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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is a highly anticipated superhero film released in 2016 directed by Zack Snyder. The movie serves as a sequel to "Man of Steel" and brings together two iconic DC Comics characters, Batman and Superman, played by Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, respectively. The story revolves around the clash between these two superheroes as Batman sees Superman as a potential threat to humanity. As the tension escalates, a new threat arises, forcing the heroes to put their differences aside and unite to save the world from destruction.

You can immerse yourself in the soundscape of this epic battle and download its soundtrack, composed by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL, providing an adrenaline-pumping experience. Feel the intensity of the fight and the emotional journey of these legendary heroes through the captivating melodies and powerful compositions by accessing our play and download feature here.

A beautiful lie.
A dangerous situation.
A fist.
A jackpot of bomb making materials inside Keefe's apartment.
A man like that, words don't stop him.
A mineral capable of weakening Kryptonian cells.
A precautionary perimeter around heroes park
A reporter got greedy for a scoop
A silver bullet to keep in reserve,
A time before.
About an alien who, if he wanted to,
About how dirty he is when it counts.
Access to the wreck of the crashed Kryptonian ship?
Acknowledging presence of foreign genetic material.
Acknowledging presence of genetic material.
Advising. Action forbidden.
Ah, because that's what God is.
Ah, high stakes round.
Ah, I need a ride back to the house.
Ah, right.
Ah. That'll be the cook.
All procedural interventions have failed.
All right, Lois. You gotta go.
All right?
All right. Is the us providing experimental military arms
All right. Stay calm, everybody!
All right. Stay calm, everybody!
All right. Where am I going, Alfred?
All right. You're gonna be okay.
All that wind is bad luck.
All this time,
Am I too soon?
Amajagh's never given an interview.
Among the stars. Hmm.
An anonymous source? Run it.
An odd little duck.
Analysis reveals ship operating at 37% efficiency.
Anatoli Knyazev. He's Russian.
Ancient Kryptonian deformity.
And ask him how he decides...
And call it deterrence.
And came away with nothing.
And every other Saturday, he had to march in a parade
And every time we say goodbye, you die a little.
And for that he was given a thunderbolt.
And forget the heliport. Put it on the Goddamn roof.
And he ruined Zeus' plan to destroy mankind,
And he's coming!
And he's hunting.
And I believe the straightest path to Superman
And I can't believe it, but I've finally got it here.
And I'm gonna need the suit.
And if he is all good,
And if you fly away, mmm, Martha also dies.
And it's continually transmitting blacked out data
And make sure no one takes my seat.
And neither can you be.
And not for lack of trying.
And now a fight breaks out.
And now it hangs...
And now we learn that we're not even
And one Bat head short.
And really, why would we?
And the adjacent projects and tenements.
And the felony charge of making terrorist threats.
And the felony charge of making terrorist threats.
And then alters it to reduce the blast?
And there he is. Superman is here.
And they haven't ruled out the idea
And they've heard it.
And this...
And to know what he stands for.
And wave flowers at Tyrants.
And we have to destroy him.
And went where she shouldn't have.
And what falls...
And when this savior character actually comes to earth,
And where is the council of Krypton?
And why would we want to weaponize this material?
And you find out we're not special on this earth,
And you get to darwinian evolution,
And you go back to copernicus,
And you know something about LexCorp metals, don't you, Miss Lane?
And you took her from me.
And yours, my friend, is existing.
And, as far as I can tell, the cops are actually helping him.
And, I don't know, the fact that he has
And, when we exposed General Zod to the mineral,
Anonymous donor.
Another one came this morning, Mr. Wayne.
Are there any moral constraints on this person?
Are you a terrorist, General?
Are you hurt, Ma'am? I'm okay.
As a deterrent.
As dead.
As it happens, no, I didn't.
As Mozart to the harpsichord.
Aside from the red and blue costume.
At 1939 Harborway.
Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust.
Back to the kryptonite.
Bat's the judge.
Be anything they need you to be.
Be their angel.
Be their hero, Clark. Be their monument.
Because only by speaking...
Because that is paradoxical! And, um...
Because that should be upside down.
Because the time has come
Because today is a day for truth.
Before the hearing.
Being delivered to Lex Luthor.
Believe me, I'll do it.
Black and blue. Fight night!
Blah, blah, blah. Uh...
Blood in the sky.
Books are knowledge,
Born to destroy you.
Born with no natural inclination to share.
Both in policy and in principle.
Boy, do we have problems up here!
Boys! Um!
Breathe it in.
Breathe slowly and deeply.
Brooke Baldwin is on the scene.
Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent. Ha!
Bruce Wayne won't have to.
Bruce, it's all right.
Bruce, please.
Bruce! Listen to me now!
Bruce. Please.
Burn him, burn him, burn him.
Burn him, burn him, burn him.
But a bell cannot be unrung!
But as of right now, much of the city remains in the dark tonight.
But at one time, Dad could not buy them. No.
But he is not our enemy.
But he seems to have disappeared...
But he was a father.
But he was not strong enough.
But he's based out of the port of Gotham.
But how could they know that he'd show up in the...
But I believe it's the action
But I can tell you that more than a dozen people
But I don't believe you think that.
But I've known a few women like you.
But I've tracked the Russian's phone
But if you forge one...
But if you kill the bat...
But it did not take much to push him over, actually.
But obviously failed to stop him.
But that's not where you're going.
But the question still remains,
But they see what you do, and they know who you are.
But we can rebuild.
But we managed to stop the water.
But what he needs from you is an import license.
But who would believe me? I...
But you're the 10th?
But you've never been too hot at lying to me.
But, Luthor goes through all of that trouble...
By an explosive device inside the hearing room.
By concealing them inside his wheelchair.
By what?
C.I. Thinks the desert was a setup.
Call the heliport.
Can I call you June?
Can we create a free, and a...
Can we get some backup here?
Can we get some backup here?
Can we...
Can you enhance that? There you go, sir.
Capitol police are now confirming that the blast was caused
Carrie Birmingham, reporting live from the Nation's Capital.
Challenges our own sense of priority in the universe.
Chief among them, whether Superman was involved
Chopper? We can barely afford a bicycle.
Civil liberties are being trampled on in your city.
Civilization on the Wayne manor's out the window.
Clark had this sent here, so he could surprise you.
Clark Joseph Kent.
Clark, it's me again. Can you...
Clark, there are people behind this.
Clark! Stop!
Clicks his heels three times,
Close, but I am not talking about Lois.
Coach. No extra legroom.
Come on, guys.
Come on, guys.
Comes to us all, Master Wayne.
Commencing drone mode.
Consider this mercy.
Considering every time your hero saves a cat out of a tree,
Contracts all over the globe,
Could be a Phantasm.
Could be Darpa Black Box.
Could burn the whole place down.
Creates a bomb out of a wheelchair,
Creator of heaven and earth,
Crime wave in Gotham.
Criminals are like weeds, Alfred.
Dad had out the shovels and we went at it all night.
Daily Planet.
Daily Planet. Do I own this one? Or is that the other guy?
Day versus night.
Delta Charlie 27, respond.
Delta Charlie 27. Do you copy?
Delta Charlie 27. Reports of screams coming from vacant home
Destroyed, sir.