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James Bond: From Russia with Love (1963)

James Bond: From Russia with Love (1963)

"From Russia with Love" is a thrilling movie released in 1963, featuring the iconic British secret agent James Bond. Directed by Terence Young, this action-packed film showcases the dashing Sean Connery as James Bond, alongside a talented cast including Daniela Bianchi as Tatiana Romanova, Lotte Lenya as Rosa Klebb, and Robert Shaw as the menacing Red Grant.

Set during the height of the Cold War, the plot revolves around Bond's mission to retrieve a Soviet decoding machine, all while facing treacherous twists and turns orchestrated by the evil organization SPECTRE. The film captures the essence of espionage, romance, and suspense, cementing James Bond as a timeless pop culture figure.

To relive the excitement and ambiance of "From Russia with Love," you can now play and download these sounds here. Immerse yourself in the electrifying soundtrack, the melodic theme song, and the unforgettable dialogue as you indulge in the legendary adventures of James Bond.

A homicidal paranoiac. Superb material, though his methods were a little crude.
A present from your navy.
A real labour of love...
About 1648, Sultan Murad IV...
About ten kilos. Ina brown case.
About the machine...
According to your instructions, I've planned for SPECTRE...
Ahoy, Mr. Bond!
Ali Kerim Bey.
Ali Kerim Bey.
Ali Kerim Bey...
All boats, throw out your ammunition! Get rid of it! Quick!
All I know is that it saved me the job.
All of my key employees are my sons. Blood is the best security in this business.
All right, get out. Move.
All right, now get up on your knees.
All right.
All right. What do you want to know?
All that you say could be true. What else?
All the same, take it with you. Good luck, 007.
Am I as exciting as all those Western girls?
An ordinary black leather case...
An ordinary tin of talcum powder.
And also get me the British Consul.
And for madam. What about you, Nash?
And he wasn't killed because of that.
And if I refuse?
And Nash?
And on you... they'll find this letter.
And one plane ticket. Lucky man. I've never been to Istanbul.
And open ordinarily.
And send up a porter.
And so do I. This is an old friend of mine.
And straight along the coast.
And then you have had three lovers.
And then, like SPECTRE, he strikes.
And there will be no failure.
And they couldn't possibly pass up even the slightest chance...
And this here is the communication room. That's the same.
Another Bulgarian they use as a killer.
Another one. Further back.
Answer my questions quietly, but clearly.
Any more in the other case?
Anything! My dear James...
Are you sure that's all you want?
Arm or no arm, I have to pull that trigger.
As an added refinement, I think SPECTRE would have the chance...
As an English gentleman?
As I'm a family friend, we'll be allowed to stay.
As if I didn't have enough problems.
At eleven in the morning and three in the afternoon.
Back inside.
Back to the salt mines.
Be still!
Because the man the British will almost certainly use on a mission of this sort...
Because this is so obviously a trap.
Beograd! Beograd!
Between here and Trieste.
Biggest family payroll in Turkey.
Bond is still alive and the Lektor is not yet in our possession.
Both, with an in built compensator. James...
Brave, but on the whole stupid.
Breakfast for one at nine please.
Breaking chains and bending bars in a circus.
British agent murders beautiful Russian spy, then commits suicide.
Brown like your eyes.
Business first.
But as I said before, we won't always work on the company's time, will we?
But he couldn't have contacted the consulate.
But he lets you decide the matter.
But I grew an inch over the regulation height and so...
But I shouldn't think I'll need it on this assignment.
But I've arranged to meet Kerim in the restaurant car.
But I've never even heard of a Tatiana Romanova.
But if there's a chance of getting a Lektor...
But let's talk about this business of yours.
But not a Russian cipher clerk with a file photo of a British agent!
But there are some English customs
But what makes you think that M, the head of British Intelligence...
