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Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

"Sweet Home Alabama" is a 2002 romantic comedy film directed by Andy Tennant. The movie stars Reese Witherspoon, Josh Lucas, and Patrick Dempsey. Witherspoon portrays a successful New York fashion designer who must confront her past and choose between her high society fiancé (Dempsey) and her charming hometown sweetheart (Lucas). The film's title is an homage to the popular song by Lynyrd Skynyrd. You can play and download the iconic "Sweet Home Alabama" along with other sounds from the movie here. Enjoy the southern charm and heartfelt story!

A bill of divorcement?
A couple more days won't kill her. Unfortunately.
A lot of people are expecting us to get married in the city.
A plantation by any other name is just a farm.
About a game of post office we played.
About a year after you left.
About your wedding.
Actually, I'm hoping to surprise Melanie.
Actually, it's mine. Bergdorf just picked it up.
Actually, that's probably not true.
After you.
All they managed to do was blow 'em sky high for a few seconds.
All those electoral votes.
Alright, stand right here.
Am I missing something?
And all of a sudden, I just needed a different life.
And he adores you.
And he's quite a catch.
And how does Miss Alabama plan to accommodate 500 people?
And I commend her for making something of herself.
And I never really got it back.
And I read about it with 1 2 million other people.
And I think I should do it alone.
And I'd like nothing better than to piss you off!
And I'm happy. Really.
And I'm in politics!
And into the bank.
And my dad. You already met him.
And no more Melanie corndog.
And over here, we have the...
And she'd like nothing better than a big, snazzy New York wedding.
And somebody loves me and I love him.
And the Golden Cherry Motel, where we will be.
And then I just left you.
And this is our home. This is where I grew up.
And this is our home. This is where I grew up.
And watch me teach Jake here how to lose at pool.
And where are them magnets I had over here?
And you shouldn't want to marry me.
And you've done real well for yourself.
Andrew Hennings.
Andrew Hennings. You must be...
Andrew, I. . .
Andrew, wait! Wait!
Anybody here recognise that name?
Anybody seen Earl Smooter?
Anybody think of anything in here that might bother Bobby Ray?
Anyway, spoiled is in the eye of the beholder.
Apparently, you and I are still hitched.
Are we talking about the same girl?
Are you clairvoyant now?
Are you moving?
Are you sure? I mean, are you really sure?
Are you tired? Maybe it's the way you're wearing your hair now.
Aren't you the Lord of the Dance?
Assume away.
At least I'm doing something. So what if you can't play football?
Barry Lowenstein, New York Post.
Batten down the hatches, boys!
Because you lose personal contact with customers.
Bobby Ray!
Bobby Ray?
Bobby Ray. . .
Bonne chance.
Boy. I bet you slid down this bannister a time or two.
Bryant, where is he?
But admit it. I was right.
But Clinton would kill me if I spent 30 bucks on a sweater thing.
But I read about yours on the internet.
But I think a nice quiet country wedding is just the ticket.
But I think that these almost ruined ones
But it does roll off the tongue a little sweeter.
But sometimes you are too much like your daddy.
But that's just pillow talk.
But then I come down here and this fits too.
But you can't manage to visit your daughter.
But you can't take the honky tonk out of the girl.
But you still love him?
But you're right.
But, darlin', I thought you said we should think of it as our money.
By ghosts of...
Can he swim?
Careful. You just smashed the state bird of Alabama.
Charles Carmichael, in 1 853.
Christ Almighty, Daddy, how will I explain you in New York City?
Clinton has got two left feet.
Clinton's breath?
Come here. Come on.
Come on, Bobby Ray, you got it.
Come on, boy, get in here.
Come on, Bryant. Let's. . .
Come on, I was just kidding.
Come on, Jake, slow down.
Come on, Mel! Get out here!
Come on, Mel. We were your friends too.
Come on, stay.
Come on.
Come on. Bryant, come on.
Come on. I'll give you a ride up there.
