List of Ed, Edd n Eddy episodes, Legal (Special Ed album), Revelations (Special Ed album), Ed, Edd n Eddy,

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Ah yeah you sound like my mommy
And i'm sorry
And then yay
Are you lonely like maine
Are you pretty
Boo boo boo boo boo yeah yeah
Bread makes me poop!
But the yeah I could bring to my friends
Do you have a discount for special people
Do you have chocolate pudding
Do you have fruit cup
Do you have jello
Do you have jello do you have yellow
Do you know any slow or special people
Do you show air bud
Does gray yay
Does that mean I got lower standards 'cause I use I got mail
Get it right lady
Give me the record jimmy
Guys you couple questions are
He was yelling
Hello movie theater
Hello who is this
Hey I like you lady
Hey lady
Hey me and threw the ball game
Hey you going to the movies yay
Hi this is ed
Hi who is this
How much
How much aid tickets
How much are six tickets
How much for a thousand tickets
How much for one ticket
How much is four tickets
How much is two tickets
I can dance
I got mail yay I got mail yay
I got mail yehey I got mail I got mail I got mail I got mail I got now
I got yeah yeah I got yeah that's a good one is it in
I got you lady doesn't going is it
I gotta go poop lady
I have a job for you
I I come from my house
I I saw her bird
I know
I like that song yeah E
I peed in your pool
I wanna buy the record
I wanna go to hawaii yay yay I want to go to hawaii
I wanna know how much
I'm asking you one question
I'm gonna have my birthday party at the theater yehey
I'm sorry
I've been in your pool
Is it it got boom boom boom
Is it OK
Is only going to take one minute
It goes boom boom boom boom
It is a record storm
Jay beavers I love beavers
Knock knock
Lady how much is five tickets
Lady you don't sound like you're in a good mood do you have a baby coming or something
My dollars
My mom is over the call
My name is
No alright then i'll tell you another one then
No boo yeah
No no
No that's not the answer
No you supposed to say who's there
No. I'm special. That's what my mom says.
Not one
Number eight
Number fine
Number gini tickets lady
Number nine
Oh ha ha ha ha
Oh she number six where is it right here OK OK do you know any slow or special people
OK let's do another one knock knock
Pushing on my phone
Question number three
Question number two
Say what
Sing with me and then you'll know
Stop being a goofball
Tell me a joke and bring to my friends
That means I could bring a couple of my friends
That's great now give me the record
The album was out of runs
Turn on
Very simple with me boo boo boo boo yeah E
Was not alive
We only have a couple more so
We're going to go to the air bud
Well how much is three tickets
What was that
What's your number seven
When the water was warm
Why do you not listening
Why don't you go through microsoft
Why not
Why was she yelling at me
Will you have a good day
Yaaay! I peed in your pool!
Yeah good boo boo boo yeah
Yeah i
Yeah I love jello
Yeah I wanna hear that song
Yeah that's it yeah
Yeah yeah I could bring to my friends is in adair bird that's great
Yeah yeah I hate fruit cups
Yeah yeah I love chocolate burning legs gray
Yeah you joe air bud
Yes there is
You are enjoying the movies with maine
You do one more time lady do one more time
You don't know any
You go lady
You go sir!
You go you go have to maine who boo boo boo yeah E
You got now
You sound pretty lady
You want
You're a knucklehead
You're my friend