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Honeymoon in Vegas (1992)

Honeymoon in Vegas (1992)

"Honeymoon in Vegas" is a comedy film released in 1992. The story revolves around Jack Singer, played by Nicolas Cage, who must overcome his fear of commitment to marry his girlfriend Betsy, portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker. However, their plans take an unexpected twist when a professional gambler, Tommy Korman, played by James Caan, falls in love with Betsy and tries to win her heart. This hilarious romantic adventure serves as a perfect choice for a light-hearted movie night. You can enjoy and download the sounds of this film here.

A full house, four of a kind,
A little confidence ain't going to get it, kid.
A million. Now, be a realist.
About me and my girlfriend, Betsy Nolan.
About money, I, I neverjoke.
Aces over eights.
Actually, I'm not.
All right, fellers. It's just about show time!
All right? I don't know, but I suppose I can guess.
All right. Oh...
Almost shouting.
Aloha, brother!
Although my job can get depressing,
Am I right? They stiff everybody.
And he actually said, If she spends the weekend with me,
And he was about to enter my life.
And her coconut oil.
And I do hear some great stories.
And I love you so, so much.
And I pull the red one first?
And if he shows up over here, it's over, and...
And no amateur's gonna beat me.
And our newest Flying Elvis from New York City...
And pray that they make it safely to Earth.
And she's the love of my life.
And she's the love of my life.
And the hotel asked me to help make the guests feel at home.
And then he said, Great. It's in the 80s. Low humidity.
And then you can just take a 12:35 flight into Vegas.
And then you jumped out of a plane for me!
And these chutes are foolproof, right?
And when she did, things weren't the same.
And word spread quickly throughout the islands.
And you'll never get married.
And, Jack, I'll be a perfect gentleman.
And... Ally, she's at Bennington.
Another $12,000 winner...
Anybody who would put you up for $3,000...
Anybody, Vegas!
Apparently there's bad weather in El Paso.
Are approaching Bally's.
Are wearing specially designed electric jumpsuits
Are you always going to keep me waiting?
Are you crazy? Of course not. That's not even a consideration.
Are you goddamn eating again?
Are you guys going to Vegas by any chance?
Are you sure this is not a reaction to what I told you?
Are you trying to give me a heart attack?
As Hawaii's Mount Kilauea erupted.
As in Jack, tell your mother I'm going to get the paper.
At 8:07.
At least it's not dangerous,
Attention, ****stani, Indian and Malaysian Elvises:
Auckland, New Zealand.
Bad news. He's on the morning flight in.
Bad week here, Jack. I got killed on the Indiana game.
Bada bing, bada bang.
Beautiful, huh? So romantic.
Because I love you so very much.
Believe me. I have no ax to grind here.
Betsy, he's a gambler, he's not a gangster.
Betsy! Betsy! Betsy! Betsy!
Betsy? How do you know Betsy?
Buddy? I would like Penthouse A,
Bump 20.
But he couldn't get an LA flight.
But I know it's the champ.
But I need a commitment. Life's too short.
But if you'd leave your name and number, I'll get right back to you.
But it doesn't mean that we'd wind up like this, Jack, it doesn't.
But it's not anymore.
But the reality is that you're in a tremendous amount of trouble.
But they cause a lot of heartache.
But we all make mistakes. Life goes on.
But you can do it, son. You can do it!
But you stay the hell away from her or give me 65 thousand.
But, hey, for openers, let's say I follow this Ramirez around...
But, Jack, listen to me.
Buy a Cadillac, because consumers say that the repair ratio...
Can I borrow 21 grand, please?
Can't catch a break here.
Chris, he's married now.
Chris, you'll meet him this weekend.
Chris'll be there, his wife, baby. Be a real family time.
Come here.
Come on. Don't. You're making a big mistake.
Come on. No, no, no, we waited this long, we should do it right.
Come on. You spend ten minutes with the guy, OK?
Coming up behind, grabbing her. Her, laughing and laughing...
Congratulations to the two of you.
Congratulations to the winner.
Could we talk?
