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Bastards Soundboard

Bastards Soundboard

Title: Bastards

Year: 2017

1. Owen Wilson as Kyle
2. Ed Helms as Peter
3. Glenn Close as Helen Baxter
4. J.K. Simmons as The Commander
5. Katt Williams as Reggie
6. Terry Bradshaw as Himself
7. Ving Rhames as Rod Hamilton
8. Katie Aselton as Sarah Callaway
9. Bill Irwin as Gene Baxter
10. Retta as Annie
11. Jessie Ennis as Officer Malinowski

"Bastards" is an uproarious comedy film released in 2017 that explores the wild and misadventurous journey of two brothers, Kyle and Peter, played by the talented Owen Wilson and Ed Helms, respectively. They embark on a hilarious mission to uncover the truth about their biological father, whom they thought had died many years ago. The film also boasts an exceptional ensemble cast, bringing an eclectic mix of comedic talent to the screen.

As the brothers dig into their past, they encounter their eccentric and vivacious mother, Helen Baxter, portrayed brilliantly by Glenn Close. Her secretive nature only fuels their curiosity and determination, pushing them further on their uproarious quest. Joining the all-star cast is the extraordinary J.K. Simmons as The Commander, a former football great who crosses paths with the brothers and adds an unexpected twist to their journey.

Adding to the comical chaos is the unforgettable Reggie, played by the hilarious Katt Williams. His wild personality and unexpected antics bring a refreshing dose of laughter that is sure to leave audiences in stitches. Terry Bradshaw, a real-life NFL legend, makes a special appearance as himself, adding an authentic touch of football-related humor.

The brothers' pursuit leads them to the enigmatic Rod Hamilton, portrayed by the charismatic Ving Rhames, who holds the key to unlocking the mysteries of their past. In their quest, they also encounter Sarah Callaway, played by Katie Aselton, a woman linked to their shared history, and Officer Malinowski, portrayed by Jessie Ennis, who becomes entangled in their zany adventure.

"Bastards" is a riotously funny film that takes its audience on a rollercoaster ride of side-splitting laughter and unexpected turns. It explores themes of family, identity, and the significance of blood ties. The talented cast masterfully delivers witty dialogue and impeccable comedic timing throughout the movie, making it an unforgettable experience for fans of the genre.

To fully immerse in the uproarious world of "Bastards," you can access and enjoy the sounds and soundtrack from the movie. Relive the hilarious moments and memorable scenes by playing and downloading the soundtrack, which captures the essence of the film's comedic brilliance. From catchy tunes to comedic interludes, the soundtrack perfectly complements the outrageous situations and uproarious adventures depicted on screen.

Immerse yourself in the comedic genius of "Bastards" through the outstanding performances of Wilson, Helms, and the rest of the star-studded cast. Witness their hilarious encounters, unexpected revelations, and comedic triumphs as they navigate the unpredictable twists and turns of unraveling their family history.

Experience the comedic chaos and laughter of "Bastards" for yourself! Play and download the sounds and soundtrack from the film, and let the hilarity of the story embrace you once again. Indulge in the remarkable performances and comedic brilliance of this exceptional cast, as they bring this uproarious tale to life on screen.

Bastards can rise high in the
Battle of bastards
Can you pivot into plastic surgery or something less butt related?
Go Go Go Go
I probably should have told you long ago
I spent my whole life trying to honor his memory
Jontron Get Out Bastards
Kiryu Coco Hey bastards
Look at this poor guy
Rotten Bastards
So what are you doing here?
Stanley: Bastards.
Who's Roland Hunt?
You bastards quit laughing