Come on. Let's go to the roadhouse.
Come right on then. I've got some fried pickles, hot out of the grease.
Come to Momma, sugar.
Competition? Please! Our designs are pearls.
Cos I felt...
Cos people still see him, scorched tail and all.
Cos you've turned into some hoity toity Yankee bitch
Could we try to keep this as civilised as possible?
Cut the shit. Where's my stuff?
Daddy, no!
Damn reporters.
Damn reporters.
Dang Confederate buttons!
Deep South Glass.
Did the Piggly Wiggly run out of soap?
Did they kill Badgley Mischka.
Did you know there's a world out there
Divorce, my ass.
Do me a favour. Follow us home.
Do we know...
Do you have the Carmichaels' number down there in Greenville?
Do you know Bobby Ray Bailey's address?
Do you need any help?
Do you want to be humiliated in front of all your friends?
Does anybody have a pen?
Dogs don't know anything about that, do they, though?
Don't blow this one, OK? Alright, baby?
Don't get me started on things I don't understand.
Don't honey me, honey!
Don't I get a smile? I know you got one in there.
Don't see the likes of you round these here parts.
Dorothea, I'm going to take my lunch.
Dorothea? My God, you've. . .
Drive over and see 'em, then maybe we'll talk.
Drive that pretty face over here and give me a hug.
Earl Smooter.
Earl Smooter. Glad to meet you.
Earl, Pearl, if you folks could take care of the rehearsal dinner,
Easy for you to say. I don't have thick Hennings skin.
Even if he is a Yankee, at least he's sober.
Evening, Earl.
Evening, Jake.
Ever wonder what would have happened if we hadn't got pregnant?
Every childhood memory I have has you two in it.
Excuse me.
Family. It's great to meet you both.
Fine! Have it your way, you stubborn ass!
For Christmas? Are you on some sort of medication?
For God's sakes, Melanie, I thought you took care of this.
For good reason.
For somebody who's been holding onto something so hard,
For whoever dumped your momma's tractor in the fish pond?
Fortunately, nobody was hurt, except maybe the cat.
Frederick, why are you here? You're the competition.
From what I hear, y'all are still married.
Get here! Get back here!
Get out before you make me cry.
Get your butt back in that car,
Get your hands off me!
Give this lady whatever she wants! I'll catch up with you later.
Go ahead and spend your money.
Go back to your double wide and fry something.
Go home.
Go on.
God knows I do. And only He knows why.
God, honey, I needed that almost as much as I need you.
God! Bobby Ray! You sure know how to make a girl blush.
Good afternoon.
Good land of the living, you are skin and bones.
Good Lord, that is the sweetest thing.
Goodnight, darling.
Guys, let's play some pool.
Happy couples don't sell.
Have you told your mother you're engaged?
He asked me to go to Ireland for Christmas.
He billed me every time you sent these back.
He can give you a life that we never dreamed of.
He did. You didn't.
He didn't hit you, did he?
He died. You weren't here.
He does, doesn't he?
He don't know I know. But Clinton let it slip once.
He needed to conquer the world first. He's been trying ever since.
He never could get his balls in the right pocket.
He probably wriggled loose from the explosive
He proposed and I think I loved him, despite his billions.
He realised straight off he'd need more than an apology to win you back.
He was one hell of a good dog.
He was still drunk from the night before.
He's about to surrender!
He's going to ask you a lot more than that.
He's hurt from breaking up with. . . Who was it?
He's loud, but he don't bite. Shut up, hound
He's pretty good. It might be you.
He's really a great guy.
Heck! How many times does your only daughter get married?
Hell, I got three more at home.
Hello, New York City.
Hello? Hello?
Her cousin.
Her daddy's in cotton and all that that implies.
Her high school?
Here are your tickets.
Here we go.
Hey there, boy.
Hey, darling. I thought that was you.
Hey, Eldon. Are you hungry?
Hey, genius.
Hey, Jake.
Hey, Momma.