But, by good fortune, I was relaxing on the settee for a few moments.
But, when we get to England, I tell you.
By the time the place was declared safe, I had this installed.
Can you get us across?
Can't you see the headlines?
Careful with those papers.
Careful! Guns upset me.
Caroline! I like that name.
Change course!
Chloral hydrate. Quick, but mild.
Close up afterwards.
Colonel Klebb, head of operations for... for SMERSH.
Come in, Kronsteen.
Come in, Univex. James Bond here. Over.
Come in.
Come on, never mind.
Come on, quickly.
Come on, wake up.
Come on!
Come on.
Come, come, my dear.
Corporal of State Security Tatiana Romanova.
Corporal, I have selected you for a most important assignment.
Darling Moneypenny, you know I never even look at another woman.
Dates back from the Alexander the Great period.
Day and night. Go on about the mechanism.
Did you hear that?
Did you pick up that package at the hotel?
Did you tell the consulate you were coming here?
Do I look right, Mr. Somerset?
Do not be alarmed, my friend. We will make you as comfortable as possible.
Do what? Last time you said that, you went off to Jamaica.
Do you mind if we have a bite to eat? I've been on the go since breakfast.
Do you swim?
Don't go away.
Don't leave me. Never leave me.
Don't make it tougher on yourself!
Donald Grant, convicted murderer.
Dushka, tell me the truth.
Escaped Dartmoor Prison in 1960, recruited in Tangier, 1962.
Even if you kill me, I can say nothing.
Even on a honeymoon?
Exactly 1 minute 52 seconds. That's excellent.
Exactly. What have you to say to that,
Excellent. Where is he now?
Except for one thing. They were dealing with Bond.
Except for the occasional one...
Excuse me!
Excuse me! You did say your clock was correct?
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Merci.
Fine. We'll meet you there at six.
For day to day routine matters, we make it easy to keep a tab on each other.
For me, that is.
For my next miracle, I...
For your sake, I hope so.
Forward machine gun, fire!
From now on, you will do anything he says.
Get out of the way! Give them a warning shot.
Get rid of it!
Give me those charts.
Glad to see you. Welcome to Istanbul.
Go on.
Go on. I'm fascinated.
Go on. No, not that, the mechanism!
Go with Nash to the restaurant car.
Good luck.
Good work. Who can the Russians suspect but the British?
Good. Come this way.
Good. Now, these are your instructions.
Good. We'll make it.
Grant! Where are you?
Green figs, yogurt, coffee, very black.
Green, change your course! Go astern!
Green, go alongside while we keep you covered.
Hands back in your pockets!
He also is my son.
He didn't die of old age.
He says your heart is too soft to be a real Gypsy.
He seems fit enough. Have him report to me in Istanbul in 24 hours.
He should be. He's my son.
He took care of that himself. The other man died first.
He was Klebb's choice. Her people failed.
He was right, you know.
He'll stop the train near the frontier, where my sons will be waiting with a car.
He's a rather intelligent young man.
He's asking whether they will cease their blood feud and give up this fight.
He's been asking for you all morning. Where in the world are you, James?
Head of the table is General Vassili. Director of Military Intelligence.
Heave to, heave to!
Hello, Krilencu?
Hello, London. Your flight PA1 just landed Istanbul.
Hello, Paul. Bond here.
Here you are. In case you ever need it again.
Here you are. What about that cigarette?
Here, leave that! I'll take it.
Here, take the wheel.
Here, take the wheel. This way, please.
Here's a roll of film.
Hey, your old case sounds interesting, James.
His response to our training and indoctrination have been remarkable.
Honeymoon? And I've nothing to wear!
Horrible woman.
How about a cigarette?
How can a friend be in debt?
How do you do? So pleased to meet you.
How does it feel, old man?
How does she look to you?
How I do it is my business.
How is she gonna get the machine to us?
How large is the machine?
How much are they paying you?
I agree. We use live targets as well.
I busted every record getting here.
I can see everything M said about you is right.
I can't risk taking this through the customs...
I can't see the face of the other man.
I cannot tell. Perhaps if he was kind and kulturny.