Decent, good guys. They're real good guys.
Devil in Disguise)
Did I upset you? Because if I did, I...
Did you get a job here?
Did you hear me before about Tommy Korman?
Didn't have to be Vegas. Could be anywhere.
Do you find Chief Orman attractive?
Do you have any idea where a guy named Tommy Korman lives?
Do you know if it will come to Kauai?
Do you know what a straight flush is? It's, like, unbeatable.
Do you know what the odds are? They're, like, three billion to one against.
Don't grab me like that.
Don't look down.
Don't say anything.
Don't screw around with him. Has he got an alternative?
Don't tell me you still want the cab fare.
Don't torture yourself like this.
Don't worry.
Don't yell at me! I hate this place!
Each suit is valued at over $10,000.
Eddie, please.
Elvises, head 'em up and move 'em out!
Elvises, light your fires!
Elvises, rise!
Erupted last night with spectacular force.
Especially gambling debts.
Exceptin' Coupe DeVilles and hookers!
Excuse me, Elvises running around, no?
Excuse me, gentlemen. Would you like chaises?
Excuse me.
Excuse me...
Excuse... Jack, would you like me to turn up the air conditioning?
Fighting off her poetry professor.
For our heroic young man, Jack Singer!
For such a short flight, it seems like you're being overcautious.
Forty regular.
From the minute I saw you in that lobby, I knew...
From whom? My parents don't have it.
Get off me!
Get off!
Get out of my sight.
Go on.
Go take a hike.
God forgive me for saying that.
God, Jack! What did he say?
God, this is breathtaking.
God. I've been to the Caribbean...
Gonna get married.
Good. Then take it. And don't ask no questions.
Government officials stress no one was in immediate danger from the eruption.
Happy families.
Have entered Las Vegas airspace and will jump in one minute!
Having children with you would be heaven.
Hawaii, jail... I saw you on the beach. I was screaming your name.
He checked out Sunday?
He did this for $3,000?
He knocked down Holmes twice.
He left Kauai.
He looking for a man named Tommy Korman.
He owed me $3,000.
He probably has servants and bodyguards, and believe me, they will drug you!
He put you up like a...
He said that was the wind.
He said you only lost 3,000.
He was.
He'll overcome you. What happens if you start screaming?
He's a great... a great guy, I'm sure.
He's a...
He's coming out of that terminal.
He's scared. That's natural.
He's taking me to Hawaii.
Help! Get off me!
Her head thrown back!
Here comes our first Elvis to Earth.
Here they come. From Tucson, Billy Braker!
Here we go.
Here we go.
Here. Look for yourself.
Here. Remember that, all right?
Here's a thousand.
Hey, all right. What's your cape size, son?
Hey, brother, you like ride?
Hey, I know that now, OK? •SAVVAS MovieZ Team•™ ©©
Hey, I only had one dream where she was naked.
Hey, Jack, no make insult for the chief, OK?
Hey, look, it's not a matter of being scared, OK?
Hey, Mr. Straight Flush. We got a free seat.
Hey, Niko, please. You're really embarrassing me here.
Hey, tops. This is a get acquainted meeting.
Hey, what do you think? You're buying a damn washer and dryer?
Hi, Jack, it's me. I'm back in Vegas with Tommy.
Hi, old timer. Are you feeling lucky?
Hi, this is Jack Singer.
Him, your girlfriend, both went back Vegas.
Him... leaning against her...
His kid said you were gonna marry him today.
Honey, and the truth was so...
Honey, look.
Honey, you don't think this is destroying me? I don't know what to do.
How 'bout a nice hit and run?
I brought it with me.
I brought it with me.
I can't believe it. Maybe he was frantic.
I can't believe it. She doesn't go to people like that.
I can't find her.
I can't just marry you.
I can't just turn around and marry someone else.
I can't make it worse than it is.
I can't promise that.
I didn't say Chief Orman.
I didn't want to live if I couldn't have you, baby.
I don't care if Ming the Friggin' Merciless is in there. Get him out.
I don't care where you take him. Just keep him away from Tommy's.
I don't have time for this horseshit!
I don't know about this.
I don't know and I can't speak to you direc...
I don't know her. I saw her over there in the lobby.
I don't know.
I don't know. It's just a hunch, but...